Nowadays, many people in the country have a feeling: the more the society develops, the more indifferent the human relationship...

Recently, Weibo was swiped by a video of fighting each other. Some netizens broke the news that two men were fighting each other in the carriage on Shanghai Metro Line 9!

They fist together, and they are inseparable on the crowded subway. Embarrassingly,Only one gray-haired foreigner came forward to persuade him!

And the other compatriots are all around "conscientiously" as the crowd...

Some netizens commented:

Foreigners are too fond of nosy!

Indeed, foreigners like to "do more of nosy" than many Chinese. Especially in New Zealand, there are not a few "nosy" people...

"Nosy" at work

Once, my husband and son went to the hospital for a gynaecological examination. After the end, I took my son in the car and when he was wearing a seat belt, I put the key on the seat and closed the car door directly after I fastened the seat belt. The car locked automatically.

My husband and I were in a panic, and we didn't dare to smash the window for fear of hurting our son.

As a result, a few New Zealand workers who were doing construction came over and asked about it. They called a few people to help us pry open the windows.

At that time, I really didn't know how to thank people, so I could only bow and thank them.


"Nosy" on the road

Not a big thing, but I always remember it.

When I was still in college, I had to rush to the next place after class every day and cross an intersection. I saw the green light on the pedestrian walkway from a distance, thinking I could run, or be late.

I almost ran to the middle of the road. I was patted by a New Zealand girl and found that she was holding my calculator in her hand. Only then did I find that my schoolbag was not zippered properly and it fell out while running.

She didn't say anything, put my calculator in my bag, helped me to zip the zipper, and shouted "You run away!""In one go.Then she went back and went another way.

I have no time to say thank you! The whole thing happened in a few seconds.


"Nosy" when taking out the trash

I once took the dog for a walk to a strange place. Because the dog was naughty, he dragged me and fell severely. At that time, my hands were worn out and my legs were so painful that I couldn't stand up.

At that time, Old Justice was working elsewhere, and it would take a while to arrive, so I had to sit on the ground and wait for him temporarily.

At this time, an old New Zealand lady came out of the trash can and saw me. Knowing that my hand was injured, she hurried home and brought me disinfectant wipes to wipe the wound. Then they stayed with me on the roadside waiting for my husband to come and pick me up. I go home.

She comforted me for half an hour and helped me take care of the naughty dog.

Her kindness and enthusiasm made me feel extremely warm in this strange country.


"Nosy" when ordering

When I was working in a fast food restaurant, I was a novice, and fell ill again, which made a customer wait for a long time.

When it was his turn, I quickly apologized to him and told him that I was not in the state today. I am sorry to let him wait for a long time.

At this time, he said he would order another burger.

When it was done, he handed me the hamburger and said, "This is for you. I wish you a better soon."

I am grateful to him so far, an ordinary stranger.


"Nosy" when waiting for the bus

When I first came to New Zealand, I didn't know where to get to school when I first took the bus.

While checking my mobile phone at the station, an old New Zealand man walked up to me and asked me the specific situation when he watched me watching the timetable. Then he said that he was afraid that I still couldn’t find a place, so he just changed to take my train. I left after sending me to school, and I talked a lot about school, work and other things on the way...

Although it was not a big deal, for me who had just arrived at that time, I did feel quite warm.


The boss also loves "nosy"

One year, I suddenly fainted on the concrete road outside the office building. My chin and face were on the ground first. There was blood on my face and chest, and I was unconscious.

My colleague called an ambulance. I suddenly woke up in the ambulance in a daze. I saw an old white man from the company in the ambulance with me. In order to lift me into the car, the old man had his hat off.

This old white man is regarded as my superior. He is usually very strict with me.

The old man accompany me to the hospital, knowing that my friend is here, and confessed, he hurried back to the company to take care of his affairs.

He saw me a week later and told me that it’s better not to leave scars on my face. I was worried about you that day. I am so touched, I am still a friend.


"Nosy" while driving

Once on the way home, I found a car following. Later when I turned home, the car also came in and stopped at the intersection. I thought it was looking for a neighbor.

As a result, a New Zealand uncle came down and said: "I just want to tell you that the tires on your front wheels are flat."

Later, I found out that my tire had a small nail pierced, and it almost leaked. Uncle stopped at the traffic light. I saw it on the right. He followed me all the way, just to tell me that I was in danger...


"Nosy" in the supermarket

There are discounts on diapers in the supermarket, but I did not find the brand I wanted.

I was looking for supermarket employees in a hurry. At this time, an old New Zealand gentleman came, who was trembling and walking on crutches.

I heard that the brand I wanted was at the end of the shelf. He hooked it with a stick and hooked it out for me. He smiled, and left without saying anything.


Why do New Zealanders nosy?

Last year, according to the 2017 World Donation Index rankings released by the British Charity Aid Foundation (CAF), New Zealand has surpassed the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia to becomeThe most generous country in the worldone.

From the table above, we can see that New Zealand ranks 21st, 6th, and 6th in the three individual rankings of helping strangers, donating funds, and volunteering time.

New Zealand ranks fourth overall.

Among all respondents, 65% of New Zealanders have helped strangers, 65% of New Zealanders have donated funds, and 41% of New Zealanders have been volunteers.

Through these data, it is not difficult to explain why New Zealanders are so "Nosy"Yes!

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