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"Car Man" was released on bail!

But need to report to the police station daily

No more stepping into the CBD!

At about 11 November, Michael Rogers, the "car man" on the cusp of public opinion, surrendered to Victoria Police.

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  • Before the terrorist attack, the Chariot Man and another man stole 500 Australian dollars from a cafe in the CBD.

  • A few weeks ago, he followed a resident of St Kilda home and snatched a bicycle worth $2000.

The court learned that in the past 18 years,RogersHas been in a state of homelessness and has become addicted to drugs.Victoria Police believes that Rogers has committed similar crimes many times and may commit another crime once he is released on bail.

On November 11, the court finally approved his bail application. butHe must live at the address of Caroline Springs, report to the Caroline Springs Police Station every day, and observe a curfew from 9 to 6 pm.The case will be heard again on November 11.

Netizens exploded in an instant, the plot is too ups and downs!This seems to be a moral debate!

Some people accused the media, thinking that the media should not over-report, and some even suspected that the media was diverting the audience's attention;

Some people think that the allegations of Pusher should be erased;

Some people think that everyone is equal before the law...

Netizen A: Why not reportIslamic terrorist family? That brother who is also on the watch list? The wife who refused to cooperate? However, looking for the only one who stands out from the crowd?Stations 7/9/10 and those who want to dig out stories from him, give you a great contempt! Stop bothering him, drop his accusation and give him a job!

Netizen B: Netizen A upstairs, he broke the law anyway!!! Withdraw his accusation? too funny! Then next time we encounter this situation, let us drop the charges for everyone, and then give them a job [eyes]

Netizen C:If you put your life in danger for the safety of the country, help the police fight terrorists. So brother! The charges should be dropped! We all agree that his car is useless, but he stepped forward instead of hiding behind the video like everyone else, based on this,He should be excused from the accusation.

Netizen D: This is the media diverting everyone's attention.

Netizen E: Netizen D upstairs is indeed like this. Let's switch stories quickly, don't let heroes become villains!

Netizen F: The reporter of Channel 7 and Channel 9 should be ashamed of yourself. What did he do wrong? You should not push your camera and microphone to his face, you should think about how he recently saved people's lives.

Netizen G: For the sake of God, everyone has a past!! Those who donate money to him are for his bravery

Netizen H: I hope he can make good use of the moneyGet the help he needs, deep down he is a man willing to help, may God bless him.

Netizen I:He did bravely stand up and help save many innocent lives, which shows that he has a good person in his heart. I know the law is the same for everyone, but I hope they will help him start a new life. Putting him in jail will only make him worse


All kinds of comments come like a tide

Let the "trolley man" once again stand on the cusp of public opinion

He is more real than a superhero

His story is better than the movie


Event review


During the terrorist attack, he was not afraid of personal safety, and used a cart against the gangsters! Praised as a hero by everyone


Is a letA day that all Melbourne and Australia can't forget

On Bourke Street

30-year-old murderer Hassan Khalif Shire Ali

Initiated hisLone wolf terrorist attack

He was going to drive all the way to crush passersby

Hit the store

Detonate the gas cylinder on the car

And kill the people in the shop,

Fortunately, the police came in 90 seconds

He did not complete the original plan


etc.Cruel and vicious, holding a sharp knife

Crazy killing after getting off the car

A 74-year-old lovely old man Sisto was stabbed to death on the spot

Falling in a pool of blood forever

The other two were also seriously injured

Then he turned his ferocious gaze to the police

Stabbing wildly with a sharp knife

At this extremely dangerous moment

Scenes that shocked Melburnians happened!

A brave uncle pushing a cart

He has not had any fighting training

But still bravely fighting the gangsters

he is the one

"Car Man"

Without any professional training, he could only grab a supermarket trolley and attack the gangsters in the simplest and rude way!He desperately ran the cart against the gangster again and again, but fell heavily to the ground because he lost his balance.

at last,This time the trolley hit the gangster's leg with precision. At the moment when the gangster was in a trance, passers-by and police swarmed up to buy precious time to subdue the gangster.

at last,This time the trolley hit the gangster's leg with precision. At the moment when the gangster was in a trance, passers-by and police swarmed up to buy precious time to subdue the gangster.

"With the cart man, I feel very safe anywhere in this city."


Knowing that he is a tramp, everyone donated money to him

However, the cart man didn't know that he had become popular all over Australia, because while he was running into the gangster, his mobile phone fell to the ground and was smashed. But he doesn't have that much money to repair the phone, let alone buy a new one.

Without a cell phone, he has no idea about everything online

It wasn't until the reporter did everything possible to find him

It turned out that the cart man calledMichael Rogers

46 years old this year

Facing the camera, he showed us the actions taken to subdue the gangsters at the time. He always emphasized:

"I really didn't do anything. I just wanted to stop that bastard from doing more dangerous things. I just saw a cart and used it."

To prevent terrorists from harming more people,

This was the only idea that came to his mind at the time.

Even if the opponent is holding a sharp knife and slashing frantically, in such extremely dangerous situations, he still instinctively comes forward to protect the lovely Melburnians.

But people did not expect that the "car man" who made Australians praised as a hero turned out to be a homeless tramp...

His heroic deeds moved the entire Australians. So, someone initiated a fundraiser online to buy a new phone for him! In just a few days,Donations have exceeded 14 Australian dollars,Far higher than his broken cell phone.

Thousands of netizens left messages thanking the "car man"!

"This is the true Australian spirit! Thank you!"

"He who is homeless is a hero, he deserves a trophy!"


The plot is reversed, the past is human flesh, "the hero turns into a bear", drug abuse, robbery...

A statement from a spokesperson for the Victoria Police confirmed that

This stroller has recently happened

Melbourne CBD and St Kilda area

Several burglaries related

He also violated the bail regulations

In fact, the Chessman confessed in an interview that his past history was not glorious.

He has a long history of drug use

In the past 20 years because of various problems

Repeatedly in and out of prison

Just came out of jail 5 weeks ago

Netizen: "Even if he does burglary, he is still a hero. At that time, many passers-by just stood by and watched. No one but the police rushed forward."

Netizen: "Let him go! He risked his life to help the police, helping everyone. Without his help, the police might be seriously injured. Every one of us makes mistakes, but some people commit more. But, life Go on and let his life go on. I still think he is a hero."

"I'm so laughing, everyone actually donated money to the thief."

"I don't know if those who donated money to him will be embarrassed to see this news... But with the money, at least he won't steal things for a while, right?"

"I totally agree that we should give others a chance, but his burglary happened only recently. This is different. He didn't try to change his life at all. He has been committing crimes. This is disappointing. , I really hope that one day he can return to the right path."

"It's like this: His behavior that day was very brave, but this does not erase his past crimes."


The Chariot Man went to surrender and was granted bail. Can the prodigal son return?

Suspected of committing multiple thefts and violating bail regulations,

Melbourne "Pusher" surrendered to the police at 11 o'clock on November 16..

He appeared in court at the Melbourne Magistrates' Office on November 11.

The court learned that in the past 18 years, heHas been in a state of homelessness, but also contracted drug addiction.The Victorian police believe that he has committed similar crimes many times and may commit another crime once he is released on bail.

Even so, the judge granted him bail, but the bail conditions are very strict. He must report to the police every day, observe the curfew, undergo drug checks and participate in drug rehabilitation. In addition, he was also barred from entering the Melbourne CBD area.Therefore, there is the scene at the beginning of the article, where everyone has different opinions and a moral discussion.



It's hard to say...

SometimesRight or wrong is important, but this oneSuperheroes in life are really hard to judge by good or bad people. In the face of danger, he has a brave and just heart like gold, and he does not hesitate to use actions to defend the safety of the city. But this hero is very different from the hero in the movie. He took drugs and robbed him, which made people love and hate. People generously donated money for him, wanting to give him a better life, but worry that he will be lost again and make mistakes.

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