Let’s talk about the recent events that affect all Australians

It must be a drought that has become more severe recently.

Whether it's a dry dam

The kangaroo, a national treasure, starved to death without food due to drought

There are now starvation and thirst everywhere on the ranch in Australia

Or skinny animals

Australia is experiencing a 118 years

The most shocking drought

The current drought

Biggest victim

Farmers who make a living on ranch farms

Just a few weeks ago, a group of farmers in Sydney asked the public for help for the first time

They have been desperate for more than 9 months

The worsening drought will force them not to shoot the cattle and sheep they have raised for many years

Farmers in individual units or family unitsVery common in Australia

Their business or products are mostly based on their own ranch farms

Because the product is single, the production area is single

So it is very easy to be affected by many factors

And this large-scale regional weather problem

And the cost of raising cattle and sheep with foreign materials is too high

It is the last straw that overwhelms their livelihood...

In contrast, oneWell-known comprehensive agricultural enterprises

Because of the diversification of its business, products, and regions

Have not been negatively affected by this drought

For example, a large-scale agricultural integrated listed company in Australia has more than 4 hectares of irrigated area in New South Wales, which is used for grain cultivation and livestock farming.Webster (ASX:WBA) 

(Source: www.61financial.com.au)

Operating 700 million hectares of feedlots and farms

Australia's largest beef producerAustralian Agricultural Company (ASX:AAC) ;

Source: www.61financial.com.au

These two listed agricultural companies with a market value of over XNUMX million yuan

In the past six months, there has been no announcement regarding the impact of drought on the business

The stock price has not been significantly affected in the past six months

Many nowLarge companies and individuals in Australia

All reached out to help

In addition to personal donations

Every Qantas flight

Fresh food purchased at Woolworths every Saturday

For every liter of Caltex gasoline added

Will make a warm contribution to repairing the drought

And now!

Here is a chance

You don't need to consume

Don't need to donate yourself

You can also give a copy of your love!

As one of Australia's socially responsible financial startups

61 Financial Australian Stocks Information Platform

This time in the name of everyone

Bring assistance to individual farmers in the disaster area

You only need to spend 1 minute to complete the following 1 step

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We will donate the corresponding money to Aussie Farmer on September 9

And sign everyone's name!

Valid registration per person*=$1 AUD donation


As long as your 1 minute

No need for your consumption in any form

In your name

Help the people

Gather the sand into a tower to work together

A little contribution will surely overcome this natural disaster!

Even if it is still rainless day after day

But these farmers are no longer desperate because of you

More trucks full of hay and water are coming to them

That is the endless hope you have sent them!

*注:本期活動僅限8月19日後新註冊的會員參加。舊用戶可以轉發給身邊的朋友家人一起參與獻愛心。本期活動9月2日截止,參與人數1610人為上限。捐款後的收據及截圖將在會在Facebook訊息給各位註冊用戶。本活動最終解釋權歸61 Financial所有。

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