FollowingAustralian immigrationPeople in South Australia may have noticed that recently, South Australia launched a project that is said to be very simple and can be transferred to permanent residence without business background requirements or investment requirements. What kind of project is this? Global overseas will analyze it for you.

Open the official website of the local immigration bureau to find this project. The official website shows New Entrepreneur (SISA).

SISA,The full name is Supporting Innovation in South Australia.The purpose of South Australia's launch of SISA is to stimulate entrepreneurial innovation and promote local economic development.

The application method of the project is:

Applicants will apply under the temporary activity (408 category) visa recognized by the Australian government, that is, they must first apply for a 408 visa before participating in the SISA pilot activities.

To meet this requirement, the conditions you need to meet are:

1. Be under 45 years old at the time of application;
2. English level: IELTS reaches 4 5s;
3. Have innovative ideas and need to have great potential to create local employment and export income for South Australia;
4. Engage in innovative industries in South Australia.

These industries are not accepted:Cafes and restaurants, consulting companies, employment agencies, import and export companies, franchise companies, pedicure shops, massage parlors, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine preparation business, divination/feng shui business, retail.

These industries are given priority:Security, network security, big data, health and medical technology, robotics, media.

In other words, this application has noBusiness experience and investment requirements.408 temporary visas can be obtained after passing, and the validity period of the visa can be up to three years. Because this is a pilot project in South Australia, the regulations indicate that all visas will expire on November 2021, 11.

For example, if you get a visa in November 2018, your visa will end in November 11 for a period of three years. However, if you get your visa in June 2021, your visa will still end in November 11, which is two years and five months.

The visa official website shows that you can transfer to permanent residence, But it is only mentioned that entrepreneurs who successfully set up business in Australia will be eligible to apply for permanent residency. The specific requirements for permanent residency have not been announced.

Therefore, for the SISA-408 visa, you may still have this question:

Q1. Who is SISA facing?

A: SISA is suitable for promising overseas seed stage entrepreneurs, anyone who has an innovative, entrepreneurial idea or concept, or is building an innovative early business stage, hoping to develop this idea or concept, and establish his own in South Australia business. To put it simply, there is an innovative idea and want to start a business in South Australia and develop it.

Q2. What does SISA need to do?

A: Entrepreneurs will participate in SISA by proposing innovative ideas in South Australia and participating in regular entrepreneurship and innovation activities. New entrepreneurs will connect with key events and activities within the local ecosystem to help them grow their business. The Entrepreneur Office will serve as an important point of contact, participating in key entrepreneurial services across industries and higher education sectors. Simply put, it is necessary to apply innovative ideas in entrepreneurship and innovation activities.

Q3. How to participate in SISA?

A: Entrepreneurs must first be recognized by the South Australian State Government (Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Investment), and then apply for a temporary activity (408) visa to the Ministry of the Interior to participate. As mentioned above, you need to apply for a 408 visa first.

Q4. Can my family travel with me?

A: Yes.

Q5. Can I enjoy free medical care in Australia after obtaining a 408 visa?

A: No.

Q6. If the accompanying person has school-age children, will they be regarded as international students and have to pay international student fees?

A: Yes, children need to pay international student fees in elementary and middle schools.

Q7. Can family members work/study?

A: Yes, family members have the right to work and study. If they choose to study, they will have to pay for international students.

Heidi, Senior Project Director of Australian Immigration, brought a professional summary analysisOn the surface, this project has no business background requirements and no investment requirements. It is very simple, but applicants should pay attention to the following points:

1. English meets IELTS 4 scores of 5. Although the requirements are not so high, language skills are not a small challenge for most business immigrant customers.

2. Applicants are required to have relevant innovative skills and innovative ideas and participate in Australian activities, which is difficult for operators in many traditional industries.

3. There are also restrictions on going to Australia to participate in local industries. Some basic industries are not accepted and it will be more difficult to implement.

4. At present, there are no detailed rules and no precedent cases for the conditions of transfer to permanent residence, and it is only a trial period. The visa can be up to 3 years. If you cannot transfer to permanent residence in the end, you will waste 3 years in vain and miss choosing other immigration The timing of the method, the policy is still unclear, and the experiment risk is high.

5. According to the previous news, there are only 30 quotas per year, but the official website has not yet announced it. If the quota is not large, it can indicate that this visa category is for a small group of immigrants and is not suitable for most business immigrants.

At present, a comprehensive comparison shows that for business immigrants, the risk of Australian 188A entrepreneurial immigration is more controllable, the policy is clearer, and there are no restrictions on English, innovation, and industry. The Permanent Residence Act is also perfect and enforceable.

Therefore, it is recommended that immigrants first observe and understand before the policy is determined, and will continue to follow up to understand the immigration project of SISA. After the Immigration Bureau announces the specific requirements for permanent residence and immigration quotas, comprehensively consider the risks and feasibility of obtaining a green card. To provide corresponding services for immigrants, after all, it is very beneficial for applicants to have no business background and investment quota requirements!

For more questions, please contact an immigration consultant to answer you!