In the Melbourne CBD terrorist attack last Thursday, homeless man Michael Rogers used a trolley to attack the murderer and tried to help the police. His heroic behavior has received many praises, and even earned the nickname of'Pushman'.

Soon someone set up a donation page for Rogers on the GoFundMe website. The original plan was to see if we could raise more than 4. As a result, when the draft was written, it was almost 12. More than 4200 people have donated in one day.

In fact, Rogers was not a hero before this incident. He grew up in a public housing since he was a child and has a mother who is addicted to drugs. He has been taking drugs himself for more than 20 years, and was sentenced to five years in prison for serious burglary in 2013. He has government public housing apartments, but for various reasons he chose to wander on the streets. When the terrorist attack happened, Rogers happened to be beside him, and his subconscious behavior made many people admire.

Many people who donated hope that this money can completely change Rogers' life and put him on the right track. Rogers is now 46 years old, but as long as he wants to change, it is not too late. In the previous paragraph, ABC reported that a man named Gregory Smith had taken drugs all day in his life and was homeless. When he was 45 years old, he decided to go to school. Then, not only did he finish the university, but he also finished his Ph.D. Now he is teaching in the university.

Looking at it the other way around, the terrorist Shire Ali, a Somali refugee, Australia took him in out of sympathy. But he killed the first coffee shop owner who was going to help, cut and wounded two others, and tried to kill the police. To make matters worse, Shire Ali's sister wrote to the media afterwards that Shire Ali was mentally ill, saying that he needed help.

We have to say that the world is so complicated. There are so many good people, and there are so many people who are inverted, right and wrong.

Finally, if you want to donate to this "car man", help more homeless people, and set an example for those who have lost their lives, the address of the donation is here: