Since August last year, the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese embassies and consulates have issued reminders on many occasions, reminding Chinese citizens to be wary of telecommunications fraud in the name of Chinese embassies and consulates abroad and domestic public security law. Criminals claim to be staff of Chinese embassies and consulates abroad or staff of courier companies, falsely claim by phone that the party has documents and parcels that need to be collected, that the victim’s passport and other documents must be reissued after expiration, identity documents or credit cards have been fraudulently used, or suspected Various cases need to freeze bank accounts or cooperate with investigations, and require victims to provide account information or pay relevant fees. There are also criminals who manipulated the victim to escape and cut off all contact with family and friends on the grounds of involvement in a major criminal case, calling their family members to falsely claim that the victim was kidnapped and demanding a huge ransom.

Recently, we received a contribution from a witty and enthusiastic netizen. This netizen stayed sober and calm, and at the same time, he fought wits with criminals for more than 5 hours and recorded the fraud process, which restored the scammer’s attempts in detail from the perspective of the person concerned. The whole process of "attacking and plundering" the psychological line of defense is illustrated with pictures and texts and thought-provoking. The following is the whole process of the wits restored in the first person.

XNUMX. Fake DHL phone

On September 9, I received a call from fake DHL:

Customer service: Hello, you have a DHL package waiting to be collected. This is the last notice. If you have any questions, please contact the manual customer service. Please press 9.

The call to me was Chinese customer service, because I used DHL to send express mail recently, and this DHL customer service is very similar to the real DHL customer service I have called before, so I subconsciously pressed 9.

Customer Service: Hello, you have a parcel numbered 0138226237 that is currently detained by Beijing Customs. It was sent from the UK under the name of XXX (my real name) on September 9 to a lady named Chen Lifen in Beijing.

Me: No, I haven't used DHL recently, and I don't know Chen Lifen.

The customer service confirmed with me again, the time and place of mailing, and asked if I really don’t know it? Did you receive the last notification until today?

Then, she said that xx bank cards were found in the package, and one of them was a Citibank card opened in my name.

I deny it because I don't have any Citibank card. The customer service did not leave time for me to refute and think, and immediately said: "We are currently investigating this package." And used a long list of legal provisions to explain the seriousness of this investigation.

Customer Service: If you want to prove that you really have nothing to do with the package, you need the police to issue a report certificate, and our subsequent investigation will not involve you.

XNUMX. "Involvement in money laundering cases" and "police intervention"

Before I could reply, he transferred me to the "police".

(Note: Chinese embassies and consulates abroad and domestic government agencies will not notify Chinese compatriots by telephone that there are domestic cases that need to be handled, and they will not directly transfer calls to domestic government agencies through the so-called "customer service")

This "police" claimed to be a Chinese criminal policeman, named Yang Jie, who belonged to the Beijing Dongcheng District Public Security Bureau. After introducing himself, he proposed that he could help me issue a certificate, but a transcript was required, which took about 15-20 minutes.

Then he asked me to open Google on my phone to query the Beijing Dongcheng District Public Security Bureau, and let me see the phone number displayed under the map: +86 1084081114, and then said that he would hang up and call the branch number.

After a few seconds, the caller ID is the number found on Google, check it again and answer it again, so that I believe his authenticity.

(Note: Criminals often use technical means to disguise the phone number as the phone number of our embassy or domestic government agency, which is deceptive.)

After answering the phone, he introduced himself again, and began to ask me whether I was in country E, and the time of arrival, to verify my identity.

(Note: Criminals often use the leaked identity information, including ID number, name, household registration, domestic home address, etc., to gain the trust of the parties involved in the subsequent fraud process.)

Then, "Officer Yang" asked me to make a transcript. The request was:

Yang: Make sure that there is no one around you. In an absolutely quiet environment, the door is closed, the electronic device is closed, and the WeChat logout will affect the recording signal. If someone calls or enters the door, you must report to me in advance.

When speaking of these requirements, his tone was very serious and low, with no trace of reading aloud, and even some mandatory tone.

(Note: In order to prevent the person from contacting his family and friends and discovering the scam, criminals often manipulate the person to cut off all contact with his family and friends.)

He inquired about my passport number in detail, and wanted to re-check whether there is a registered DHL shipment record. There will be an electronic pager transfer sound here, which is very real, and he wants to ask the superior for instructions.

(Note: Chinese embassies and consulates abroad and domestic government agencies will not ask for personal information such as the person’s name, address, family situation, bank account, etc. by phone.)

Then he said that he could issue a "certificate" to me to get rid of the possibility of DHL investigation, and asked about my address. At the same time, I downloaded telegram (Russian encrypted communication software), said it was their office software, and sent me his ID photo.

(Note: In order to avoid tracing, criminals often communicate by inducing the parties to download third-party communication software. Please be vigilant and do not download. In addition, there are many flaws in this type of ID photo, and you can see that it is a fake after a little discrimination.)

Immediately afterwards, he said that he had found that my passport number was involved in money laundering and was involved in a major case involving "Hu Bin". He had already confessed in prison and locked more than 100 suspects. Among them is an HSBC bank card in country E. It is my name to open an account. "There are 21 stolen money in it and the destination is unknown."

At the same time, he started calling my name loudly, "xxx, why are you so confused!" "The current case is very serious. An arrest order is going to be issued today. At present, there are all personal and physical evidences, and all the spearheads are directed at you. However, obviously you cannot rely on Hu. Bin will convict you of one-sided words, but he cannot get rid of suspicion by listening to your one-sided words."

Then the policeman said a lot of terms, including money laundering is a felony, criminal cases, state secrets and so on. And with a serious voice, constantly questioning:

Yang: What is the relationship between you and Hu Bin?

What are you still hiding from me!

Is what you said is true!

(Note: Criminals often try to "control" the person by questioning that does not give the person time to think. They often use questioning and intimidation to make the person panic. Don't be frightened by the "serious" tone of the criminal, and stay awake and calm. reason.)

Then, he sent an "arrest warrant" from Telegram.

(Note: domestic government agencies will not send "arrest orders", "asset freezing orders" and other documents to the parties through the Internet. In addition to the above picture, we have also received other styles of forged documents↓↓↓)

This "interpol" issued an arrest warrant with my ID card and name, and began to emphasize the seriousness of this case again and again. It is a national second-level confidential case and requires me to keep it confidential.

Yang: This is a national second-level confidential case. It is still under investigation. You must keep it confidential, understand?

Do you know what is a national second-level confidential case? (A variety of legal terms are popularized here, and hundreds of words are omitted)

If it is revealed to your family, including your parents and friends, which affects the investigation, we will imprison you for 3 years and imprison you in accordance with the law, and you cannot ask a lawyer for defense, understand?

(Note: In order to prevent the person from contacting his family and friends and discovering the scam, criminals continue to try to manipulate the person to cut off all contact with family and friends.)

Then, he emphasized that if you want to get rid of suspicion, you need to do financial settlement, which is the best way to prove that you are not involved in the case.

He began to inquire about my property, deposits, and specific cards, indicating that he would register and submit it to the person who issued the arrest warrant.

During this period, he used some harsh intimidation methods to emphasize the urgent seriousness of the case, and said, "The police will show up at your door at 5 o'clock local time and take you back to your country immediately. This is a general procedure for cases. Yes, all properties under his name are frozen and detained in the detention center for at least 37 days."

Yang: How will the freezing of this money affect you?

Me: Living expenses are frozen.

Yang: You will not be able to continue your studies, and how many losses will you cause? All these years of hard work will not be wasted. I also let my parents down. Think about it as an only child. Can your parents withstand this blow? And this will affect your credit history in the UK and be taken back to the domestic detention center, ruining your future.

Life in the detention center is not what you can imagine, so be prepared. Waiting at home, there is less than an hour, at five o'clock, on time, the task force will go back to your door and arrest you, come back with us, you can choose whether to wear a headgear at that time.

(Note: Criminals often use this kind of language, take advantage of the lack of social experience of the parties, etc., according to the identities of different parties, carefully arrange and expressly describe the law enforcement process, making the parties afraid, fearful, and even desperate, thus "attacking" the parties. I believe that criminals are my only hope.)

Yang: This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You can get a chance to get rid of suspicion by talking to the chief prosecutor who is busy. You have to hold it.

(Note: Criminals often commit crimes for gangs, each has a division of labor, disguised as personnel with different identities in different departments, in order to achieve the purpose of intimidating and inducing the parties to be deceived.)

XNUMX. "The Procuratorate’s Assets Liquidation"

The fake policeman told me to arrange for the chief prosecutor to talk to me so that I would not walk around and stay by the phone.

After the call was connected, it was a very mature male voice who called himself Teacher Lu:

Lu: This is Lu Lei, the chief prosecutor of criminal cases at the Dongcheng District Procuratorate of Beijing. You can call me Teacher Lu.

Lu: Have you seen the arrest warrant?

Me: I have seen it.

Lu: Are you all clear about the above terms?

Me: Not very clear.

Lu: Then I will explain it to you.

Teacher Lu began to interpret the control order in this photo in detail, and he took pains to read out the meaning of each one and added his explanation.

Among them, this includes the first administrative detention order and the third article on the freezing of property. He continued to exert pressure through very authoritative statements.

(Note: Criminals will use the parties to deceive the blind spots of the law, and constantly use exaggeration and legal provisions to pressure and deceive the parties.)

After a seemingly strict law popularization, Mr. Lu began to enter the so-called "asset inventory" stage.

Lu: Did you open a bank card with Barrac Bank recently?

Yes I am.

Lu: Have you ever made electronic transfers or opened mobile banking?

Me: No, because I haven't received the card yet.

Lu: Okay, we're next. Do you have a Standard Chartered Bank card?

Yes I am.

Lu: Earlier you said there was 12 yuan in it, right?

Me: No, only 2.

Lu: Okay, now we start to liquidate third-party accounts, Alipay, WeChat, etc. How much is your Alipay account?

Me: Less than ten thousand.

Lu: So when was the last time you used it? what is it used for?

Me: Shopping online, at the end of August.

Lu: What about WeChat?

Me: There is no money in the WeChat account...

(Note: The main purpose of criminals must be telecommunication fraud. Therefore, the so-called "asset liquidation" is to grasp the usage habits of the parties and achieve the purpose of defrauding property.)

XNUMX. Remove the suspected remittance transfer

After inspecting the property, Mr. Lu began to use the identity of the chief prosecutor to introduce the handling process of the subsequent case, one of which is asset inventory and notarization, that is, all the money in your account is sent to the notary office in Dongcheng District, Beijing for notarization , And all the money can be refunded after the inventory is completed.

Lu: Now, I probably know your situation. Then, Mr. Lu would like to remind you that due to the seriousness of this case, we will propose a fund notarization to help you clear your suspicion, but if I find you really If there is money laundering, I will deal with it seriously.

Me: Teacher Lu, I really have no money laundering! How should I do?

Lu: Very simple, you only need to do one thing. Because this wanted order has been issued for more than 24 hours, you need to personally take all bank accounts in your name to the Asset Notary Office in Dongcheng District, Beijing for notarization within 2-3 hours. We will pay back after the investigation is completed. You are innocent.

Me: But, teacher, I'm in Country E, I can't get to Beijing Dongcheng District within 2-3 hours! Then, can I call you the money to Teacher Lu? Teacher Lu, can you help me?

Lu: Absolutely not! Who do you think I am? Public officials are strictly prohibited from conducting any financial transactions with the persons involved in the case. This is an absolute violation of ours. In the public security system, notarization and inspection, and public security are three independent institutions that restrict each other. All you can do now is to go to the Beijing Notary Office within 3 hours.

Me: What should I do? Woo woo woo.

Lu: If you can't do it. We will take you back to the country according to the arrest warrant.

(Note: The lawbreaker knows that the party is abroad, threatens him first, and then states that he cannot conduct capital transactions as a public official, and further wins the trust of the party.)

Me: So what should I do? I don't want to be caught?

Lu: Well, don't worry. My teacher, Lu, will help you. I will talk to the staff of the notary office about the situation first. I will see how to deal with it, can I? Don't hang up the phone, take a drink, wait for me in front of the phone, and I will ask immediately.

Ten minutes later, Teacher Lu was back online.

Lu: I have communicated with the staff of the notary office. There is only one way.

Me: What is the method? Teacher Lu.

Lu: You can now transfer all the funds in your name to this account. I have sent you the screenshots via telegram.

Teacher Lu sent a remittance message through Telegram, as shown below:

Lu: What you have to do now is to listen to my arrangements and transfer the money to this account. Does the Standard Chartered Bank card you mentioned earlier have money? Is it bound to online banking?

Me: No binding, 2 yuan.

Lu: Well, how about your Alipay?

Me: Ten thousand.

Lu: OK, then you open your Alipay and follow my instructions to complete the transfer synchronously. Then according to my instructions, the screenshot was saved and sent to me via Telegram. It must be synchronized, there can be no errors or omissions, because these are all evidences that will be used in the court, understand?

I know.

Teacher Lu is very cautious. He uses Telegram, a Russian encrypted communication software, from beginning to end. At the same time, he himself only left a mobile phone number that was not bound to Alipay and WeChat: 15101574935.

Lu: You heard from Teacher Lu that it is now during the investigation of the case that public officials are not allowed to get too close to the suspects, so we can't tell us on WeChat.

Me: But, Teacher Lu. I'm really scared, what should I do if I can't contact you? Whether it is convenient for you to leave a WeChat, I will save it, or not add it.

Lu: No, this is a government regulation. Well, you add my QQ, listen up, 1160854550.

Teacher Lu was very cautious, and in the end he only left a QQ without real-name authentication, which was all carefully prepared.

(Note: most lawbreakers are carefully prepared. Once they are deceived, it is difficult to track down. Therefore, we must strengthen prevention. We praise the person's calmness and tact!)

Thank you witty and enthusiastic netizens for their contributions. Finally, the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs solemnly reminded:

First, Chinese embassies and consulates abroad and domestic government agencies will not notify Chinese compatriots by telephone that there are cases involving the country that need to be handled, nor will they require the receiver to call back any phone number for further contact. Do not trust any personal financial information such as bank cards, calls and emails requesting transfers or remittances in the name of Chinese embassies or consulates abroad or other domestic government agencies.

Second, whether to apply for a passport travel document is an act of personal will. Chinese embassies and consulates abroad will not call to notify the party that the passport is expired and needs to be extended or reissued, and the relevant fees or fines need to be paid by means of transfer. Anyone asks for personal bank card or account information. Chinese compatriots are requested not to trust any phone calls in the name of Chinese embassies and consulates to request passport renewal or to inquire about personal financial information.

Third, do not disclose your name, address, family situation, bank account and other personal information to strangers on the phone. When the caller asks "Don't contact family and friends to keep them safe", or makes other unreasonable suggestions, don't believe it, and immediately expose the other party's fraudulent tricks. If you receive a phone call from a stranger informing you of "traffic accident", "child kidnapped", "accidental death of relatives", etc., be sure to calm down and wait to verify the situation through other channels before proceeding. Even if the embassy or consulate informs the parties of the above-mentioned emergencies by phone in an emergency, it will not talk about bank accounts, transfers, etc.

If you receive a suspected fraudulent call, it is recommended to hang up and call the contact number provided on the official website of the Chinese embassy or consulate, or call the 12308 hotline of the Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to request that the relevant information be transferred to the relevant embassy or consulate. Verify.

If you are unfortunately deceived, you should promptly report to the local police and at the same time report to the domestic public security organs. If the victim is unable to directly report the case to the domestic public security organ, he can report the case in time through domestic relatives and ask for help from the anti-telecom network fraud center of the reporting place (just dial 110). At present, all provincial and municipal public security agencies in China have established anti-telecom network fraud centers. Anti-fraud centers at all levels can quickly stop payment and freeze the suspect’s bank account after receiving an alarm call and confirming that the victim has been defrauded. , And through follow-up work to return the frozen funds to the victim’s account, so as to recover the loss for the victim.


Attachment: A letter from a Chinese student who was deceived

"I received a call from a staff member of the embassy this morning, saying that I was restricted from entering and leaving the country for money laundering, and asked me to report the case. Then I was transferred to a male police officer who claimed to be Zhang Jie of the Shanghai Pudong New Area Public Security Bureau. The police officer. Said that I was suspected of being involved in money laundering, and that my passport and bank card were in the hands of a person named Liu Fang and Wang Yan, and asked me to cooperate in the investigation. He described the case very carefully and asked about my ID number and the last three of my bank card. I also asked me what other bank cards I had, how much money was in it, etc. Because I was busy with other things at the time, I was a little panicked after receiving the call, and without thinking about it, I told him the relevant information. He said this It is a second-level confidential case. I cannot disclose any information to anyone. I also asked me to send him a text message four times a day to report my whereabouts. After sending the first text message according to his request, I suddenly understood that something was wrong, and went quickly. The bank cancelled the bank card and explained the situation to domestic parents so that they should not believe it lightly. At present, I have no property loss, but from the bank staff, I am already the tenth person who has encountered similar problems. Two girls have been successfully defrauded and sent a large amount of cash, which is difficult to recover."

Since October 2017, telecommunications fraud and virtual kidnapping scams pretending to be the name of "Chinese Consulate General" or "Chinese Embassy" and other Chinese institutions abroad have occurred frequently in the consular area of ​​the Consulate General in Calgary. In response to this, the Consulate General has done a lot of work. It has issued reminders on the “Prevention of Telecom Fraud” section of the “Consular Protection” of the Embassy website and the WeChat official account to remind Chinese citizens of the consular area to strengthen prevention and beware of being fooled. The police (RCMP) and the municipal police department cooperate; Consul General Lu Xu accepts media interviews and participates in press conferences; local Chinese and English media are requested to assist in issuing reminders; teachers from the International Department of relevant universities are requested to assist in sending email reminders to each Chinese student, etc. Do work and call on Chinese citizens in the consular area, especially students studying abroad, to guard against such fraud. For some time, relevant work has achieved certain results, and the number of fraud cases has decreased.

The letter from this classmate and the recent cases of being deceived, let us once again see that telecom fraud activities are still rampant, and scammers continue to act. As this student hoped, "This experience can remind more international students, so that more people know how to protect themselves and seek the right help." The Consulate General in Calgary is very grateful for this student’s letter, and It is hoped that by publishing this letter, it will help Chinese students in the consular district raise their awareness of prevention, identify fraudulent tricks, and protect their personal and property safety. The Consulate General reminded again as follows:

Chinese embassies and consulates abroad will not discuss the case with the parties on the phone, will not assist the parties to transfer the calls to relevant domestic authorities, and will not ask anyone for bank cards or account information through the phone. If you receive a similar call, please hang up immediately. For verification, please call the Consulate General at 403-537-6907.

If you are unfortunately deceived, please report to the local police in time and report to the public security organs through your domestic relatives. At the same time, ask for help from the domestic anti-telecom network fraud center (just dial 110).

Australia police number: 000

Canadian Police Call: 911 (Northwestern Region: local area code +1111)


Consular Protection and Assistance Telephone Number of the Consulate General in Calgary: 403-537-6907