Australia WHV three-signature is online!

10Month31Day, the most recent round of AustraliaWHV(Working holiday 462 visa)The quota has just been distributed, did the friends grab the quota? Don't be disappointed if you don't get it. Keep up the good work and fight again in the next round.

At the beginning of the new week, the Prime Minister of Australia announced a number of reform measures for WHV. Now Xiaoxin will talk about the key points directly~

WHV reform measures

1,Extension of stay

Previously, the maximum stay period for WHV in Australia was 2 years. After entering the country with a WHV for the first time, you can renew your second WHV if you have worked in Australia for 3 months and meet other requirements.

From mid 2019, After working in remote areas for 6 months, the visa will be renewableThe third WHV, In other words, the Australian WHVThe maximum stay period will be extended to 3 years!

2,Regional expansion

The current policy is that the renewal of the second visa requires specific work in remote areas for 3 months. The Immigration Bureau of the regional area mentioned here has a clear scope:The entire Northern Territory, Western Australia and the northern part of Queensland.

According to Prime Minister Morrison’s new policy, the scope of remote areas for WHV projects will be expanded to coverKey remote areas of NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, and the entire Northern Territory, South Australia, and Tasmania!

But in all remote areas, WHV holders are required to engage in agricultural work. In North Australia (remote) areas, WHV holders can also work in tourism, hotels, mining and other related industries.

Friends who are interested in earning a second or even third visa, remember to figure out which jobs are “specific” recognized by the Immigration Bureau and how to calculate the effective working hours. For those who don’t know much about this, add a small assistant to get the details. Explain!

3,Work rights expanded

In the future, WHV holdersCan serve the same agricultural employer for up to 1 year, Instead of the current 6 months.

4,Upper age limit increased

Morrison’s new WHV policy changes the age limit for working holiday visas in some countries from30 years old to 35 years old. Recently, the upper age limit for working holiday visas in Canada and Ireland has been raised to 35 years old. Upper age limit for Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and TaiwanCurrentlyIt is still 30 years old, but it is likely to rise to 35 years old in the future.

Final Thoughts

Prime Minister Morrison stated that the WHV reform is aimed at solvingTalent shortage in remote and rural areas of Australia

It is reported that in the 2017-18 fiscal year, a total of 21667 backpackers received their first WHV, most of them from the United States.Chugoku,Chile. Among them, 3339 received the second WHV.

Morrison's move undoubtedly affirmed WHV's contribution to the development of remote areas in Australia.

As soon as this move occurred, Xiaoxin visually observed that the Australian working holiday visa will become more popular in China, and the next round of battle will also become more popular."Tragic"!

But seeing such a favorable policy, I can't help but be moved! It’s better to take action, contact Xiaoxin and prepare for the next round of WHV quota competition!