Chinese students, calling Local fight?

yesterdayAt around 7pm, friends in the Melbourne CBD will surely see a large number of police cars surrounding Tim Ho Wan. The specific address is 206 Bourke St. The reason is that there was a group fight here and the participants were all teenagers.

This morning,

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Let’s look at the report first...

The place where the fight took place is next to China Town and next to the tram station, which is one of the most crowded areas in the CBD.

At that time, more than 30 teenagers fought here. Witnesses said that most of the teenagers were bare-handed, but one person was holding a baseball bat and many people were injured.

After receiving the report, the police blocked the scene:

News reports said that a 16-year-old was seriously injured. After being dealt with at the scene of the crime, he was sent to the Royal Melbourne Hospital for further treatment, but his life was not in danger.

An eyewitness at the scene said that it was like watching a gangster movie. The two groups yelled and beat each other and attacked while swearing.

A teenager who participated in the fight was interviewed by the media. He said that he and his friends were smoking on the roadside, and a group of people rushed to attack them. Although he was beaten a few times, his injuries were not serious, and his friend was the one who was hit. Beat people in hospital.

After the police arrived at the scene, they used pepper spray to stop the fight and blocked the entrance of the mall.Trams 86 and 96 on this line were affected.

The police then questioned the witnesses' confessions and blocked the entrance of the mall on Bourke St.

The police said that the attack had nothing to do with gang fighting, and the specific reasons are under investigation.

The victim himself is still in the hospital,

And in a coma

He said he is a Chinese student↓

Seriously injured

Also aChinese students

Knocked to the ground

Is a good brother of the self-reporter

He was unconscious and was sent to the hospital

Still in a coma

The following is the victim's statement↓

The victim and the brothers are inroom8Play billiards

Then I saw a group of ghosts

Go downstairs and surround them

And the victim group

Then onlyMore than ten people

What is certain is that

The local of this group is another

Chinese studentsCalled

And 30 people started fighting near Chinatown without saying a word

Until now,Victim and brother

Still in the hospital

30 people are teenagers...

What made the victims even more disappointed was that

As a result, the police only used pepper spray

Drove away the teenager

But did not continue to arrest this group of people and behind the scenes!

Live photos provided by the victim↓

At present, the Victorian police only expressed the hope that more witnesses can provide clues and appeal to those who know the situation to call the police's fight crime hotline 1800 333 000 to submit evidence.

However, it did not mention why the arrest of the fighters at the time was not continued.

Many netizens commented on this matter:

Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world? Maybe it used to be... Once the streets of Melbourne were safe no matter how late, but now? Ha ha…

There are also netizens who are completely disappointed with Melbourne's security: they will not go to City for dinner with their family.

Some netizens said,Melbourne is no longer a garden city, it has become a crime city...

Among the many comments, there is such a chilling one:

James: This photo should be taken in Mainland China instead of Melbourne, right?

This is because Chinese investors have almost bought out Melbourne...

The two groups of teenagers are fighting, and the netizens are not concerned about the matter, but satirizing the Chinese in Australia...

In the end, it is really unexpected. The original fight was caused by two groups of Chinese students. Such a scene seems to be rarely seen. Although it is not a public security issue, the reason behind it is really hard to understand. What kind of things can cause Such a big misunderstanding?

Hope that the victims will recover as soon as possible. I also hope that the police can really implement the arrest of the perpetrators.