Scam today

When I was unemployed for 2 weeks, the intermediary suddenly appeared and charged an intermediary fee in the name of a recommendable job; however, after the payment, the other party immediately disappeared.

Recently, Taiwan backpacker Xiao Su was unfortunately hit by this scam. What makes her angry is that she is not the only victim.

"Have deceived countless people. This account willKeep changing names and avatars, continue to cheat! "Xiaosu said. She questioned the frequent changes of identities by scammers and scammed Taiwanese backpackers who came to Australia for work and holiday.

1Unemployed for 2 consecutive weeks, work "falls from the sky"

In February 2017, Xiaosu from Taiwan obtained a working holiday visa for Australia. Like many young people in Taiwan, she became a backpacker in the "Kangaroo Country".

Through hard work, Xiao Su obtained a visa for the second year.

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Farms, factories, restaurants... Over the past year, Xiao Su has done countless jobs. Although it is hard work, it has been smoother to find a job thanks to the recommendation of my friends.

In early October of this year, after Xiao Su finished packaging work in a bacon factory in Sydney, he was unemployed for two consecutive weeks."Can't find a job, I feel more anxious."she says.

On October 10, a long-acquainted female friend recommended "Kat** G" to Xiao Su through LINE. LINE is an instant messaging software commonly used by Taiwanese.

Xiao Su said that Kat** G's profile picture is a young woman. She took the initiative to add Xiao Su's friend on LINE, calling herself a job agency. At that time, my friend already had a job and recommended Kat** G to Xiao Su.

At 22:8 pm on the 35nd, Kat** G asked Xiaosu whether he was interested in applying for a job in the salad factory.

According to her, the job content is packaging, the factory is in Lidcombe, and the hourly salary after tax is 22 Australian dollars, working 38 to 45 hours a week, and the company hopes to hire long-term workers.

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"I really want to do it. I submitted my resume before, but I didn't respond."Xiaosu said that she was very happy when she took the initiative to find a job opportunity and hoped to go to work as soon as possible.

2Need to pay the intermediary fee first, there is no news afterwards

"I take care of all the application documents." Kat** G told Xiaosu. However, this job requiresPay an agency fee of AUD 150 first

Because of the need to submit personal information, Xiao Su informed of personal information such as name, phone number, visa information, bank account, and tax number. The other party also said "intimately": "In case the tax number is stolen, you don't need to give it to me now."

Kat** G stated that applicants need a visa for more than 6 months. But Xiao Su’s visa was about to expire on March 3 next year, that is, when the visa duration was only about 25 months, the other party said,"Roughly no problem"

Kat** G asked to pay the intermediary fee first and provided bank account information:BSB is 012-3**, Account is 2240282**, Whose name is Kat**, ask Xiao Su to show a screenshot after the transfer.

At 9:21 that night, when Xiao Su was happy, he happily transferred 150 Australian dollars to the account.

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Afterwards, Kat** G said: "There will be news on Wednesday as soon as possible. If there is news, I will notify you immediately."

Two days later, Xiaosu sent two messages on LINE, asking if there was any news about Kat**G's work. However, even though it shows "read",But Kat** G never replied

At this moment, Xiao Su realized that he might have encountered a scam.

When reporting to Australia Today App, Kat** G in Xiaosu LINERenamed to "Kam**", The head also changed from a young woman with long hair sitting on the beach to a young woman with short hair standing on the grass.

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The person who broke the news took a second screenshot and found that the account ID and avatar of the other party have been changed (picture source: for picture)

3Forum exposes scam and many netizens claim to be fooled

Coincidentally, in the "Working Holiday in Australia" section of a Taiwan tourism forum, Xiao Su found a similar scam exposed by netizens. Although the name, avatar, and factory information are slightly different,But the form and bank information are the same

The reporter saw in this post that on October 10 this year, the netizen "celia21****" announced a certain bank account information in the post.Call it a "fraud account." This account is consistent with the one provided by Kat** G to Xiao Su.

The netizen reminded other backpackers: If you need to "pay tool deposit, intermediary fee, housing deposit" in order to find a job, it is recommended to check clearly first.

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"In the beginning, defraud the front and back of the bank card, and then defraud the intermediary fee if it fails.Now I may not be able to defraud the tool deposit, and then I guess I will defraud the accommodation deposit and transfer fee. "The netizen replied in the post.

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The netizen said that the common points of this scam are:Scam with LINE, Do not answer LINE calls, do not leave mobile phone numbers,And insist on paying various fees first, The common point is to send money first. The netizen questioned that the pictures in the scam were embezzled information.

In the 6 chat screenshots uploaded in the post, the reporter combed and found:

"Intermediary" avatars are all young women, their names are Lim**, Lim** CC, *Xue, Zo*, TS*, etc. They can introduce jobs in cake factories, salad factories, etc. Intermediary fees range from 130 to 150 Australian dollars .

Because LINE cannot display the ID of the other party, it is impossible to determine whether the above women are the same person in the chat screenshot.But they provide the same bank account, And consistent with what Xiaosu provided.

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In the reply, other netizens also said that they were "cheated".

The reporter also found that as early as December 2017, 12, in the same forum, the netizen "Fabe18**" exposed the bank account information and said"Real scam money in the name of an intermediary"

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On October 10 this year, the netizen posted a new post, calling the "intermediary"Misappropriating his profile picture and name, Continue to scam.

4Suspected backpackers to remind others to be vigilant

"I just spotted the backpacker just coming for a year or two, Save trouble and will not call the police. "Xiao Su said, according to his guess, this may be a scam group, and "has deceived countless people". Moreover, "this account will continue to change its name and photo, and continue to cheat!" "

This is the first time Xiao Su has encountered a scam.

She said with emotion that when she heard that other people were deceived before, she would think "how stupid" in her heart, but she did not expect to suffer losses. "I want to find a job too much, too impulsive, Was hooked away by the other's words. "

Now, through other channels, Xiaosu has found another job in vegetable packaging. But she still chooses to report to the Australia Today App, hoping that other Australian backpackers will be more vigilant and not too impatient when looking for a job.Be cautious when asked to send money first, So as not to suffer money loss.

The "intermediary" involved:

Said that he could respond in person at any time, but he never showed up

On November 11th, Xiaosu pushed "Kam**" (previously "Kat** G") to reporters on LINE.

At 8:01 that night, the reporter contacted Kam**, who asked "Which friend introduced it?" When the reporter identified her identity, clarified her intention, and hoped that she would respond to the incident, she said"I don't understand what you are expressing"

When the reporter expressed his intention again, Kam** saidCan respond in person at any time

However, when the reporter informed the Australia App Today’s Sydney office address and phone number, and could provide journalists’ credentials after meeting, Kam** began to question, saying that the address may be fake, he was unwilling to verify the authenticity of the address, and said, “You said you are the president Okay."

Until the time of publication, Kam** was not invited to appear, nor did he make a substantial response on LINE.

Today Australia will closely monitor the progress of the incident.

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