Children's shoes that have seen police and criminal blockbusters

May have seen the police chasing bad guys

Helicopter hovering in the air

Large numbers of police cars chasing at high speed

And this scene was staged in Melbourne recently

Thursday morning

Large numbers of police enter

Monash University Caulfield Campus

Search for a man and a woman


Six police cars and a helicopter

Chasing at high speed


Mercedes Benz

It is reported that a woman stole a car

And dump the car in the school parking lot

She herself hides somewhere on campus

So the police conducted a search

Police confirmed

They are searching for two suspects

And in Moorabbin

Hunted it down

A police spokesperson said, “At around 10 am, the police found a stolen black Mercedes-Benz on Bell Street in Heidelberg.”

"Police chased the stolen vehicles in Heidelberg, Malvern and Moorabbin. The stolen vehicles were then abandoned in the parking lot of a university in Caulfield."

Police at the scene inspected a car

Black Mercedes Benz with damaged rear

Also seized one

Items suspected of baseball bats

A listener told 3AW Radio

When they were driving near Chadstone

A speeding car

Crossed 4 streets

The tire of this car was punctured

It was about 250 meters behind it

There is also a police car chasing

Although the tire was punctured

Mercedes-Benz speed

But at 80 or 90 kilometers per hour

Another witness said

This chase is "crazy"

As the pursuit progresses

There is also a helicopter hovering above

According to a student at Monash University

"Everywhere" police

A student told the Herald Sun

The police asked if anyone had seen it

A short and chubby lady

Hair has purple streaks

Just when people think the suspect

When I will escape again

Stacey Spencer, 30, Friday

At Elaine Place in Epping

Arrested in a house

She is starting from Heidelberg with the police

Ingested an excessive amount of methamphetamine before chasing at high speed

Spencer on Saturday morning

Appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court

She bowed

Still shy

Said nothing

She was charged with 5 counts

Including car theft

Evade the police

Handling stolen goods and drugs

And traffic violations

The next day

Spencer and the 29-year-old

Steven Kaxos charged

Steal another four cars

As well as license plates and passports

The police claimed that they found

Four other cars

Includes a Nissan Skyline

Holden Commodore and Toyota MR2

Each car is worth A$10,000

There is also AUD 2000

Holden statesman

Kaxos faces 8 charges

Including four car thefts

And possession of methamphetamine and theft