Recently, Australian Prime Minister Morrison said that he would cut the annual quota of 19 permanent immigration to ease traffic congestion in big cities. Two days ago, Morrison announced his withdrawal"Global Migration Agreement"decision. The Morrison administration has frequently expressed its position on immigration and refugee issues this week, showing its tough immigration stance more clearly.
"Global Migration Agreement"

The Global Migration Agreement is a UNAgreements aimed at improving the situation of immigrants and refugees. In July this year, the 7 member states of the United Nations reached this joint document after 192 months of negotiations. The document is currently not legally binding and has to be formally signed at the Ministerial Conference in Morocco in December this year.

Following the "withdrawal" of the United States and several European countries, the Australian Federal Government has also joined the camp of countries that refuse to sign the Global Migration Agreement.

Earlier this month, despite the strong criticism of the Global Immigration Agreement by Home Affairs Minister Dutton, Australia still supported similar global refugee arrangements.

A meeting to formally adopt a safe, orderly and regular global immigration agreement will be held in Morocco next month. But this WednesdayMorrison, Dutton and Foreign Minister Payne issued a joint statement stating that the agreement directly conflicts with the principle of orderly immigration to Australia. (See the full text of the joint statement at the end of the article)

The statement said: "We believe that signing this agreement will not enhance our ability to control the border and manage our successful immigration plan." "This is why we decided that Australia will not sign the United Nations Global Migration Agreement in mid-December." "The agreement is advertised as a way to promote safe, orderly and regular immigration. We have achieved all these goals. We also believe that implementing the agreement will directly conflict with the important principles that support our success."

Morrison said that the agreement is an empty document that runs counter to national interests and will be used by critics of Australia's border policy. Morrison served as Minister of Borders and Immigration in the federal government. He says:"I am not going to sign this agreement, I believe this agreement will only be used by those who have been trying to undermine our stronger border policy…I had personal experience when I was responsible for preventing illegal ferry boats. We must always decide these issues ourselves, and don't let our laws be undermined by external influences. "

He pointed out that a fundamental flaw of the agreement is that it fails to distinguish between illegal and "appropriate" immigrants in terms of benefits. Morrison told The Australian, "Our previous work in border protection and immigration was second to none" and "We don't think it is necessary to join the internationalist club to figure out how to do this work." Interior Minister Peter Dutton said this morning that signing the UN Global Migration Agreement would "undermine" sovereign borders and could be used by the courts to keep more refugees in Australia.

"We have stopped illegal ferry boats. People will not take illegal ferry boats to Australia. If they do, they will be sent back to the country." Dutton said.


The full text of the joint statement of Morrison, Dutton and Foreign Minister Payne on the "Global Migration Agreement" is as follows:

The full text of the "Global Migration Agreement" joint statement by Morrison, Dutton and Foreign Minister Payne is as follows:

In the last fiscal year, Australia had the largest number of refugees accepted since the launch of the humanitarian immigration program in 1977, with a total of

More than 2.4 refugees!

Earlier, the Australian media also reported that Australia plans to accept an additional 1.2 refugees.

They are all from Syria and Iraq!

At least 6000 of them will be resettled in Fairfield, southwest of Sydney-in 2016, as many as 3000 refugees were resettled.

This also allows the region to gain

The "famous name" of "Australia's most dangerous suburb".

It is precisely by taking advantage of Australia's kindness that a large number of people in the Middle East pretend to be refugees.

Get an Australian visa by fraud!

And they not only cheated their identities, but they also received nothing less.

Taxpayer2.5 billionAustralian dollars!

Think about the taxes that we usually pay for the meat, and they are wasted without knowing it.

What's more frightening is that there are many potential terrorists among them. And we as victims,

But they are "raising" these criminals,

Foreshadowing the terrorist attack!

What was Australia like before there were no terrorist attacks and the influx of refugees?

Here, the safest in the world!

Among the latest safest countries in the world,

Australia ranks 12th,

The national sense of security far exceeds the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Japan and other countries!

Moreover, according to the "2017 Global Major Cities Safety Index",

Australia's Sydney and Melbourne occupy the top 10 two seats, but the major cities in the United States lose to the top 10.

Here, the global medical system is the most complete!

Thanks to its comprehensive Medicare system, Australia's medical system ranks second in the world.

Normally, when you visit a general practitioner in Australia, you don't need to pay out of your pocket in 80% of the cases, because the government pays directly.

In addition, Australia has implemented the "Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)" nationwide.

The aim is to ensure that residents obtain essential medicines at affordable prices.

For example, an anti-cancer drug with a market price of thousands of dollars, according to PBS, patients only need to pay a few Australian dollars to get it.

Here, it is most suitable for human development!

The United Nations released the "187 Human Development Report" after a comprehensive survey of 2017 countries around the world.

Australia ranks second in the world!

The higher the human development index, the higher the country’s future economic and cultural development level.

Here is the best baby birthplace in the world!

In the ranking of the best places for babies to be born in the world, Australia is in the top ten thanks to its sound maternal and child health care system.

And in Australia, fathers can also enjoy the benefits of newborn babies. If the family is under pressure due to having a new baby and the father applies for unpaid leave, he can get672.60 Australian dollars per week (before tax)Subsidy.

With a complete maternal and child health care system, various family welfare allowances, and a strong medical system, it is no wonder that Australians feel that raising a baby is like raising a frog!

Here, it is most suitable for young people to grow up!

Washington think tank released the "2017 Global Youth Happiness Index", which highly appreciated Australia's education, employment prospects, healthy living and safety, andRated Australia as the second largest in the worldA country suitable for young people to live and grow.

With high-quality teaching standards, a warm and friendly campus culture, and a safe and clean living environment, it is no wonder that Chinese parents like to send their children to Australia to study.

Here, the highest salary in the world!

Numbeo ranks 191 countries with minimum wages in the world. Australia ranks seventh. It is recognized by the world as a “paradise” for workers and is a country with a higher basic salary in the world.

As of the last census, the average weekly wage in Australia is1567.9Australian dollars, the minimum hourly wage is18.93Australian dollars.

This is the ideal place to work for overseas talents!

Australia is not only ranked 2017th in the "4 IMD World Talent Ranking",

The well-known multinational human resources company Hydrogen also pointed out in the "Global Talent Flow Report" that due to a good lifestyle, diverse cultural atmosphere, and potential career development prospects,Australia has become one of the most popular working countries for multinational professionals.

Here, the global average wealth is the highest!

Credit Suisse’s “2017 Global Wealth Report” pointed out that in terms of average adult wealth, Switzerland is the world’s richest country, with an average wealth of US$537,600.This is followed by Australia ($402,600).

Here, the world is most suitable for elderly care!

A study by the Wharton School of Business in the United States shows that among the 65 surveyed countries in the world, Australia's pension system ranks second in the world, mainly due to Australia's sound pension system, free medical insurance, beautiful natural environment, and clean air And safe food,No wonder Australia is known as the "Elderly Paradise"~

Moreover, in the 2017 Global Population Life Survey, Australia's average life expectancy is 82 years, ranking among the top ten in the world.

Living here, the sense of happiness is super!

The "2017 United Nations World Happiness Index" report surveys more than 150 countries. Among them, Norway scored 7.54, becoming the most happy country in the world.Australia ranked ninth.

But when a large number of terrorists entered Australia disguised as refugees, what did we see? In the near-occurring plane bombings, lone wolf killings, and the Bourke St terrorist attack, ISIS also declared that it would carry out more terrorist attacks on Australia.

This time the Australian government refused entry of refugees. Although it cannot organize terrorists to enter Australia in a full sense, it has reduced the way they enter Australia to a certain extent.

Presumably in the future Australia, the society will be more harmonious and people's lives will be more happier. This is the beautiful and peaceful Australia that people love most!