Note: After being accused of sexual assault in Minnesota, JD Comrade Liu Qiangdong is now temporarily returning to China, waiting for further investigation by the US police. Phenomenally, Comrade Liu should have been placed with a high probability, waiting for the police to investigate. Let’s talk about the issue of police power in the United States and the issue of JD’s public relations.

Yesterday someone asked:

It was reported on the Internet that Liu Qiangdong was arrested for sexually assaulting female college students in the United States, and Jingdong issued a statement calling it "false accusations." The Hennepin County Police Department in Minnesota confirmed that Liu Qiangdong was released on bail after being arrested. The reason for the bail was related to the time of his arrest. The police station also provided photos of Liu Qiangdong when he was arrested. The police said that the case is still under investigation and no one has officially filed a prosecution. Is it appropriate for the US police to expose Liu Qiangdong’s arrested photos to the media without a conviction? I feel that the country is very protective of suspects, and they have to make mosaics through the media. If the US police practices in the country, will they be sprayed?

Putting aside the case of Liu Qiangdong's sexual assault itself, only talk about whether it is appropriate for the US police to release the suspect's photo.

After the U.S. police arrests a suspect, they will publish the mugshot of the suspect to the public, and the media will provide it unconditionally if necessary. This is a long-standing tradition in the United States. Since the invention of photography, the U.S. The open admission photo is one of the earliest applications of photography.

The previous entry photo required the suspect to hold his own name badge, but now it doesn’t seem necessary. Liu Qiangdong’s entry photo only needs to wear the prison uniform to take the front and side photos.

From a superficial perspective, this is a tradition of the United States, determined by its specific national conditions, history and culture. The Chinese police will not release the suspect’s entry photo.

If you dig a little deeper, why did the United States form such a cultural tradition?

As we all know, American society advertises the supremacy of human rights. Everyone, including criminal suspects, must have their rights upheld and guaranteed.

In any country, the police agency is a state violence machine with public power. Its natural attribute is to restrict, deprive and damage the rights of the people. Only the law restricts it. The police agency performs state violence based on the power of the law. The responsibility of the machine.

The problem is that the national violence machine is ultimately operated and implemented by specific people. If the police abuse legal power, it will undoubtedly be a disaster for the people.

Among them, the arrest and imprisonment of suspects by the police essentially restricts and impairs the personal freedom of the suspects. It is just that the police strictly enforce the law in accordance with the law, which is legitimate, but if the police abuse the power of arrest in vain, it is persecution of the people.

The arrest of any suspect and the timely release of his prison photo to the public is a practical measure to protect the rights of the suspect. The U.S. police will not only release the suspect’s prison photo in time, but also disclose the crimes involved and the measures taken.

What is the purpose?

One is to facilitate the suspect’s relatives and friends to learn about the suspect’s imprisonment information in a timely manner, and to protect the suspect’s relatives and friends’ right to know. Anyone who visits the information announcement website of the police station will definitely be able to inquire about the relevant entry information, including the entry photo.

The second is to facilitate the public to understand and supervise the police's exercise of the power of arrest, especially whether it is abused, whether it is selectively used, etc. Note that the media is a part of public supervision, and the most important part. If a reporter with a sensitive sense of smell and legal professionalism in the media finds a suspect in a police arrest, he will report it, putting pressure on the police agency and causing them Will not cause willful chaos.

Imagine if the police agency arrested the suspect and did not release the suspect’s prison photo and related accusations to the public, then the suspect’s relatives and friends, or the media concerned about the incident, would have no way of knowing whether the police’s arrest was legal and impossible to supervise. The abuse of power by the police cannot bring checks and balances to police abiding by the law. Even if it is later revealed that the police may have violated the law and abused power and did not disclose the suspect's information to the public in a timely manner, the police agency with authority can completely forge the arrest procedures. For example, there is no evidence to arrest people first and then search for or even fabricate evidence to prove the legality of the arrest.

Well, since the timely publication of the arrested information of the suspect, including the prison photo, is to protect and protect the suspect from abuse of the arrest power by the police, then, compared with the so-called right of portrait and privacy of the suspect, personal freedom is Isn’t it obvious that the restrictions and deprivations of the state’s violent machinery are less obvious? !

Yesterday someone asked:

A screenshot circulated on the Internet today shows that Liu Qiangdong was arrested by the local police for sexually assaulting female college students in Minnesota, the United States. Jingdong Group responded to the outside world by stating that “Mr. Liu Qiangdong encountered false accusations during his business activities in the United States. After investigation by the local police, no wrongdoing was found.”

After a day of fermentation, Liu Qiangdong’s alleged incident of sexual assault on girls in Minnesota, the United States, has gradually become clear. Yesterday JD’s so-called “rumor-defying” statement was beaten by facts.

There are two gimmicks in this matter. One is whether and how Liu Qiangdong sexually assaulted girls. This is the gossip most concerned about by the public. With the investigation and evidence collection by the Minneapolis police and subsequent prosecutions, whether and how they will eventually It will be clear whether Liu Qiangdong is innocent or really nasty, we may wait and see.

Another thing that inspires the high-spirited attention and passion of the melon-eaters is not just gossip, but sitting and watching Jingdong’s official “rumor-defying” statement, which proved to be lying and intimidating.

In Jingdong’s official “rumor-defying” statement, it was clearly a lie that “after local police investigations have not found any wrongdoing”, the public message released by the Minneapolis police yesterday indicated that Liu Qiangdong’s status was RELEASED PENDING COMPLAINT What does it mean? Released and awaiting accusation, the police need to investigate further to determine whether and how to accuse, and the suspect is not harmful and shall be released on 0 bail first, and he can act freely, including returning to the country but he needs to cooperate with the next further legal actions, if there is any legal disposal , Must also be accepted. This is nothing more than a legal measure in Minnesota, the United States. Yesterday Jingdong officials hurriedly announced that the local police had not found any wrongdoing. Isn't this "rumor" too anxious to spread? !

Even if Jingdong officials do not understand the relevant state laws of the United States, and are not familiar with the exact meaning of the relevant English words, they have made a misunderstanding. However, since Liu Qiangdong is suspected of criminal sexual conduct, from the slightest level XNUMX such as without permission Touching a girl's ass to a serious level is like committing rape. As an official publicist of, what kind of virtue is Liu Qiangdong without a B number? It is not the first time that Liu Qiangdong has been involved in the same crime abroad. He often walks by the river. How can he not wet his feet?

Looking back, hastily released a "rumor-defying" statement this time, which can be described as a typical failure in crisis public relations operations. In situations where the facts are unclear, the public relations statement can show your attitude, but you must avoid involving fact finding; even if you remain silent, it is better than finding unclear facts prematurely.

JD’s official face-slap statement not only did not help clarify the truth and safeguard the reputation of the company or corporate leader, but it was counterproductive. It inspired the public to pay attention to celebrity gossip, the first gimmick, and created another gimmick. Stupid commercial enterprises also talked about it.

The problem is not only that, a wrong public relations statement will also expose the company's values. For the sake of the image of the so-called boss, lied and threatened public opinion without hesitation. This at least shows that JD’s corporate values ​​do not include "honesty" and "sincere". How can a dishonest and dishonest commercial enterprise make consumers trust their products, prices, and services? I don't believe it anyway.

In the end, what kind of girl did Liu Qiangdong, who "do not know the beauty of his wife", "wet his feet"? Is it true that she mistakenly treats other girls as milk tea because of face blindness? Or is it that the entrance hole was placed by the "fairy jump"? Might as well watch the developments.

(Both articles are first published in Wukong Q&A column.)