Why do I persuade you to let your children take the elite exam?

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Her Aunt Jiang,

Good news!

Read the article I wrote last time "Why are you anxious about Australian education?"After you said that I did not answer your question, today, I would like to state my considerations straightforwardly and clearly for your reference.

I don't want to give you the answer directly. I think after you quietly read my question, and then ask yourself to give the answer, you can naturally make your choice.

Can you not compare?

I ran into you outside the Apple Store that day. You bought two Iphone XMax, one for you and the other for my son who is going to middle school next year. I clearly remember that you looked at the Xiaomi in my hand and there was a trace of it in your eyes. disdain. I understand that you are not malicious, but I read your comparison.

Education is the best gift for a parent to a child, and this gift really cannot be used to be cool.

In our Chinese circle, comparison is everywhere. It took me a year to calm down because I was jealous of why Zhang San’s child was admitted to the OC? It took me another year to adjust my expectations, because I was angry why my son could not pass the JR exam?

Lao Li sent her girl to the top-ranked private school. I ran to dusk in the heavy rain. I was angry. Why did I send my son to the private school without the money? You see, I am always stunned by such things. Later, even my son asked me with a look of confusion: "Dad, how can I meet your expectations? What kind of school do you want me to be satisfied with? "I thought about it myself, but couldn't give an answer. Even if my child goes to JR, I see other people's children go to a private school, but I still have troubles, and even if I send him to a private school, I should think that he should go to JR is the best.

To be frank, I can't do without comparison. This kind of thing takes root deep in the hearts of Chinese people and is passed on from generation to generation.


Can you not put academic performance first?

This thing is fatal. Calm down and think about it. In the eyes of us Chinese, education is academic performance. This is the only criterion.

As long as a student's academic performance is good enough, the others are irrelevant. As long as the child’s academic performance is good, what can he do if he is not good at sports, not social, public speaking, and not confident?

But the long life really doesn't look at your grades in your studies. Once you get out of school, no matter how good your grades are, they will be reset to zero. This test of life does not take into account which school you went to. Those things that cannot be measured by performance ultimately determine our lives.

Her Aunt Jiang, you have to ask yourself, if your child knows how to be polite and exercises well, it means that the test scores are always below the average score, can you accept it?

If your child is well-behaved, well-behaved, sensible, and obedient, but can't always get the test scores, can you calm down and let go?

I have to admit that I can't help myself. I am such a parent. Test scores are the only criterion for me to evaluate my children.


Can you resist the invisible pressure from your compatriots?

As a Chinese, no one can break free from the circle of Chinese. There are always enthusiastic friends around to give you advice: "It's time to give the child a make-up course, or it will delay the child. *** The tuition class is very good. My daughter is there to make up the class and finally admitted to JR."

Everyone understands that not every parent is willing to send their children to make up lessons. Not every child needs to make up lessons, and not every child can pass JR after making up lessons, but how many people can resist this pressure?

There is actually a lot of similar pressure. For example, all playmates are taking the OC test. If you don't let your children take the test, you should doubt yourself and blame yourself soon. When the vast majority of children of the same age are preparing for the elite exams, and you leave your children at home independently, that kind of invisible pressure will eventually make you doubt life.

This kind of tangible and intangible pressure is like a curse, it will hold you to lose yourself and it is difficult to extricate yourself.

You have to ask your heart, can you resist it?


Are you able to accept that in the end your child did not enter the university?

You may think this is a question of ignorance. Because just ask our compatriots, 69.7% of parents will tell you that admission to college is only the lowest acceptable result for Chinese children to receive education. And I want to tell you that only 12% of Y30 students take the HSC (New State College Entrance Examination), that is to say, the remaining XNUMX% of students did not sit in the examination room at all, and these students are scattered in every school. This probability In private schools, church schools, and ordinary public high schools, it is much higher. It is said that the very important reason is actually the influence of the students. If the majority of students in the same class choose not to take the college entrance examination, the impact is huge. If one day your child comes home and tells you that he is not taking the college entrance examination, can you accept it calmly?

If you look at the unit where you work, your boss, many people have not taken the college entrance examination, and even many people have no college degree, just took a few Certificates, Diploma, but it does not affect him as your management, as you Leadership.

But you have to think about it, even if your child is willing, do you dare to gamble with your child not to go to college?

Your only way is high-pressure discipline. Have you ever tried to teach students in accordance with their aptitude and guide the situation?

Every one of us understands that every child is different, everyone has different talents, and everyone has his own rhythm. Some children wake up early, some understand late; some children sit in front of the piano without a teacher. Pass, but can stay up until midnight for a simple math problem; some people get aspirations when they are young, and some people get resuscitated in their middle age. But you have to admit that in the Chinese world, the education of children uses the same scale.

Our logic is that since the same school, the same textbook, and the same teacher, Zhang San can get 90 points in the test, and there is no reason why Li Si and Wang Mazi can't.Our philosophy of child discipline is simple and rude. I send you to school just to get good grades on the exams. A bad exam is your fault.

We are not good at tapping everyone's talents. We never believe in teaching students in accordance with their aptitudes, so we don't make good use of them. Therefore, too many talents are ruthlessly buried.

Her Aunt Jiang, I remember that your eldest son is obsessed with drawing anime. Will you allow him to develop freely in this regard? I don’t think you will. If you are me, I will not, because maybe he will be able to show his talents in this area in the future, but my philosophy tells me that my academic performance is not good, and the others are not doing business properly, so I would rather sacrifice him. Hobbies also allow him to learn mathematics, physics, and chemistry. There is no shortage of him in this world who can draw anime, but my child can't live without a college degree.


I know your answers to the above five questions, because most Chinese parents are like you and me, and you are not alone.

So, this is why I say that the elite exam is the best choice for our children, because compared to private schools, church schools, ordinary public schools, elite high schools require good test scores to be admitted, this in itself is our strength. Whenever taking the test, the Chinese are absolutely top-notch, which also satisfies the vanity of our adults.

Furthermore, the atmosphere of the elite middle school has become academic supremacy. This is just for us. "Read only the sages and sages and keep a blind eye on things outside the window." Extra classes can solve all problems.

You don’t have to worry about your children not going to college or not going to the exam at all. Almost all students in elite high schools are rushing for high scores; you don’t have to worry about your children becoming bad. These levels of barriers and various exams are selected. Guaiguahu has long lost the courage to change. Even if there is, it is much less likely than the terrible public school in the legend.

You see, the elite middle school has met all our expectations. In case the children accidentally get admitted to James Ruse, it will be a glorious glory for some time and to a certain extent.

Take XNUMX steps back. In case the child makes up classes, works hard, and fails to pass the exam, we will die. If we accept our fate, we have nothing to lose. It is a big deal that we will start all over again in the second year. In the seventh grade, we will try to test the elite China. There are many children, too. Besides, it really can’t. Send your child to a private school. Don’t say you have money. It’s not that there are parents who smash the pot and sell iron for their children to go to the private school. But, Aunt Jiang, if you can tell me, if you still can’t let go, I’ll ask you. With these five questions, Eton College cannot teach the children you want.

However, if you can put aside the above five questions, then it really doesn't matter which school your child goes to, and, believe me, no school is bad for him.

It's all in the vernacular, maybe you don't like to listen to it, but I still advise you to let your children test the elite.

About the Author

Zhu Kai

Born in Sanqin, studying in Shanghai; the son inherited his father's career and worked in medicine for six years; but he was impetuous, abandoned medicine and went to business, and was busy working for Douyin. Even if he is not confused, he realizes the Caigen Tan: the virtues are to accumulate blessings, the heart is to make up for the labor, and the roads are to alleviate the evil. Then the family lives in Sydney, one is the quietness of Tuergen, and the second is the blessing of the world. Life is too short, knowing the way is lost. Dancing in leisure time, splashing ink when moving. I opened my eyes to look at Australia and wrote about life in a clumsy style. Without him, Gonger waited for Xieguan Qinlou to dispel boredom.

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