Early this morning

New York Chinese Confinement Center

Sudden vicious hacking incident!

A 52-year-old Chinese woman

He attacked the confinement center frantically with a knife,

3 babies and 2 adults were stabbed by knives.

Many people were injured by knives on their abdomens, ears, and jaws,

The youngest victim was only 3 days old,

Stabbed in the abdomen!

It is reported that,

The police found at the scene

A butcher knife and a cleaver!

The murderer was emotionally unstable,

Even attempted suicide!


ChineseFemale employees slashed babies and parents with a knife

In the early hours of this morning, there was a terrible and vicious knife wounding incident.

In New York, a company called Mei Xin CareChinese confinement center occurred.

Allegedly, a 52-year-oldChinese female nurse Yu Fen Wang(Transliteration: Wang Yufen),

Holding a meat cleaver in the confinement centerCut and wound 5 personnel.

After the incident, even the Australian media immediately reported the vicious incident!

News:"Five people in Queens were stabbed by a childcare worker in the confinement center"

Daily Mail: "Hurry up, my child has been stabbed twice!" The mother of the victim child called the police.In the illegal Chinese confinement center, a 52-year-old Chinese care worker wounded someone with a knife."

9News: "Three newborns were stabbed at the New York Confinement Center"

It is reported that there were 9 babies in the incident center.

Which includes3 babies and 2 adults, Was injured in this vicious attack.

A born talentA one-month-old baby girl was stabbed in the abdomen by Wang Yufen.

And another baby who was only 3 days old,The abdomen was also stabbed by the murderer with a knife.

Not only that, but another baby girl who was just 20 days old

Ears, chin and lips,

Also suffered cuts from a meat cleaver.

Of the three injured babies,One person is in critical condition.

Juanita Holmes, the local police, also came forward to confirm:

"One of the three babies was injured

It is more serious than the other two children. "

Currently, three injured baby girls have been sent to Cornell and LIJ Hospital for treatment.

The two adult injured were a 30-year-oldChild's fatherAnd another 31 year oldFemale carer.

Wang Yufen also suffered from themStabbed with a knife.

It is reported that all the injured are currently in serious condition, but their condition is relatively stable.

When the police arrived at the scene,

In the confinement center of the incidentThe assailant Wang Yufen was found in the basement.

At that time she had attempted suicide,Obvious stab wound on left wrist, And lost consciousness.

At present, he has been sent to a nearby hospital for rescue monitoring.

It is reported that the police were at the scene of the crimeTwo murder weapons were found,

One is a butcher knife and the other is a meat cleaver.

The police are also under close surveillance and it is not clear whether they can talk to the police.


Witness: "I saw blood on the floor"

This Chinese confinement centerRare malignant incidents of knife wounds,

Immediately shocked the local residents.

It is reported that the confinement center is located at the junction of 161st Street and 45 Ave and is privately operated.

due toIt happened in the early morningMany people are still asleep.

Nearby residents said,When the incident happened, only disputes and screams were heard,

But no one was injured running out of the house, and never expected to be in a nearby apartmentA tragedy happened.

The first to call the police was oneMother of injured baby,

She panicked and called for help on the phone:

"Help! Help! Help!

You guys come quickly,

My baby has been stabbed twice! "

Then another caller said:

"I heard someone yelling,

It seems that someone is killing someone!

I saw blood on the floor,

There are people injured! "

The reporter who witnessed the scene in this way also told the police,

He dared not go out to check,Because I am afraid I will be hurt.

Following the in-depth investigation of the police, it was discovered that this Chinese confinement center was not only illegally operated,

May also beA "citizen factory"!


The incident occurred in the Chinese confinement center or "citizen factory"

After the case, investigators are trying to piece together the events that occurred in the confinement center.

This is a three-story multi-family house.

According to Chinese tradition, after giving birth to a childWill choose to take care of the body in the confinement center.

But after investigation, this is an unauthorized organization.

Questions include whether this place operates as an unlicensed childcare facility.

The District Attorney’s Office stated,

The attack was that 9 babies were there, and the center had at least 11 cribs.

One of the mothers of the injured baby told the media,

She spent US$4,600 to "confinement" here for a month.

This incident is for

Every parent is the worst nightmare!

But this suspected illegal operation of the confinement center is nowHave been in business for more than ten years.

According to a source who did not want to reveal his identity,

This institution is still a"Citizen Factory".

According to the source,

"The center is illegal,

They treat this as

Where Chinese women give birth,

Mothers will be because of the baby

And obtain overseas citizenship. "

At present, the woman’s motives for committing murder are still under investigation, but there is news thatThe woman surnamed Wang had previously suffered from mental health problems.

The case is still under investigation.


Such a vicious event is for
It is terrible for every child's family!

I really hope that the wounded can

Pass the dangerous moment safely,
get well soon.