Looking back over the past year or so, Australia’s immigration policy has been tightened drastically, and now it’s really difficult to immigrate or even get a visa. If April 2017, 4 is the beginning of the "deep winter" of Australian immigration, then after July 18, 2018, many small partners should be "frozen" by the sharp tightening of Australian immigration policies!

In April last year, Australia introduced a major reform of the “restricted immigration” employer-sponsored visa policy. I thought the dust would settle and it would come to an end. Unexpectedly, the Australian Immigration Bureau is still not soft-hearted. This year, it continues to introduce various "new policies", which can be described as "cutting the bones", making immigrant friends really feel the bitter winter of Australian immigrants! To sum it up, Australia "does not like immigrants, Asian immigrants, and even Chinese immigrants in Asia"! Here are some examples of the types of visa applications that readers are most concerned about to see how the Immigration Bureau continues to tighten various immigration and visa processing policies in a "action" and "moisturizing way"!

 Resident return visa 

Express comment: As long as 155 residents renew applications that do not meet the living conditions, the processing time will be extended by at least 12 weeks, and some as long as five or six months, and the processing standards will become stricter! If the materials are not good, the visa officer will directly return the visa to the three-month residents.

First of all, let’s take a look at the 155 residents who are most concerned about returning visas. The prolonged processing time for 155 permanent residency renewals has caused many domestic applicants to dare not leave the country, and applicants who leave the country cannot return to Australia in time! From the 30 days at the beginning of this year to the current 12 weeks or even longer, many friends who need to leave Australia in an emergency are unable to arrange due to the changeable and long trial time.Of course, the processing time of more than 12 weeks is for those applicants who have not lived in Australia for 5 years in the past 2 years.If you live for 5 years within 2 years, the immigration bureau will let you go in about 8 to 10 days with a wave of your hand.

Let’s review the official progress chart of the Visa Processing Center for Residents of the Immigration Bureau:





From January to February 2018, the announced trial time was 1 days.


02 *

In March, the trial time was extended by 3 days, requiring 15 days!


03 *

When I went to see it again at the end of April, I found that the trial time was updated again, and it was directly noted that 4 days would not take place for the trial!


04 *

As a result, by the end of May, hehehe... The trial time will take 5 weeks or even longer!

Express Weapon: 155 who apply in ChinaPermanent residence renewal, you can apply for a bridging visa! It's just that this bridging visa will not be automatically given to you, and you need to apply for it.

 Paid parent immigration 

Amex comment: Just as everyone was excited about the successful overthrow of the super-high economic guarantee new policy set up by the Australian government on May 5 this year, the Immigration Bureau "does nothing but regenerates" and immediately held the existing 18 and 410 retirement investment visas People have been added to the passage of paying parents’ immigration to permanent residence, and quietly slowed down the processing speed and extended the processing time to 405 months. Note: Applies to all pending applications. In terms of quality and quantity, it has significantly slowed the rate of parents' immigration to Australia.


Actual quota

Contributing parent immigration, including:

Paying immigration for foreign parents (permanent residence)

Domestic parent-paid immigration (permanent residence category)

Paying immigration for foreign parents (temporary residence)

Domestic parent-paid immigration (temporary)

The maximum number of total quota is7175Each.

Ordinary parent immigration, that is, queuing parent immigration, including:

Overseas parents queuing for immigration (AX category)

Domestic parents queuing for immigration (BP category)

The maximum number of total quota is1500The previously announced quota is1550Each.

According to the latest data on parents’ immigration, as of 2018年 3Due by September 31thNo. Immigration Bureau has a backlog of 43006Immigration application for paying parents (41644Normal paid +1362Pay for the elderly), an increase of 4498 from the end of the previous fiscal yearFirst name; and 40964Queuing parents to emigrate.


According to the current annual quota of 7175 and 1500 respectively:

143 Paying parent immigration waiting period = 41644 outstanding applications / 7175 places per fiscal year ≈6year!

103 waiting period for queuing parents = 40964 pending applications / 1500 quotas per fiscal year≈27 years!

But don’t forget!

The permanent residence channels for 410 and 405 retirement investment visas have been newly added for parent immigration. Those holding retirement investment visas will be able to directly submit parental immigrants under category 103 or 143 in Australia, without the guarantee of Australian children! This channel will remain open until the end of the transfer.That is to say, applicants holding 410 and 405 visas will occupy the originally small parental immigration quota, and the processing time will be longer than the above time!


Express Weapon: Don’t miss the opportunity, don’t miss it! It’s better to take action than your heart, and you’re better off first and submit your application as soon as possible! Enter the queue and wait!

 Technical Immigrant 



To be honest, the 189 independent skilled immigrants themselves have risen, as early as 65 points or more, the impact is minimal. But the friends of 190 and 489 were caught off guard by this increase!







Express Weapon: What is certain now is that the federal government wants more immigrants to go to remote areas and support the development of remote areas. If you have options, you can consider going to remote areas. As a backup plan, don’t wait until the big cities are no longer able to immigrate to regret. Please contact the professional immigration team of Express.

American Express comment: The new naturalization bill proposed by the Australian government in 2017 was vetoed by the Parliament, but the subsequent citizenship processing time continued to be extended, and the processing time was 17 months. So far, 21 applications have been accumulated. At the same time, the renewal of the Australian passport has also undergone major reforms, and non-Australian born persons need to prove their citizenship.

In April 2017, the government introduced an earth-shattering reform to the citizenship application~ The residence requirement as a permanent residence has risen from the previous year to 4 years, and the English proficiency is required to require 1 IELTS 4 levels! Fortunately, in October, the reform was not passed by the parliament, and all the friends who were interested in naturalization were relieved...


However, the Immigration Bureau is so self-willed, but it has brought a lot of impact to the citizenship application. The most obvious and most important thing is that the trial time has been greatly extended!


A few months before April 2017, citizen applications can be closed. Now the official website announced the processing time for granting citizenship applications: 4-14 months!

What is the reason for the sudden extension of the trial time?


From April to October 2017, due to unstable policies, the Immigration Bureau did not promote the trial of citizenship applications at all, resulting in a huge backlog of cases!As of2018年 4Due by September 30thDay, there has been a backlog of 21Ten thousand applications for naturalization!

Moreover, even after naturalization, the bad things are not over. Because the renewal of the Australian passport is getting more and more troublesome. The Australian Passport Office has tightened the review of applications for renewal of the passports of non-Australian citizens. As long as the applicant was born overseas, or either of the applicant’s parents was born overseas, additional materials are required to prove the applicant’s Australian citizenship.


Express Weapon: Submit the citizenship application as soon as possible and keep the citizenship certificate.

Tourist VISA
American Express Comments: The processing time has been greatly extended, and many applicants who are used to quickly signing their visas have been disrupted.

Nowadays, the processing time for various visa applications in Australia is generally extended, even for visitor visa applications! Previously, the processing time for visitor visas was 5-10 working days. There are even applications approved within a few days of submission.


But now~

According to the processing time announced by the Immigration Bureau, you will have to wait more than half a month after submission...


According to the recent experience of American Express, the visitor visa (travel visitor category) is now processed in 3 weeks regardless of the applicant's conditions! If there are any problems, such as record of character or visa officer to supplement materials, the time will be further extended.

Many applicants bought their air tickets early and were happily preparing to come to Australia. As a result, they were about to fly, and there was no news about their visas!


Express recently connected to two student groups applying for Study Tour Visa (Study Tour Visa), and the trial time was close to one month. Before the departure, there was no news about the visa, so I had to find American Express for help:



Express Weapon: The processing time is currently slow, and friends who have travel plans should submit their visitor visa applications at least one month in advance. Seek professional help from Express, so as not to delay your trip!

Anti-immigration rhetoric often appears in the media

If we talk about the above-mentioned piles and the tightening of immigration policies one by one, they are moisturizing things quietly, then the following media propaganda can make readers feel that Australia’s current position and attitude towards immigration is anti-immigration , Anti-"Asian immigrants", and even more anti-"Asian Chinese immigrants"!


On August 2018, 8, the well-known Australian critic Andrew Bolt published an article in the “Herald Sun” entitled “Separated by new ethnic groups, our sense of unity is no longer”. The so-called “new ethnic groups” in China also point to “Chinese communities”.


The article pointed out that the number of immigrants has skyrocketed, and the cultures of Australian natives and new immigrants are different and they cannot integrate into each other. He also said that promoting multiculturalism is actually a kind of division!




The article also lists the proportion of immigrants in each district in Australia's major cities:


For example, Box Hill in Melbourne, where two-thirds of the residents were born in China, or have Chinese descent, 40% of the residents speak Chinese, and Chinese shops are full of signs.


There are also Clayton in Melbourne and Campsie in Sydney. Three-quarters of residents do not speak English at home and one-third speak Chinese.


It is not just the Chinese, but tends to live in the same city, speak the same language, and follow the same beliefs as people of the same ethnic background. In Lakemba, Sydney, nearly two-thirds of residents are Muslims, and 7% were born overseas.


In Springvale, Melbourne, a quarter of residents speak Vietnamese at home, and another 10% are from China or Cambodia.


In Fairfield, Sydney, one in four residents was born in Vietnam, Cambodia or China.


In Sydney’s Five Dock, although the heyday of European immigration has passed, one in seven residents still speak Italian at home.


In North Caulfield, Melbourne, 41% of residents are Jewish. Recently, hundreds of people are from South Africa. In Dandenong, there is even an official "Little India Cultural Institute", which opened 33 Indian businesses.

All the above facts indicate that the Australian government is further tightening its immigration policy.harsh"Of immigrants in the cold winter will have more "Wind knife and frost sword". Immigrant friends, let us unite and fight for our rights!At the same time, immigrants need to be as early as possible and don't wait until the immigration office has closed more immigration roads before remembering to take action.