Ran a red light and killed someone in Australia,

Is it not responsible?


Tell everyone with facts:


Don’t even go to jail for a day!

all of these,

Are all stepping on the ChineseBloody corpseon,

step onInnocent Chinese familyAbove,

fatherBlood flowed into a riverLying on the Australian road,

Young childSighting.

Mother cried into tears,

The whole family is broken...

The perpetrator,

Without a trace of punishment?

We do not accept this reality!

The Australian driver ran a red light and killed the Chinese grandfather, and his young grandson witnessed his grandpa falling in a pool of blood! Human tragedy!

2016 year 11 month 30 day,

Let everyone's hearts be pulled together,

Melbourne Chinese GrandpaTo save grandson.

BeRed light driverKnocked down and died.

According to reports, the 66-year-old Chinese grandfather Qimin Zhang (transliteration) took his grandson,In NunawadingSpringvale Rd and SpringfielIntersection of d RdWhen crossing the road, he was hit by the driver Perera and died.

This is an ordinary day..

Grandpa took his grandson’s little hand and waited for the green light to slowly cross the road,

Tragedy happened!

An SUV ignores the frontred light, Regardless of theChinese grandson, Rushed directly across the road!

Between lightning and flint, grandpaPushed away the grandson next to him..

(Schematic diagram, irrelevant to graphic and text)

With a loud noise, the SUV slammed into Mr. Zhang's body...

He was hit and flew high, and then landed heavily on the hard road, causingSkull fracture……

Young grandsonI saw my grandpa being knocked and falling in a pool of blood,

According to reports, at the time of the incident, Perera, the perpetrator, was negligent and drove down Zhang Qimin at a "tricky" intersection, causing him to fly upside down on the road and his skull was broken.

Zhang Qimin was in the hospital after the rescue failedUnfortunate death, His grandson suffered minor facial injuries.

This tragedy,

Blame it all onThe driver ran through a red light

If she drives a little bit of concentration,
Such a tragedy of a Chinese family,

It can't happen!

Everyone regrets and sympathizes with this poor family, and everyone knows in their hearts that this accident happened and there is no way to change it, but

The law will give us a fair solution...

Just when everyone was so convinced, the judge’s decision,

Let everyone be surprised!

The judge's decision made all Chinese angry!

The judge expressed his sympathy for Zhang Qimin’s experience and his sympathy for the Chinese family who suddenly lost their relatives.Made a verdict :

150 hourCommunity work,

Revoked driver's license18 months

(Photo of the deceased)

Killed an individual and only received so little punishment?

Don't even have to sit in prison?

Is this Australian law?

You know, in Victoria, this crime is punishable up to10 years imprisonment, But she only received a community disciplinary order.

Why is the punishment so light?

judgeGive your own set of explanations,

This explanation angered countless Chinese!

(Image source: "Daily Mail")

The reason is that the judge believes that the driverPost-traumatic stress disorderinfluences.

The judge's original words:

"In my opinion, this car accident has had a significant impact on you, even beyond the scope of the court trial."

"Guilt and shame will affect your life. I think putting you in jail will make your condition worse."

In addition, Judge Gucciardo described Perera’s violations as being committed in this type of car accident.The "lowest" crime,because of herNo drunk, no speeding, no phone calls, And noFatigue driving

He further praisedPerera's good character,Solid work experienceAnd as aGood mother's character

Isn't the victim's family harmed?

The murderer needs sympathy,

The families of the victims who were really hurt,

No need for sympathy?

The judge’s decision is undoubtedly for the victim’s familyMake things worse

The victim’s wife, Jiang Yunan, submitted a heart-wrenching victim impact statement to the court, pleading for the murderer of her husbandProper imprisonment

Jiang Yunan said in court,Her life was ruined after losing her husband

She described her husband as a man who was deeply respected, caring and caring for his family, and described the consequences of losing her husbandSadness, depression and insomniaSerious impact.

This verdict, for a wife who lost her husband distraught,

How cruel it is..

However, the "benevolent" judge, for the murdererSympathy.Face loudlyComplaints from Chinese familiesTime and behaveUnusually firm

He said,Will never overturn the original verdict

"I have considered these powerful emotional expressions... Although this emotion can be understood, it cannot overturn the court's sentencing principles."

Is this the law of Australia?

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