Metropolitan Australia, October 10 (Reporter Chen Rong) Longwei Xu, a Chinese man, was today sentenced to 12 years in prison by the District Court of New South Wales, Australia, without bail for 4 years.

The defendant Longwei Xu (Longwei Xu, transliteration) was convicted of 7 counts and sentenced to 4 years in prison

The defendant Xu Longwei was engaged in the real estate industry and was convicted in July of this year by the NSW District Court on seven counts of compulsory indecency, assault, and forcible sexual acts without the consent of the other party.

The case has received global attention because the defendant attended the luxurious birthday dinner for the defendant at the home of the Chinese billionaire and Chairman Richard Liu on the night of the crime on December 2015, 12. After leaving the banquet, the defendant took a female model who was also at the banquet to the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney to rape.

During the investigation and prosecution of the case, Liu Qiangdong applied to the court to hide his identity on the grounds that he had significant commercial interests with Australia, and was approved by Judge Nicole Noman and issued an identity restraining order. In mid-July this year, the court withdrew the injunction order, which led to the disclosure of the inside story that Liu Qiangdong was the owner of the mansion and attended the event.

The New York Times commented that the case allowed a glimpse of the luxurious lifestyle that Chinese business leaders did not want outsiders to see.

In today’s court verdict, the court believed that the defendant’s sexual assault might not have been planned, but he took advantage of the victim’s vulnerability after drinking and was confident that the victim could compromise. At the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney where the incident occurred, Xu Longwei once suggested to the victim that he could pay, and said, "You can't refuse me" and so on.

Judge Nicole Noman said that the defendant Xu Longwei's words and deeds reflected his arrogance, confident that his charm could make the victim surrender, and he did not care about the victim. The judge emphasized that multiple injuries were found on the victim, one of which was located on the base of his thigh.

The defendant's lawyer stated that Xu Longwei and his ex-girlfriend, Ms. Lu (transliteration) had a newly born child who had to rely on Xu's financial support to survive. Therefore, he asked the judge to consider the impact of sentencing on the Xu family. The lawyer stated that Xu Longwei himself still insisted on his innocence and denied all charges.

In the end, the court sentenced the defendant Xu Longwei to 4 years’ imprisonment, of which 2.5 years could not be released on bail. Upon hearing the sentence, the defendant looked calm.

In court, the judge asked the media not to report any information about the victim.