Local councils across Australia are reaching an agreement with the Morrison government to bring thousands of skilled migrants to the region. Starting with the resurgent Goldfields, it is estimated that there are 1600 job vacancies in Kalgoorley-Boulder waiting for the arrival of skilled immigrants.

According to the “Australian” report, Home Affairs Minister David Coleman has approved the negotiation of an immigration agreement plan for remote areas that effectively bypasses the state government. The agreement will be similar to the Northern Territory's designated regional immigration plan since 2015.

According to the plan, 60 companies in Darwin and its surrounding areas can bring in skilled and semi-skilled skilled workers from overseas, including businessmen, fruit and vegetable growers and personal care workers, provided that these employers can prove that they cannot find Australians to fill them. Vacancies.

Coleman said: "The needs of Australian immigrants vary from region to region, and policies should take this into consideration."

He said: "The government's focus is to improve the current system in order to better match the immigration patterns of specific regions."

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"In particular, we are paying close attention to how to fill the employment gap in remote areas."

"There are many examples showing that some regions are facing a shortage of skilled labor. We have heard calls for more immigration from Orana in central NSW, Goldfields in Western Australia and other parts of Australia."

He stated that he has instructed the Ministry of the Interior to "speed up the process of negotiating these agreements, including sending officials directly to these areas."

Kalgoorlie-Boulder CEO John Walker said that the mining area 600 kilometers east of Perth is ready and it is waiting for more people, suitable properties for living, and hiring thousands of skilled immigrants to settle there.

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"We have a lot of job opportunities today. We don't want or dislike the FIFO (fly in, fly out) staff."

The city council hopes to increase the population of the city from 3 to 4 within a few years.

Walker said: "We are submitting a submission to drilling workers, truck drivers, mining professionals, hospitals, childcare and disabled workers."

"We are always facing this kind of shortage. We want people to live here. We are an ideal place for young families (only 6% of the population is over 65) and we welcome everyone."

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Aimee Rogers, 33 years old and born in the UK, is one of the overseas trained mining professionals. Four years ago, Rogers arrived in Goldfields smoothly according to the 4 visa program cancelled in March.

Rogers' father had dug a tin mine in Cornwall and is now the geological manager of Northern Star's Millennium near Kalgoorlie-Boulder. She fell in love with this small town, became the homeowner of Kalgoorlie and an Australian citizen, and now she is also a passionate "cheerleader" in the area.

"Kalgoorlie gave me a great opportunity, this small town was created by you-there are so many things to do, it is a good way of life."