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According to the latest news from the official Weibo of the Australian Embassy in China: This year the latest batch of WHV (Work and Holiday Visa) will beBeijing timeApplications will be open at 2018 a.m. on August 8, 13, Please get ready!

Original content:

The opening time of the next round of the online appointment submission system for working and holiday visa application is at 2018 am on August 8, 13.

The online appointment system of the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) is the only way to get an appointment. Applicants do not need to obtain a work and holiday visa appointment through an agent.

After making an appointment, please submit your application in person at one of the four Australian Visa Application Centres on the date you choose. Each appointment is associated with the applicant's passport number and cannot be transferred, cancelled or changed. Please make sure that the name and passport number you entered in the system are correct, and bring your passport with you when you submit your application.

Material list:

点击以访问 Checklist-462-Work-and-Holiday-China%20Feb%202018%20-%20CN.pdf

common problem:


What is a working holiday visa?

Work and Holiday Visa, Referred to as WHV, belongs to the 462 visa. After China and Australia signed the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the Australian government promised to open to mainland China every year5000The working holiday visa quota allows young people to come to Australia for work and holiday.

Who is eligible to apply?

Official requirements:

  • Hold a valid Chinese passport;
  • Be at least 18 years old when the application is submitted, but under 31 years old;
  • Sufficient funds to support working holiday in Australia (about 5000 Australian dollars);
  • Have a college degree or above, or have completed at least two years of university study;
  • Possess basic English level (there are detailed requirements below);
  • At the end of the working holiday, there are sufficient funds to purchase a return or on-going ticket
  • There is no previous record of going to Australia with a 417 visa;
  • Do not bring your children to Australia;
  • Meet the moral and health requirements (no criminal record, no history of tuberculosis and other major diseases);
  • Have applied for a working holiday visa from other countries such as New Zealand, you can still apply for this visa

All the above information is subject to the official website:


What can I do with a working and holiday visa?

Working and holiday visa holders can engage in cultural exchange activities, work, travel, etc. But there are certain restrictions,

For example:

  • From the moment you get your visaEntry within one yearYes, you can stay in Australia after your first entryStay12 monthsAnd can be in AustraliaWork for 12 months;
  • You can work in Australia for a total of 12 months, but working for the same employer cannot exceed6Month, Non-renewable;
  • Longest possible4 monthsShort-term study;
  • Available within one yearmultiple round tripsChina and Australia;
  • Can be converted to student visa, work visa, etc., provided that you get a school offer or find a professional-related job (the employer is willing to sponsor)
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