In the tide of student immigration in Australia, skilled immigrants are the choice of many students, and 189 independent skilled immigrants can be said to account for the vast majority.

As immigration conditions become more demanding, the required scores are getting higher and higher.

In July this year, the PR application threshold score was mentioned 7 points.

For some applicants, it may even be as high as 75 points or 80 points, such as IT occupations and accounting.

Accounting students screamed "the times are changing too fast" and they must take the IELTS 4 8s!

IELTS 4 8 is almost more difficult than buying 4 8 license plates!

What about a good immigration major?

However, Australia is still one of the largest immigration projects in the world.

There are 19 PR places waiting to be issued every year, of which 12.8 are reserved for skilled immigrants!

Isn't it left to us out of the 12.8 spots?

On one side is a single-plank bridge that can't be squeezed through, and on the other side may be a door.

In 2018-2019, the total number of independent skilled immigrants in Australia was nearly 4.4.

And one of the occupations accounted for1.73 millionSeats!

That isRegistered nurse!

The Home Affairs Department will issue an invitation letter for visa application to them after reviewing the materials.

However, as of September 9, the number of invited applicants was only 11!

The number of applicants is just a fraction. One can imagine how short the job is.

In addition, the same few people are interested in:

9303electricianquota! Only 15 people have applied so far!

8480High school teacherquota! Only 115 people applied!

8372Carpentryquota! Only 6 people applied!

6979 peopleMetal fitters and mechanicsquota! Only 3 people applied!

6099 moreCar mechanicquota! Only 10 people applied!

It's incredible.

In addition, Australia is still short of agricultural labor, there are 4841Livestock and poultry farmersImmigration quotas, so far there is no applicant!

What university to go to! Why not learn to raise pigs! (Just kidding!)

Friends, Mr. Times can only help you here.

In sharp contrast to these positions are some popular career positions, such asprogrammerAccountant, It seems that the quota will be exhausted soon.

How is it, did you have the urge to "remake" after reading this? Friends, what major are you studying, are you expected to get PR? Welcome to leave a message and communicate with Shidai Jun.

The original text is taken from SBS