Soon, the twice-a-year Final season is about to pass, and a wonderful holiday is coming! There are also many friends’ families who want to bring "Hometown specialty"Come to see you in Australia.

but! Do not underestimate the strictness of Sydney Airport. The recent experience of this Chinese female student has sounded a wake-up call for people who want to bring things to Australia.

Every friend who comes to Sydney from China knows that during the process of exiting from Sydney Airport, no matter whether you have declared your items or not, all your luggage will be scanned by the security inspection machine.

This female student should have just returned home to "replenish goods", and the box is full of hometown products. She did not fill in any items to be declared on the declaration form, so she passed the customs all the way and passed the drug detection dog. But at the last security check, the problem came!

After careful observation, the border inspector found

There are many on the scanned imageBlack shadow

These shadows indicate that there may be some in the girl’s luggage"Fresh"Or"microorganism", And these may threaten the ecological environment of Australia, which is prohibited by the Australian border inspection order. The staff had to unpack and inspect the girl’s luggage.

When the box was first opened, the two red shopping bags were very conspicuous. The border inspection and law enforcement officers poured out the contents of the clothing shopping bags, which were obviously not daily necessities such as clothes.

I took it out and was stunned!

It turned out to be two sealed bags with Zhanjiang specialties

All kinds of seafood are painted on the bag

Seafood is absolutely not allowed to enter Australia

Even dried seafood cannot be brought into Australia!

The law enforcement officers took out the girl’s entry declaration card, which was all "No", that is to say, the girl clearly knew that there was seafood in her box, but she checked "No" in Article 6.

"6. Meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy products, fruits, vegetables"

There is something to declare but deliberately not to declare, which makes the situation serious.

When law enforcement officers opened the bag

I found that it was not seafood at all

What is this dark thing?

Law enforcement officials said they had never seen

At this time, the law enforcement officers were a little angry.

"You said this is seafood. At least in my cognition, this thing is not seafood! You use a bag painted with seafood to hold these things and seal them professionally..."

In the eyes of law enforcement officials, this kind of behavior is a deliberate deception in disguise, which will make them think that girls have deliberately brought certain contraband to Australia.

The girl didn’t know what to say. She hurriedly explained: “This is not seafood, it’s just for food. It’s sealed to keep it fresh.” Fortunately, the Asian staff next to her came to help her out and told law enforcement officers that there are many shops in China. Like this special product bag to help customers seal food, the girl may not deliberately want to disguise things as seafood.

So what is this dark thing?

Actually this thing is...

The dumplings made at home...

Cut open

It's actually a big fragrant meat dumpling!

The chestnut dumplings that Xiao Ai likes to eat!

This wave of operation is too much...

The food in Xiao Ai's eyes, in the eyes of law enforcement officers, is a proper contraband!pork! Chestnut! Zongye!No one can enter Australia!

Although zongzi is delicious, no matter whether it is raw or cooked, it cannot be brought into Australia. If you want to eat it, you can only buy it in Australian stores. You can never bring it from China.

The Chinese girl watched as the zongzi she had memorized so hard had been dismembered one by one, feeling sad:This was all wrapped by my mother when I left! But they are all my favorite! This is the taste of home...

In the end, the little girl asked innocently: Should I just throw these things into the trash can. Law enforcement officers told her seriously: these things are a threat to Australia’s ecological environment.Must be destroyed, cannot be taken out. And you mustPay a fine of $420!

The girl was still aggrieved, "My friend told me that this can be brought to Australia, and I brought it..." The fluke of one person does not mean that everyone can get lucky... If the hometown specialty is gone, you have to pay a fine. My zongzi! my money! It's all gone in an instant!

This girl not only failed to check the relevant regulations, but also failed to fill in the entry declaration card truthfully. The most serious thing is,In the face of law enforcement officers, attempting to lie to cover up the facts. Therefore, these behaviors made her suffer more severe punishment.

Do you think the strictness of Sydney Airport is only reflected in the inspection of contraband? too naive! There are so many regulations at Sydney Airport! Violation of these new regulations will be punished for bankruptcy every minute, and you may be sent back to your country!

New Sydney Airport regulations, violations will cause you to want to escape!

Just a while ago, a nasty child sex offender lived at Sydney Airport with a serious pedophile. Pedophile criminals are treated at the bottom even in prison.

And how did the police lock this man in such a short time? This is to talk about the new policy that Australia Airport has just started to implement recently!

Beginning in 2017, there have been rumors that Australian airports are about to implement in order to eliminate crime, terrorists and pedophilesMandatory check ID policy

At first, the implementation of this policy was slightly weaker. The man mentioned above was "special attention" by the police because he had a ghost in his eyes when he took out his ID, and he was immediately found to be a pedophile criminal.

Ever since, some politicians felt that by observing people’s expressions and expressions when they took out their IDs, this kind of work efficiency was too low, so it's better to take a compulsory measure. If you don’t see the ID, you will be fined and you will be taken to jail. People can escape.

The Australian government said: OK

Attention friends

From now on, the police at major airports in Australia

Universal rightCompulsoryCheck your ID!

If you must hold the attitude of "I won't give you what can I do", then the airport police have the right to take you away from the airport for 24 hours, or even refuse to let you board the plane, and impose a penalty4200 Australian dollarsThe huge fine!

The reason for the introduction of such regulations is that the Australian government believes that everyone in the airport may be a terrorist or criminal, of course, including black immigrants.

The terrorist threat in July 2017 cast a shadow over the Australian airport. At that time, an Etihad Airlines aircraft received a terrible terrorist threat while flying from Sydney to Abu Dhabi. A bomb was found in the bag. Since then, Australian airports have become tense.

The government also vowed to prevent all criminals and terrorists from approaching the airport. Everyone who enters the airport needs to check their ID. Of course, it also repatriates a few black immigrants...

Not only that, but other minor regulations at Australian airports
There are already many Chinese who have fallen into trouble...

Since last year

Constantly exploding cause

Repatriation of mobile phone content violations

Just in 2016

Australian Customs has posted the news

A 24-year-old Chinese student

Arrested for having children's erotic videos in electronic devices!

The arrested Chinese student

24 years old this year, holding a student visa

At the time at Brisbane Airport

Ready to depart on an international flight

Brisbane Airport Customs questioned Chinese students

Checked luggage, computers and mobile phones

Customs in his electronic device

Found more than 50 erotic videos

After that, this 24-year-old Chinese student

Was arrested by a customs officer

Previously in Canada

A similar time

Also caused an uproar

When a Chinese student entered Canada

It was found in the mobile phone WeChat by customs

"Suspected obscene video of a minor"

Was immediately sent back to China

Netease News also reported last year

A Chinese student

Because of a WeChat chat record

Found by a U.S. customs officer

And immediately repatriated

About US, Canadian and Australian customs

News about electronic products from inbound passengers

Not uncommon

Even the diary can be turned over!

This April

Chinese students studying in the mobile phone

Bringing child pornography material into the country

Captured at Melbourne Airport

The two mobile phones of the Chinese student

All contain child pornographic images

The Chinese student cancelled his visa on the spot

Detained in immigration detention center

And will soon face repatriation

Australian customs are very strict now

During the spot check, the mobile phone and social accounts

Messages, pictures, videos and even emoticons

Checked it all without missing

Once found illegal

Repatriate directly!

Just imagine it shivering...

And the most terrifying thing is

Now the customs is only doing random checks

Entering Australia in the future

Checking social information is likely to becomeNecessary link!

The government may introduce the strictest security inspection regulations in history:

People traveling by plane may be forced to perform facial recognition, and the social software in the passenger's mobile phone has also become the target of inspection!

Australian media said that Australian airports will use the latest facial recognition technology. This latest technology called LineSight uses dual technologies of biometrics and facial recognition, which can not only recognize human faces, but also use related information to search.

When the relevant information of the passenger is identified

It will use this information on Facebook, Instagram

Wait for multiple social media accounts to search

Almost only 1 second

All social accounts of travelers

All will be exposed in front of customs officers!

What was said on social media

What picture video

What news was discussed

All at a glance...

For those travelers who don’t have any social information

Customs officers may pay more attention

Mobile computers and other electronic devices

It is likely to be checked all over!

Once found

Child pornography, violence, terrorism related

Speech and information

The parties will be repatriated directly!

If the traveler is a permanent resident or citizen

May face cancellation of status

Deportation or even life imprisonment!

LineSight is developed by Unisys

Currently in use in the U.S.-Mexico border area

Two more months

It's time for international students to return home again

Security inspections in Australia are so strict now

Everyone must be careful, be careful!

Before entering and leaving Australia

Better to check and clean up

Related information on electronic devices and social media

After all, emojis are also very sensitive now!

Don't play with your phone when you pass customs, you will be deported!

Not long ago, a major incident occurred at Brisbane International Airport, and it quickly spread across the Internet after it was exposed on the Internet!


Was warned or fined for playing with a mobile phone?

why like this?

I just finished the 10+ hours of flying. After landing, I have the internet, so I should quickly turn on my mobile phone and report to my family that I am safe.

but! If you play too hard

It aroused the "concern" of Australian customs comrades

That day, at Brisbane Airport, a group of classmates who looked like students playing with mobile phones were surrounded by customs...

The customs told them:

"This is the controlled area of ​​the Australian Customs. The law prohibits you from using mobile phones in this area!"

Even if a few people apologize

But still to no avail,

Punished by Australian CustomsHeavy penalty + warning

They are not the only Chinese citizens who have been fined for playing mobile phones in areas prohibited by the customs. Therefore, this time also attracted the attention of CCTV and the Australian Chinese Consulate and issued a warning!

CCTV specially reminded this on the popular Weibo platform!

Australian airports such as customs and other areas

The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited!

Not to be in the restricted area of ​​Australian airports:

Take pictures, make phone calls, use cameras or video cameras

The official website of Sydney Airport clearly stated:

The use of mobile phones, cameras, video cameras and video recording equipment is strictly prohibited in airports, ports and within the scope of Australian customs lock control.

As long as you use your phone

That is prohibited

Whether it’s taking photos, recording videos, sending WeChat,

Even if it is taken out and turned off, it is "dangerous"

If you get caught,Fined $340

If not,Confiscated mobile phone

No longer,Repatriation

Then enter Australia
How to identify which items are prohibited items?

Prohibited Items Encyclopedia

The Australian government launched a

A rare all-Chinese video promo!

It is specially made for Chinese by the Australian government!

The purpose is also very simple

Just want to tell everyone

These things

thousand! Million! do not! band! Come in! Australia! Continent!

"No need to say'sorry', please declare"

(Dodon't be sorry, just declare it)

Someone brought rare plants...

Mini Kumquat Tree

Someone brought a fish in his bag...

I still swim in the bag by myself

Some people say that their luggage is packed by family...

Others said that although they brought contraband

But it is very clean!

I am sorry!

The Australian government said it!

no excuse!

Because Australia has the most stringent biosafety law in the world!

If you bring food, please declare!

And fill in "Yes" on the arrival card!

If you bring animal products, please declare!

And fill in "Yes" on the arrival card!

If you bring plant materials or natural medicines, please declare!

And fill in "Yes" on the arrival card!

If your shoes, clothes or anything

It may also be dangerous if it is stained with river water or mud!

Please declare! And fill in "Yes" on the arrival card!

Food on the plane cannot be taken off the plane!

If you have a fever, please tell the crew!

Video more severe warning

If you lie to border control

Or give misleading information

There will be very serious consequences!

Maximum fine of $12600

Or 12 months in prison!

Xiao Ai first take everyone

Once again the Australian government

List of prohibited/declared items :

Distinguish between prohibition and declaration

The first category【Prohibited to carry】

Eggs and egg products

All whole eggs, dried eggs and egg powder, and egg noodles, or moon cakes containing eggs (salted eggs, processed eggs and preserved eggs), salted duck eggs, salted quail eggs, or preserved eggs made of duck or quail eggs, Instant noodles containing eggs and mayonnaise are not allowed.

Dairy products

Except for dairy products from countries where there is no foot-and-mouth disease, other whole and dried products containing more than 10% dairy products are not allowed, including three-in-one milk coffee, tea and malted milk extract, milk powder and milk containing milk. Products of instant cereals. Australia allows infant formula and New Zealand dairy products to be carried with infants.

Meat products

All animal types, including fresh meat, dried meat, frozen meat, cooked meat, smoked meat, bacon, cured meat or packaged meat.


All mammals, birds, bird eggs, fish, reptiles (turtles), snakes, scorpions, amphibians, crustaceans and insects.


All potted/bare-rooted plants, bamboo, bonsai, cuttings, roots, bulbs, bulbs, rhizomes, stems and other viable plant materials and soil. Cooked, dried, fresh or frozen plantain leaves.

Seeds, nuts

Cereals, popcorn, raw nuts, raw chestnuts, fresh peanuts, pine nuts, bird food, fruit and vegetable seeds, unidentified seeds.

I won’t say much about guns and knives. There are other things like nunchakus that you can’t bring. I think Jay Chou paid the price for this thing back then...

The second category [Declaration category]

The following items can be declared and approved to be carried, but remember,It must be declared, otherwise it will be regarded as prohibited.


These include some raw food, cooked food, and some raw materials, such as dried fish, salted fish, fresh fish, and seafood, such as scallops, shark fin, and squid.

Vegetables and fruits can be declared with dry goods

Such as rice, noodles, dried longan, tangerine peel and plum, etc.

Cooking raw materials or condiments can be declared

Such as various spices anise, cinnamon, star anise, etc.

Remember to declare snacks

For example, what biscuits, cakes, peanuts, candies, etc.

Feather, fur, leather products, bone products

And wool and animal hair, wool yarn

Or handicrafts need to be declared

It must be a clean finished product

There can be no animal tissues on it

Raw leather products must not be brought

Prescription drugs within 3 months

It can be exempted from declaration in English or doctor's certificate

Stimulant drugs, steroids/narcotics analgesics

And other dependent drugs, traditional drugs harmful to animals and plants

Must be declared

Cannot carry a total of 1 yuan or more

Australian dollar or equivalent foreign currency

Gifts or items purchased at duty-free shops

The total value cannot exceed AUD 900

The total volume of alcohol cannot exceed 2250ml

No more than 25 cigarettes

It can’t exceed 25 grams when changing to tobacco

It is also particularly important that Australia does not prohibit the recognition of pornographic publications and video pictures, but forChild pornographyThe punishment is extremely severe.

Regardless of any form of images, pictures or even emoticons, if child pornography is involved, they will face 10 years in prison and a huge fine!

If a family member wants to come to Australia from China, everyone must be reminded in advance! remind! remind! Don't repeat the same mistakes!