The hardest life you have ever seen,

what does it look like?

The tramp lying on the side of the road,

All belongings only have one quilt

And a backpack,

Enduring the cold every day?

Everyone is overwhelmed

No one cares how you feel

Everyone lives carefully

No one cares about your situation

In the hurried crowd

You are not special




是 的

The world is not so good

Gray, black,


This is the world, where there is darkness there will be light

When you feel lonely and desperate, please believe-

in this world,

There are still people silently

loving You…

These are three things that happened abroad, but each one represents the mostSincere kindness and warmth...

Did you have a bad day?

At the beginning of the lights, people in the station were waiting quietly.

People who have been busy for a day are tired, and at this moment they just want to get home quickly,Take a hot bath to wash away the gloom.

In the corner where no one noticed, a lonely figure standing on the rails stood quietly.

He was dressed in a black suit jacket and a gray hat, standing alone on the rails in frustration.

There seems to be a word in the mouth,

His eyes looked straight at the rails.

People are boringly waiting for the train to arrive in a few minutes.

And he who was also waiting for the bus,

Waiting for the last second of my life...

At this time, he glanced at the time and found that the train was about to enter the station, so he came to the platform.

JP Attard is a staff member of this station. He is responsible for directing passengers to wait for the bus in a civilized manner, and pulling back passengers who have crossed the yellow line.

Suddenly, he found this man standing between the two yellow lines, and he could see that his position had a big problem tens of meters away.

Attard realized that something was wrong, and it was even critical.

He walked straight to the other end of the platform, shouting as he walked:

"Behind the line! Dicky!"

Go after standing on the line! idiot!

But the little brother in the suit ignored him and continued to stare at the rails.

Attard realized that this is not an ordinary passenger...

He must have thought of committing suicide!

Seeing that the car is about to enter the station, it is difficult to persuade the little brother to give up the thought of committing suicide within a few minutes, and even if it is not handled well, it stimulates him and it is counterproductive.

No one in the surrounding passengers has noticed the abnormality in this corner. They all bowed their heads and played with their phones, which contrasted sharply with Attard's anxiety.

Across the crowd, he could also feel the desperate breath of the guy in the suit.

Attard rushed into the work booth of the station and picked up the walkie-talkie to announce the stop signal to the train coming in!

Before waiting for a reply from there, I immediately cut off all the power supplies at the station...

As a result, the train cannot enter the station on time,The guy in the suit is temporarily safe.

The sudden power failure made the people on the platform restless, and people complained after looking at the blackened waiting screen.

The trouble of not being able to go home on time,

Exacerbated their fatigue.

Attard ignored the terrible complaints of the passengers around him and went straight to the guy in the suit...

He jumped off the platform, stood in front of the guy in the suit and looked at the person in front of him:He looks very young, in his early 20s, and looks depressed and indifferent.

Attard put his hands on his arms and asked him softly: Brother, what's the matter?

Then, the young guy did not answer...

Although he didn't get a response from the other party, Attard said to himself.

He kept telling him his life perceptions, and shared a lot of his own bad luck...

I don't know how long it took, the guy in the suit suddenly spoke up with difficulty. He said and gestured, choking out his unfortunate experience.

At this time, the people waiting for the car gradually understood what was going on. Attard's behavior moved the anxious crowd, and the atmosphere slowly eased, and the crowd became softer.

After listening to what the little brother said, Attard told him,People must be strong and cannot be knocked down by temporary difficulties!

"Talk to me,

I am strong! "

After speaking, he was the first to call out the first call in the whole station

"I am strong!"

Then he continued to shoutSecond, third...

Then, a waiting passenger closest to them also yelled this sentence to the guy in the suit.

Then, behind him, behind him, there were countless shouts...

Passengers from the entire station gathered around, and everyone comforted the young man with this kind of support, and everyone shouted:

"I am strong!"

Looking at Attard's sincere eyes and listening to the voices cheering him around, the guy in the suit couldn't help but moisten his eyes, his expression finally loosened.

Eventually he gave up suicide,

The whole person relaxes,

Hug with Attard,

Follow Attard to leave the platform to rest.

It turns out that kindness can also be infected...

No wonder the old ancestors said, don’t do something small. Sometimes kindness is not necessarily a matter of life or death, it can also be a kind smile, or something like the following story...

It's just $20 change in McDonald's.

Your next cup of coffee

Tradie Dave is an ordinary Australian worker. He was eating lunch at McDonald's as usual today when he suddenly noticed an old man next to him.

The old man is thin, with gray hair and plain clothes, and signs of wear can be seen on the edges and corners of his clothes.

What is puzzling is that it is obviously lunch time,The old man only ordered a cup of coffee.Dave guessed that the old man’s life must be very difficult and may not be able to afford his own lunch...

The old man seems to be very old and his movements are very slow...The difficulties of life make him unable to maintain food and clothing.

Dave's heart was pricked all at once, so he grabbed the $20 that the cashier gave him and put it in the old man's hands and said:

"Hold it,

This is your next cup of coffee!"

The old man was startled, and at first he refused to accept Dave's help. Under the reassurance of the clerk, he finally accepted his kindness.

In an interview,Dave specifically asked not to take pictures of his face and refused to leave his name.

His name was given to reporters by friends after watching TV.

In Australia, there are many such acts of kindness...

Borrow you $8 and return you $10000

On this day, in front of the cashier counter in Aldi Supermarket, everyone was waiting in line for checkout.

Suddenly a man got stuck at the front of the team...

Yes, as can be seen from his embarrassed expression and anxious behavior,

He forgot to bring money!

(Source: Internet)

Looking at the contents of the bag, although it is less than $8, it is really "a penny to kill a hero" at this time!

forget it. . .

At this time, a lady behind him saw his difficulty.

Her name is Tracy Warshal, she stepped forward and looked at the contents of his bag, and offered to offer it without saying anything.

"I'll help you pay!"

Tracy's kindness helped relieve the man's embarrassment, and he immediately asked her name. She smiled and left her name and left, which was not enough for her.

(Source: Tracy Facebook)

In fact, Tracy is a cancer researcher who works in a healthcare company. After paying the bills, the two of them naturally "no contact anymore"...

Who knows, surprises come quietly!

On this day, Tracy came to the company as usual. The colleagues cheered when they saw her.

She was dumbfounded... had no idea what was going on!

Colleagues told her that there was a huge surprise waiting for her!

It turned out that an anonymous person, in her name, made a donation to a medical institution$10,000!

Tracy suddenly remembered:Yes, it is him! The man without money!

She just paid him $8,

He found it with $10000!


How did this man find out where she works?

Tracy never mentioned it to anyone!

It turned out that Tracy was wearing get off work clothes that were too late to change after work, and the clothes of the medical center where she worked were printed on the clothes.Name and logo.

(Pidemont is where Tracy works)

So the man silently remembered it and found a place for Tracy to work, in her name,Donated $10000, Used for cancer research in institutions and to provide treatment for patients.

"Tracy is an angel,

All she did prove kindness and sympathy

It's in her heart all the time. "

No one is more surprised and happier than Tracy, but she respects and understands this man’s anonymous behavior,But she still hopes to have a chance to hug him...

Tracy said gratefully:

"I hope everyone who can help,

But never thought

Will get such a return...

What a person does,

It can really change the world!"


In fact,

When we grow up we slowly start to discover,

The adult world is so difficult,

Everyone has to face various pressures.

Life is so hard,

All we can do is live tenaciously.

There are many difficulties and failures in life,

That can only be regarded as the song of the years

A string of uncoordinated vibrato in.

We don’t like to listen to chicken soup,

Getting lost,

Seems to be so self-deprecating

Like moaning when sick

Can reduce pain.

The world is like a mirror,

When you frown at it, it frowns at you;

You smile at it, and it smiles at you.

Tired, tired,

Squat down and hug yourself,

Calm down,

You will find that

in this world

Someone loves you silently!