The campus is a clean place away from the glitz and hustle and bustle. Here, there are only the sound of reading, and the free and fresh breath without impurities... This description should be the campus life that our children should expect in our hearts.

However, many campuses are not what they used to be...


Recently, some colleges and universities in Shanghai have installed vending machines with "HIV urine anonymous test kits." The HIV test kits are hidden in ordinary beverage vending machines and can be purchased anonymously and the test results can be checked anonymously.

(Source: Oriental Net)

Soon after, it was reported that the anonymous HIV test kits of Tongji University in Shanghai were sold out in only 6 hours.

How we hope these children just bought it out of curiosity, but in the sample box the next day, there were a lot of samples...

Even more frightening is that the three self-service vending machines collected a total of 37 copies and passed the test.There are actually 2 positive results.3 test failed for some reason.

(Source: Oriental Net)

Last year, Beijing also installed such vending machines in many colleges and universities. According to the Beijing Youth Daily, Tsinghua University's vending machines were sold out after less than three days after installation.

(Source:"Beijing Youth Daily"

AIDS seems to be far away, but the mention of these three words makes people daunting. University should be a good pronoun, but now it has become a high-incidence area and a hard-hit area.

As a Hunanese, the following piece of data may be even more terrifying-

In April 2017, "Sanxiang Metropolis Daily" reported that an investigation by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Yuelu District, Changsha City showed106 students in Changsha are infected with AIDS.And the number of HIV-infected people in Yuelu, where universities gather603!

"AIDS" and "ivory tower", two words that seem to have nothing to do with each other, are now tightly tied together by a series of rapidly rising numbers. What happened to colleges that were pure in people's hearts in the past?

How can college students who are infected with HIV endure such a blow at a young age? In the best years of youth, he experienced the most painful physical and psychological torture.


Of courseHowever, while we were extremely distressed for them, some college students even knew that they had been infected with HIV.But deliberately spread the virus to others, just to avenge the society! !

According to a comprehensive report from the Global Network, a 19-year-old girl in Kenya decided to retaliate against the society after suffering from AIDS. She frantically and deliberately transmitted the HIV virus to at least 2000 men. In more than three months, 3 men became infected.
At a party, the girl had sex with a man after being drunk. When she found out that she had tested positive for HIV, she found the man, but the man insisted that he did not have AIDS.

At a party, the girl had sex with a man after being drunk. When she found out that she had tested positive for HIV, she found the man, but the man insisted that he did not have AIDS.

Photo by Michael Discenza on Unsplash

This experience broke her very much, "I vowed to let as many men as possible contract AIDS." She confessed that she had transmitted AIDS to 324 men, of which 156 were alumni of the university she was studying, and the others were married men such as politicians, teachers, lawyers, and celebrities.

Coincidentally, similar things have happened in China. A college student of Zhejiang Media College deliberately transmitted AIDS to his same-sex partner.

Fortunately, the victim took the blocking drugs in time and escaped, but the mental and physical pressure he was forced to endure during the treatment also brought him a huge psychological shadow.

These real things did not happen in the dirty and dark basement, nor did they happen in the underworld traversed by the malignant tumor, but found in the ivory tower of youth and vitality.

As early as a few years ago, a similar case occurred in Nanjing. A black student at a local university was diagnosed with AIDS and was sent back to the country according to regulations.

Before returning to China, the CDC asked him to provide information about all the girls who had sex with him. He actually told the CDC staff like this:"I have been in China for 2 years, and I don't have a girlfriend. I always find a girl to solve my personal problems. Anyway, I find one every week, and I don't know how they can contact."

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The year-over-year high-speed growth of HIV infections among college students is a bad news for schools, society, and every family. The atmosphere created by society has helped the growth of these poisonous roots.

Around the university gathering place, there are various small hotels and fashionable hotels. Some hotels can only put a double bed. The sanitary condition is worrying. The cheapest one is tens of yuan per person per day. The accommodations around these colleges and universities are aimed directly at the population of college students, playing a big price tag, but planting a big hidden danger of HIV transmission.

More hospitals launched"Half price for student flow"advertisment!

With the progress of society and the impact of Western thoughts, people’s acceptance of sex topics and behaviors has gradually increased. College students’ sexual concepts have become more open, and their sexual behaviors have become more common, but they lack knowledge about sex and suffer from AIDS. The preventive ability is worrying.

According to many surveys, college students know very little about sex knowledge and AIDS. On the one hand, parents have never talked about this aspect to their children. On the other hand,Universities that teach preaching and professions also ignore the "compulsory subject" of life: sex safety education.


NotOnly on campus, the world of flowers outside the campus also has more temptations of destruction hidden in the young boys and girls in their prime youth years.

Some time ago, in a video (now deleted) that was circulated wildly, a man told a woman that he was an AIDS patient after having sex with a woman. The woman who learned the truth collapsed completely.Squatting in the corner and crying heartbreakingly.

"Why did I lie to you? I really have AIDS." Seeing the girl go mad helplessly, the man also said something like this while taking a video of the "combat", as if only telling her that she was about to Infected with a small cold.

Soon after the incident, a female artist in Taiwan broke the news on Weibo that the man carrying HIV in the video was a film and television producer. In the middle of AIDS, he maliciously spread HIV in the form of unspoken actresses. People familiar with the situation in other circles also pointed out their voices to remind colleagues to be careful of being deceived.

Another Weibo of the whistleblower also attracted our attention. The whistleblower said that the girl went to apply for an actor and accepted the unspoken rules. As a result, she was not only infected with HIV but also had two abortions, which is even more regrettable. However, the girl rejected the dissuasion of the whistleblower.

Everyone has the right to pursue star dreams. Dreams are noble. It should not be based on dirty transactions. Wake up, girls!

Shocking cases are not uncommon--

After having sex, a girl received a big box... When she opened it, she saw a set of shrouds and a piece of paper saying: Welcome to join the AIDS club...

Now the whole society, especially young people, is becoming more and more open to the concept of sex. They think that premarital sex and multi-sex couples are extremely common.But while people are enjoying the openness of sex, they will definitely taste the evil results it brings, and now this evil effect is gradually showing up.


IHow many AIDS patients are there in the country?

CCTV reported on December 2017, 12:71.8 million. Increase in the number of people in the first half of 2017: 67751. This is the most authoritative number, from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

(Source: CCTV)

However, there is another disturbing data:There are still 20 to 40 infected people in the country undetected. This has to make young people and parents worry.

(Source: CCTV)

Of course, having said so much, our original intention was not to exclude people from AIDS. After all, these HIV-infected people who maliciously retaliate against society are only part of this group.

We want to remind everyone as parents that sex education should begin at birth and end in life.

Sex education at the age of zero?

Yes, in addition to sex knowledge, the practice of parental intimacy and the state of the native family are all sex education that teaches children by precept and deeds.

At the same time, we must also remind the younger generation that they must be clean and self-conscious, always know how to respect and protect themselves, and be responsible for their own lives. After all, those seemingly distant dangers are really likely to happen to us.