We are the production team of the Lanyang Raid Team ILRD... the micro-film "The Stunner in the Palm". This production team is composed of second-year students from the multimedia design department of Yilan Gaoshang. We are a group of enthusiastic rookies in design, brave to challenge the unknown and create omnipotence! The micro-film "The Stunner in the Palm" will participate in the Third MeetMe National High School Vocational Micro-film Competition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is expected that the 400-kilometer dream realization plan can be completed.


  • Microfilms from scratch, lack of resources

No one has ever acted in the crew of "The Stunner in the Palm", no one has ever made a film, and all crew members started from scratch. There are many difficulties in shooting a micro film...Lack of experience, time constraints, lack of equipment, short funds, communication conflicts...Although the "baby in the palm" looks jerky, we have the courage to try and are not afraid of being laughed at. This film not only shows our love for creation , Let us leave memories of passionate youth. When we learned that "Beauty in the Palm" was shortlisted for the Best Actor Award, it really gave the crew a boost!

Our micro-film title is "Rarity In Palms" (Rarity In Palms), because "design" uses both hands and mind to create infinite possibilities. All technologies are carried out from "hands". We expect Can create priceless treasures (Rarity). Moreover, all the design-related theories, techniques, teamwork attitudes, sincere communication, and sincere sharing, etc., are all worthy of holding hands and remembering the treasure (Rarity). We also hope that one day we can become an outstanding talent in the design industry. (Rarity).


  • Unstoppable charity sale stalls, with physical exhaustion, still stick to the end and never give up

In the state of insufficient funds and resource shortages, we created micro-films, especially the transportation and food expenses to go to Kaohsiung to participate in the film festival, which was a huge expense for us. We decided to design hand-made products and combine them with parental sponsored products for charity sales. Set up a stall, I hope we can complete our dream plan that spans 400 kilometers.

Starting from May, we have used our spare time to set up stalls in markets around Yilan, including: Gay Parade, Xindong Market, Toucheng Cultural and Creative Market, Diudiudang Holiday Market... even to friends and relatives Setting up stalls in front of the store, or going door-to-door to sell goods with the store, is to hope that the charity sale of the "staff in the palm" can go smoothly.

  • The cynicism, the burning of the candles of the certification exam plus the final exam, still do not extinguish the passion for design creation

Since we are designing and selling products for the first time, and we are just a group of 16 and 17-year-old high school students, when we were setting up the bazaar, some people thought we were a fraud group, and some people ridiculed our hand-made products. Even slander us, all of this makes us fully feel the warmth and coldness of the world, and also realize the difficulty of selling goods.

Especially, I happened to encounter the Level C certification exam and the final exam during the stall. Although we took turns to look at the stalls, the pressure of schoolwork and the hard work of wind, sun and rain made me really tired and wanted to give up many times; Looking at the crewmates around me, no one wants to give up. In addition, the support from relatives, friends and folks in counties and cities continue to encourage us; regardless of wind or rain, we rely on the passion for creation and the crew will act together Only by cheering each other can we break through the difficulties, stick to the end, and realize our dreams.

  • Many thanks to relatives and friends, thanks to the general public, sincerely knelt to thank parents

During the entire bazaar stall, our family mobilized together. When we went to the stall early in the morning on the holiday, my mother helped prepare food and drink, but was afraid that the crew would be hungry all day; Dad rode a bicycle or drove back and forth to help carry things. It’s just for fear of breaking or breaking things during the handling of the crew; sometimes staying up late to do posters and art design, my mother will prepare special snacks, but I am also afraid that we will not have the energy...The parents of the crew will gradually become familiar with it, sometimes We missed dinner time, too late to go home for dinner, the father and mother of the crew will help each other take care of the crew and have dinner together.

Sometimes the charity stalls go home late. Although our parents are worried about safety, they never scold us. It is because we are distressed that we run around, work hard, and have to endure other people’s cynicism. Our infinite courage and motivation, I am afraid that the crew can not hold on for that long. Therefore, after the charity sale ended, the crew organized a thanksgiving banquet at their own expense. We knelt on our knees and offered tea to our parents, thanking our parents for their continued support and hard work.

Chen Wenting

Lin Jiayi

Wu Yutong

Lin Youting

Chen Yinxuan

Qiu Jiewei and Xie Yaozhu

Although at first I felt embarrassed to kneel in front of everyone, but thinking about my parents being busy with the crew this time, watching the crew kneeling and thanking their parents for their kindness, I gradually didn't feel ashamed. Especially, when we saw our parents moved and happy, we felt that this thanksgiving banquet was really worthwhile. We have forgotten all the hard work we have had in the past in the laughter.


  • End the bazaar stalls, a harvest beyond imagination

In the past few months, I have received support and care from the folks from all over the country during the charity sale. Thank you very much. At the same time, we also learned:

  1. The beauty of design that I think is not necessarily the beauty of society. The so-called design should be able to meet the requirements of the owners without contradicting one's own ideas. It is difficult, but not impossible.
  2. It is not enough to only design products. It is necessary to plan the cost, price, target market, inventory, marketing of the products beforehand. It is possible to sell the products.
  3. The real enemy is myself, because every time I encounter setbacks, there is always a voice in my heart telling myself: "Give up! It won't be so good if you don't do it!" However, you can always break through the status quo if you persist.

In the whole process of setting up a bazaar, our biggest gain is,I fully appreciate the hardship of my parents making money, and I will never dare to ask my parents to buy things..


  • Don’t hesitate to exchange micro-films, make eyebrow communication, get a lot

At the beginning of July, the Third National High School Vocational Micro-Film Film Festival of MeetMe debuted at Meetmegd, Kaohsiung's Mi Mi Base, and the perfect ending was drawn. Thank you very much for the participating crews in Kaohsiung. For example, students from Zuoying, Xiaogang, Wenshan and other high schools warmly entertained us, and did not hesitate to exchange the "eyebrow corners" of micro-film production. I would also like to thank the organizer for providing complete information in advance and being considerate before departure. Remind, lest we get lost in Kaohsiung.


In this competition, "Beauty in the Palm" did not win a prize, which also means that our work is not mature enough. Along the way, everyone in the crew of "The Stunner in the Palm" has worked hard to cooperate with the crew. I really appreciate everyone in the crew who can stick to the end together. We will remember this experience, continue to work hard on the road of design creation, and never give up! "Beauty in the palm", a complete success!



  • Design expertise to get closer, accompany Yilan family to help children learn and grow together

After the crew settled the payment, it was found that it was 2,900 yuan more than the originally estimated target amount. We decided to donate the money to the Yilan Family Support Center. Although this donation is not much, it was originally donated to us by the general public. Now it can be donated to disadvantaged children who need it more. We believe that this donation will be more effective.

Some of the children in the Family Support Center are children of disadvantaged families, and some are children of protection and placement. Their common characteristic is sensitive and even very unhappy. We love these children very much, but we are just a group of high-level vocational students. Determine if it can bring them a smile. I am very grateful to the chocolate teacher at the Yilan Family Support Center. She suggested that we: use our expertise, such as drawing and art design to narrow the distance between the children, and encourage us, as long as we are sincere to accompany the children, they can all feel .

Therefore, the crew used the summer vacation to serve at the Yilan Family Support Center. We arranged a series of courses, including winding painting, hand-made small books, self-portraits, painted masks and puzzles, flipping cards, listening to music and painting. At the same time, some dynamic games are arranged to accompany the children who are supporting the family, such as: communication games, chair grabbing, you and me, mallet, wind blowing, title painting, jumping temple, etc. I hope that these static lessons Dynamic games to enrich the summer vacation of the children in the Family Support Center.


  • Especially love in the palm of your heart to share, let love be brave to pass on

In the past, in class, the teacher always told us "Don’t do evil for small, don’t do small for good", although we want to spread the love that the public gives us to the more disadvantaged and need help. Children, but worry again, what effect can our little power have? However, the process of volunteering at home help has made us more aware: if a little love can make the children of the home support center feel our love, a little kindness will sprout in their hearts and give them The courage to face the challenges of the future, perhaps when they grow up, they will be willing to convey the power of love and kindness to those in need, and our society will become better every day.

When we set up the bazaar, although we felt the warmth and warmth of the world, most of the people gave us kind thoughts, love and support, so that we have the courage to stick to the end and realize our dreams. For this reason, we feel that we should spread the power of kindness and love to those who need more help. We are very happy to be volunteers in the family support center. Not only can we accompany the children in the family support center to learn and grow together, we also learn from each other, and let us We can give back to the kindness of the public, especially the chocolate teachers of Yilan Family Support Center and other family support teachers who assisted and tolerated us. We are most grateful to the family support children for cooperating with our activities so that we can leave good memories.

  • Sincerely thank all people for their enthusiastic support, persistence, and teamwork to achieve the dream of the future

With the end of charity sales, micro-film competitions, and volunteer services, the crew has returned to normal student life. These months of teamwork, mutual support, communication and coordination have allowed the crew to maintain their high morale and centripetal force. We are more motivated and confident in learning.

We are very grateful for the support of the crew and teachers, and we are also grateful for the encouragement and support of the folks across the country. We have a steady stream of courage to stick to the end, and especially thank you for the perseverance and teamwork of the "Stunner in the Palm" crew, which encourages us to move forward. The great power not only supports the crew’s enthusiasm for design creation, but also helps the crew realize their dream spanning 400 kilometers. We will always remember this touch and continue to achieve future dreams. thank you all!