When the Chinese first came to Australia, they would choose to find a part-time job to subsidize their families.

Dillon Wu of Melbourne is such a guy.

I hope to buy my own house and daily necessities through my hardworking hands.

Unfortunately, before the dream started, I died in the workshop

Dillon was supposed to work as an apprentice in metal engineering with the training department of the Australian Industries Group.

But he was assigned to Marshall Lethlean company.

The company mainly produces tankers that transport gasoline, milk, chemicals and natural gas.

But in fact, hidden in the workshop of this companyHuge safety hazard

One month before Dillon’s arrival, Marshall Lethlean was assessed as"High risk, may lead to serious consequences"

As many as 11 major safety hazards have been identified and need to be dealt with in time

Despite this, Innes Willox, CEO of Australian Industries Group, still believes that Marshall Lethlean isSafeYes, you can continue to send apprentices to work.

So Dillon came, and Dillon died here.

When Dillon was found, he was lying alone in the metal workshop, unconscious, with smoke billowing around him.

When his family went to check on his body, her body was already cold, her face was pale, her ears turned purple, and her suffocation was obvious.

According to Dillon's colleagues, he violated safety regulations and worked alone in the water tank. The welding device released argon gas and suffocated to death.

After hearing the news of his son's death, Dillon's family was also distraught.

His mother wailed loudly on the table:"My son died for no reason. He shouldn't have died like this."

His sister said:"He said he hopes to earn enough money from this job to buy a house and buy some other things to make my life better."

"But he can't do anything now."

"He shouldn't work alone in the tank, there should be someone looking after him."

In memory of him, his friends even tattooed Dillon's name and his birthday on his arm.

It is understood that Dillon was the first apprentice to die in the workshop.

SafeWork in Victoria has launched an investigation into this matter, and the course and cause of the accident are still under investigation.

The original text is taken from: ABC