When it comes tofine.

Every Chinese has an unspeakable taste in his heart.

Although everyone usually lives in peace and security,

But bad luck,

Unexpected tickets may still appear.

For example


The speed limit may be different for each block!

The speed limit where you drove in the last second was 60km/h,

It may become 50kn/h in the next second,

And there is no sign to remind you,

It all depends on our own familiarity with the road conditions.

According to the different speed limit and overspeed percentage,

Fines fromFrom dozens of dollars to two thousand dollars...

Overtime parking

Driving is not always convenient,

Sometimes go out to do something or something,

I'm most afraid of driving.

On weekdays or popular times,

The indoor parking lot is full,

The parking spaces on the roadside are not enough;

Finally found one,

It can only stop for an hour,

a littleA few minutes late.

OneOver a hundred dollarsThe ticket was posted...

No matter if you are a "little rookie" who has just been here,

Or the'old aboriginal' who have lived in Australia for more than ten years or even decades,

Sometimes it’s hard to escape the clutches of various tickets,

It's sad to think about it.

However, this time with a high price of $1600,

Which department is it,

Under what name is it opened?


Chinese parents may not even think of it,

This expensive ticket,

It turned out to be opened to parents by an Australian school!!

Parents are not happy now,

Why even the school issued a ticket to himself?

And the reason for this ticket

Is such that……

1High fine? Chinese parents in Australia said: When people sit at home, the pot comes from the sky!

By the way, not long ago, the Queensland Government of Australia took various pains to ensure that children can go to school. All methods were used, but the effect was not good... The absenteeism rate is still very high~

So the Australian government, after thinking hard for a long time, suddenly discovered that since the school can’t let students come to class on time every day, letParentJust make sure that the children can go to school. The editor has nothing to say about this brain circuit...

The Australian government has issued a warning!

Parents must ensure that their children go to school on time every day, otherwise they will face serious consequences: if the children often absent from school, the parents will receive it for the first timeA fine of 801 Australian dollars. For repeated offenders, the fine will reach1566 Australian dollars!

In fact, in the past ten years, the fines for children absent from school have beenconstant increase. Education Minister Grace stated:

"School and family work together, Is the best way to improve the children’s attendance rate.

Fines and charges against parents are oftenHelplessness! "

(Grace, Minister of Education)

But in the past,Because the parents fail to take care of their children to school,The defendant’s case is also not rare... As of August, government data shows that16 Queensland parentsHe was accused of allowing children to play truant; in 2017, 21 parents were charged! Grace said,At the end of each school year, the attendance rate will drop significantly! Especially in the last semester, students’ absenteeism was more serious than expected, but most students could not give evidence of their absence!

(Grace, Minister of Education)

Under what circumstances will schools issue fines to parents?

For example: students want toIllness as a reasonAbsent class, but unable to provide sick leave slip;

AndAsk for other leaveAt that time, the reasons for not being able to attend school were not sufficiently credible.

In response to student absenteeism, the government has initiated a"Daily Count"Activities to ensure attendance. This proposal every child should report to school every day,Schools should actively monitor and implement strategies to encourage attendance,So as to ensure the child's attendance rate.

Once children often miss school due to non-essential reasons, their parents may face a fine of up to 1600 Australian dollars! Regarding this ticket decision, the Australian government believes that they areEnsure the safety of children; At the same time, this decision is also related to the childFuture studiesAndEmploymentThe situation is closely related.

From this point of view, the cause of the Australian government's fine seems to be somewhat reliable. But what exactly is called'There is no other suitable reason', What is called'Unsuitable leave'?

Unexpectedly, as soon as this news came out, public opinion on the Internet exploded...

2Netizens can't hold back the high fine of $1600...

Just as the Australian government is gearing up for its new decision and is eager to try,Australians'S comments can no longer sit still.

(Courier Mail posted on Facebook about the $1600 fine)

On the Facebook page of Courier Mail, there isMore than a thousand netizensThe high fine of $1600 imposed on the parents of the child expressed a feeling of'surprise' or'angry'; the comments and the true voice in the sharing area won everyone's enthusiastic exchanges:

Renee Chad said:

Many people may have to take their children back to their hometown to visit relatives and friends,

For the air ticket price at the beginning of the semester,

This fine may not be considered high.

Our hometown is not in Australia,

Sometimes we have to let our children leave school for two or three days

Visit relatives and friends in the hometown.

And a naughty young man Elliot Michael Hall said in the comments:

"Parents'let' their children go to school (there is no way to control them),

My parents never knew

How many times have I boarded the bus to school,

Didn't go to school at all, but went shopping. "

Shona Cassells’s comment was a bit interesting, she said:

"Oh, I know what (the Australian government) is thinking,

Why school mustEmphasize that children should be at school at the end of the termWhat?

Because children can help the school clean up,

So that the governmentNotAsk a cleaner for extra money,

This is simply a joke. "

Valerie Boothronyd's comment was humorously shivering:

"Yes, yes, it is right.

I know there was a kid before,

Once a semesterAbsence rate of up to 50%that's all.

Do you know what happened to this kid afterwards?

He suddenly became fat and fat,

Nothing else has changed."

Katherine Milsom shared her experience:

"A school teacher once told me,

He can’t advise me not to send my child to school on the last day of the semester.

Even though the child just sits there watching a movie after he comes,

Until the bell rang after class"

"And the school did not turn on the air conditioning at that time.

There is not even a fan.

I don’t want to send my child to a 27-31℃,

A place like a big fire box,

Where are you sitting stupidly with more than 100 other children"

"Usually I don't let my children absent from school at will,

But at the end of the term, he really didn’t learn anything,

I don’t want my kids to sit on the firebox anyway."

But a comment by Liz Lapuz mentioned a very important thing...

"I disagree with this view (to give a ticket to my parents);

Why not introduce a more complete

Campus Anti-Bullying Protection Act

To provide children with a safer campus environment?"

Lapuz’s comment actually brought out many parents’ concerns aboutCampus environment safetyWorries. Every parent hopes that their children can beSafe and carefreeLearn knowledge and enrich your skills in a comfortable campus environment.

Sometimes you may ignore it, your child may receive it invisiblyThe violation of campus bullying,Thus becoming unwilling to go to school;

At the same time, many schools have not paid considerable attention to campus bullying, which has caused many children to hesitate to receive various forms of campus bullying in school.Trauma of the mind, Began to resist the school and even the crowd.

More serious...

May choose to end his life to face the unmatched campus bullying!!!

3A retrospect of the Australian "Dolly" and "Cassidy" incidents, deep reflection...

"Dolly Event"

(The picture shows 8-year-old Dolly)

14-year-old Dolly lives on an Australian farm. She usually cares for small animals and often takes care of her classmates at the boarding school.She wants to use her warmest love, Become good friends with classmates.

She 8EndorsementAfter the Australian iconic rabbit fur hat brand Akubra, it has become a household name. In the photo, her face is bathed in Australian sunshine, her smile is like an angel.

But it is precisely because it is a child star,Dolly is considered by most students to be "heterogeneous"; She regarded her as the closest classmate, and began to treat her for no reasonInsult and alienation; Even she was forced to suffer long-term attacks on the Internet from her boarding school classmates,Unsightly wording.

(The picture shows Dolly's and her abuse)

Start,Dolly did not bow to these humiliations, She drew a picture: a thin figure bent downward, but still struggling to support it. It says: SPEAK EVEN IF YOUR VOICE SHAKES (voice, even if your voice is shaking).

(The picture shows Dolly's painting)

However, cyber bullying against her has not decreased but increased.

Until one day, Dolly told her father that she could not bear this kind of unwarranted hostility.

She wanted to "escape the evil of this world".

She committed suicide...

The distraught father invited the cyberbullyers to Dolly’s funeral and said, “If anyone thinks cyberbullying is just a joke and feels happy about it, then please come and witness the death of your creation.”

(The picture shows Dolly’s family)

According to BBC reports, one in five children in Australia is experiencing cyberbullying!

"Cassidy" incident

(The picture shows Cassidy and his mother)

Linda Trevan, who lives in Frankston, a suburb of Melbourne, said she hoped that the bullies who bullied Dolly had heard the story of her daughter Cassidy.

After the Dolly incident, the kind and sad mother said: Beautiful Dolly, rest in peace, I express my condolences to your heartbroken family. Another gentle soul lost to the killer. I just can't believe that similar things are still happening. "

(The picture shows Cassidy)

After witnessing Dolly's death, Cassidy's mother wrote:

"Since Cassidy passed away on December 2015, 12, all I want to do isSave other childrenFreedom from bullying and bullying. For God’s sake, but alsoHow many baby children sacrificedTo eradicate bullying? "

Linda's daughter Cassidy is inWas mercilessly bullied by two girls in middle school.Psychological problems, I couldn’t even go to class in the last semester of seventh grade. The girls pretended to want to mend their relationship and lured 13-year-old Cassidy into a house, but she was ambushed by two boys there.Crude WheelRaped.

After Cassidy was raped,Suffer from nightmares, insomnia, separation anxiety,Torture of panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).Finally committed suicide at the end of the second year.

Cassidy and his family used toMore than 20 times,Sexual assault with Victoria Police

Meet with the child abuse investigation team;

But Cassidy’s mental state,

Has never been able to tell the police what happened,

And the police did not comment on this attack,

Ask anyone to question.

For the incident of Dolly and Cassidy, while expressing our deep sorrow,How to prevent and deal with campus bullying incidents.Fang is the top priority.

4What are the attitudes and measures of relevant Australian authorities regarding the "campus bullying" incident?

In this age of campus bullying,

How did the Australian government resolve bullying incidents?

OnCriminal convictionAspect, according toBully Zero Australia Foundation (Bully Zero Australia Foundation)Of news,Victoria is the first state in Australia to criminalize bullying.In other states, only some laws on stalking and harassment cover some elements of bullying, but there are no specific legal provisions that can criminalize bullying.

In addition, the implementation of"National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence" (NDA)Come against bullying and violence.

In addition, in order to protect the rights of young people and safeguard their access to justice, in June 1993, the Australian government establishedNational Children's and Youth Law Cenre, Provide information and advice to young people; promote and monitor young people’s rights; play an influential leadership role in the protection of young people’s rights through research, legal reforms and fruitful partnerships.

Victoria expresses firm views

Victorian Liberal Party Supreme Leader Matthew GuyResolutely resist any form of bullying;He also stated that schools throughout Victoria will implement Alannah & Madeline Foundation's anti-bullying program to maintain the safety of students on campus.

(The picture shows Matthew Guy and Lesley Podesta)

(Matthew Guy commented)

(Alannah & Madeline Foundation,

A charity organization used to support campus safety and oppose campus bullying

Thoughts on campus safety caused by a high-level ticket,It really cannot be taken lightly.While urging relevant departments to legislate to ensure campus safety, in the face of possible campus bullying incidents, parents should also treat their childrenBe more careful.

For example, when you find that your child’s mood is not right,Listen patientlyChildren’s feelings about bullying incidents, understand their sadness, fear and helplessness, and never deny these feelings; secondly, let the child stay in a safe environment and help the childStabilize mood; Then, after the child stabilizes,Ask your child's opinion, Let the child feel that the decision is in his own hands; finally, encourage the child to participate moreAdd clubs to make friendsIf you feel unpleasant in your heart, you should speak lightly in time, so that the chance of bullying will be much reduced.

Editor's conclusion:

Whether in Australia, in China, or in any other country. Every parent hopes that their children can receive education and thrive in a safe and secure learning environment.

On the premise that every parent can guarantee to fulfill their educational responsibilities, should some schools in Australia also find a way to provide all students in school with a safe campus environment and avoid the poison of campus bullying? Let children take the initiative to go to school with confidence, instead of relying on expensive tickets issued to parents, to ensure that students may sometimes not be so "healthy" attendance rate.

What is your opinion on the "pot" of the high $1600 fine that the school gave to parents and the school bullying incident? Welcome to discuss together in the comment area.