Hurstville has always been a popular place for Chinese in Sydney to live. When you come here, you feel like you have returned to your country. There is an indescribable sense of intimacy with Chinese signs, Chinese restaurants, and familiar Chinese faces on the street.

However, in the past two days, this Hurstville, which has always been well-known in the Chinese circle, directly made headlines in the Australian media, and the adjective related to it turned out"surprising","brazen"!

What exactly is going on? In fact, what I said in the past is actually very simple, that isGrab milk powder!

However, it is nothing new for the Chinese to snatch milk powder. Why did the Australian media directly name and criticize this time? Because they mastered a video, and this video recordedHow organized and planned a group of Chinese people snapped up Woolworths milk powder!

According to the "Daily Mail" report, Sydney 2GB Radio obtained a video showing that a group of organized shoppers were rushing to buy baby formula in this Woolworths supermarket.

According to reports, members of this "milk sweeping" organizationBuy milk powder one by one at the limit of two cans per person, hide it in more than a dozen shopping trailers outside the supermarket, and then return to the supermarket to continue rushing to buy it.

According to reports, this video was sent to radio host Ben Fordham by a listener named Janet and was filmed by his daughter outside Woolworths in Hurstville Westfield Shopping Centre on Tuesday afternoon.

The video showed that a woman put 5 cans of milk powder into a small trailer and hurried back to the store to buy more milk powder.

In response to a large number of looting of milk powder, supermarkets such as Woolworths and Coles introduced restrictions on the purchase of milk powder.Limit one person to two cans of milk powder.

And this group of people actually started to get more milk powder"Gang commit crime"!

In an interview with Nine News Australia, Janet said,"We are all shocked by this, as are the others present."

As a child’s mother, Janet’s daughterAlisha told reporters angrily: "It’s not that we think they have problems buying milk powder, but they sell milk powder overseas at twice to three times the price. This is a problem we face.And they are plundering our own resources!"

When they rushed to buy all the milk powder on the shelves, they dragged the cart and left the supermarket.But those mothers who really buy milk powder for their children cannot buy the milk powder they need.

The Chinese panic buying milk powder has become a social reality in Australia.A few days ago, the supermarket in Melbourne always saw shopping baskets lined up before opening.

When the supermarket opened and the milk powder cart appeared, suddenly,The crowd rushed around, everyone pushed me and squeezed, just to grab another can of milk powder!

And in this crowded crowd,The main component is the Chinese purchasing agent.

Many netizens are angry about this phenomenon:

Sydney netizen Chloe Smith: "Why can't Australian producers ship more milk powder to China?"

Australian netizen born aussie proud: They are not parents at all, but purchasing agents. It is illegal to send products overseas and will disappear one day.

Canberra netizen aj123:It really annoys me. Every time I go to the supermarket, I only have half the chance to buy milk powder, otherwise I have to drive to other places.There is no "safe" milk powder in China, but I live in Australia and I have the right to buy milk powder when I want it.

Gold Coast netizen Dins dale: I also see many Chinese people queuing. I want to know what the customs should do to ensure the needs of local parents.

Not only are Australian netizens angry about this, many Chinese friends also feel very embarrassed and angry about this behavior:

Now the domestic e-commerce law is promulgated,

Many improper business activities of purchasing agents are regulated.


Follow the market order

It is one of the conditions of living in a country and a society.

Such behaviors of rushing to buy milk powder happen frequently,

Not only disrupted the market order,

It also affected the normal needs of other consumers.

And these Chinese who participated in the looting,

Is it the word "Chinese" in a foreign country?

Conceive more misunderstandings?