Hello, dear friends~

Unknowingly, November is almost over

I don’t know if you follow the big army in November

"Happy Chop Hands"What?

what? No organization to take you to fly?

Then hug Xiaobian's thighs!

Because December is the whole year in Australia

The most fun time!

A little spoiler

In December:

Nationally celebratedChristmas

LootedBoxing Day

and alsoThe world's first New Year's Eve fireworks

Because there are so many delicious and fun

It is rumored that employees of many companies have taken leave early

Almost starting next month"People go to empty buildings"!


So many fun people still stay at home?

No time to explain, get in the car!

Follow the starsEating and drinking!


Boxing Day

Friends who have been in Australia for a few years

I should have seen one called "Chop your hands" movie of.

On12 month 26 numberOn this day, the sky was still dark, and a large group of people came from all directions, all concentrated in the samemysterious place.

6:55 in the morning, These people are all red-eyed, staring at the closed door of this place with sullen expressions.

7 o'clock in the morning, The mysterious door finally opened, and people flooded here like a flood from the opening of a dam,Full runAnd chase your ownprey!

Yes, this is the annualBoxing Day —— Shopping Carnival!

As a whole yearThe most discounted day, All the businesses are working hard, hoping to earn 30% of the annual turnover on this day!

From household goods to luxury goods, the discounts given are so large that they even attract many peopleLine up overnight to buy!

Therefore, starting from next month, everyone will start to pay more attention to the discount information released by their favorite brands!

Myer and David Jones, like everyone’s favorite shopping, sometimes visitChristmas morningSome product discounts are published on its website.

If you see favorite products, you canPre-order, Pick it up at the store on the 26th. This way you don’t need to be crowded on Boxing Day"Snatch it"La!

Xing Shang, who is dedicated to the welfare of the fans, will also be thereLive broadcast on Boxing Day. If you want to get discount information easily at home, you must pay more attention!

Location: major shopping malls. Main battlefield: Pitt St Mall and, Market St, Sydney NSW 2000

Time: 2018.12.26

Cost: unlimited


Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks

I am me, fireworks in different colors

The sky is vast, and I want to watch the fireworks in Sydney with you

Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks, asThe world's largest New Year's Eve firework show, Attracting nearly a million people from home and abroad every yearCircular Quay Or watch the surrounding area!

ThenHarbour Bridge A huge projection will appear, count down with the crowd to welcome the New Year!

3 —— 2——1!

Peng Peng Peng, fireworks are coming out!

In addition to the basic "flying fireworks", Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks are particularlyFireworks waterfall! I still can't forget the shock when I saw the fireworks waterfall for the first time!

The Sydney fireworks show also serves asAustralia's most "high-end atmosphere and high-end" event, Tens of thousands of residents will set up tents in various places starting on the morning of December 12.Take a good "feng shui treasure"!

In addition, all road sections to the city will be blocked that day. If you want to watch the fireworks without taking a detour, you must pay attention to the exclusive Xingshang prepared for fans"Fireworks Strategy", Don't miss it!

Location: Circular Quay

Time: 2018.12.31

Cost: FREE


Christmas in the city

Sydney CBD Christmas warm-up event

Looking at this article, are you the same as the editor? Before Christmas, you can’t wait to experience itChristmas atmosphereWhat?

Do you want to hold your hand to the (ji) elephant (you) and walk like in a movie, decorated with colored lights?Shop streetWhat about it?

Think there is no such place in Sydney?

NO NO NO is so wrong!

From November 11th at 24 pm to December 6th, the entire CBD commercial street will beShrouded in soft yellow lights, A brand new look!

At King St, there will be popcorn carts,Mobile dining carSell ​​snacks. From morning tea snacks to pasta, burgers and ice cream, it is dazzling! Morestage performance! Buying and watching, it's not addictive!

In the one month countdown to Christmas, fromGeorge Street (George Street)Martin PlaceA variety of activities are hidden in the area between) waiting for you to explore!

Such as every Thursday and weekend

Choir singing performance

Martin Place clock in

bling blingHuge christmas tree

No more spoilers. If you want to know more exciting activities, you might as well explore it yourself~

地点:Pitt St & Martin Place area, Sydney NSW 2000

Time: 2018.11.24 – 2018.12.26

Cost: FREE


Christmas at Bondi

Bondi Beach Christmas

Christmas as"Western Chinese New Year", the street shops on Christmas Day areThe door is closed. Similar to the Chinese New Year’s Day or New Year’s Day, everyone spends Christmas with relatives and friends.

but! How can you stand the wave of love

How about eating and playing cards at home?

It's better to change the way of living and enjoy it

Australia's unique hot Christmas?!

If you happen to love sunny beaches and handsome boys and girls, then you must visit Bondi Beach! becauseChristmas beach is hotter than usual!

Surfing in Santa suit, swimming in Christmas swimsuit, OMGIt's too spicy!

Bring yoursBarbecue ingredients, Put onSwimsuit, Invite a large group of friends to spend in BondiChristmas by the seaThis is the most correct way to open summer Christmas!


Secretly tell you, the next day after a day of crazy fun in BondiGo directly to Bondi Westfield to fightBoxing Day chop hands!

So-calledNear the water, I don’t want to tell TA about such a great play combination!

地点:Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Time: 2018.12.25

Cost: FREE


Japan Matsuri Festival 2018

Japan Cultural Festival 2018

As summer sydneyOne of the most important festivals, The Japanese Culture Festival is perfect for spending time with family and friendsCome and chill over the weekendOh!

Every year at the Japanese Culture FestivalAll kinds of food stalls, Many of them areYou can't eat it in ordinary Japanese restaurants!

For example, the color is pleasant and coolJapanese shaved ice

Combine meat, vegetable and egg noodlesHiroshima Yaki

Must-eat at Japanese festivalsJapanese Fried Noodle

and alsoJapanese beer!

Just looking at the pictures, I feel that my saliva is flowing down!

This year’s Japanese Culture Festival has updated JapanTraditional cultural experienceProject~

Japanese origami, Japanese flower arrangement, Japanese tea ceremony, you don’t need to fly to JapanExperience Japan up close!

This cultural festival also carefully prepared activities to likeJapanese "House" CultureFriends! There will be Japanese pop singers andcosplay professionalsShow for everyone~

For more event details, please pay attention to the official website notice~

地点:Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour, Sydney

Time: 2018.12.8 Saturday

Cost: FREE

Website: http://matsurisydney.com/event-info/



Star Wars Exhibition @ Powerhouse Museum

Bang Bang Bang~

The theme song of Star Wars sounded!

Look at you who like Star Wars!Powerhouse museumThe Star Wars exhibit makes you really realEnter the world of Star Wars!

The exhibits include a full set of costumes by Darth Vader, models of BB-8, R2-D2 and Millenium Falcon. Definitely let the star fan youFeast for the eyes!

This exhibition is not only a collection of exhibits about Star Wars, but also provides exclusive"Planetary Black Technology", Allowing visitors to create their own characters!

Bring a smart technology bracelet, answer questions in every link to get "planet energy",After finishing the customs clearance, you can communicate withYour heroMet!

Oh my goodness it sounds so awesome! Pick yoursLightsaber Have a real planetary duel!

For more details, please visit the official website~


地点:500 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007

time:November 2018, 11.16 – 2019.6.10

Cost: Adult $36, Child (4-16 years old) $23

Website: https://maas.museum/event/star-wars-identities-the-exhibition/



Lunch at Pool Club

Lunch by the pool


Do you still think that drinking High Tea can make "aristocratic" photos? Then you are Out!

There is one in Sydney CBDMysterious rooftop bar, Can definitely make girlsScreaming and rushing to punch in!

Because this bar located in the CBD area actually has aTranquil private swimming pool!

Girls who want to shoot "a peaceful afternoon by the pool",Never need to go to a luxury hotel, I booked the room for taking pictures~

This one"Xanadu"Allow you to shoot all day without being disturbed by outsiders!

What’s more, this Pool Club

Officially launchedLunch combo.

Had lunch in such a great place

Only $29!

It's simply "come to earn"!

Taking advantage of the sunny afternoon, the girls can put on your bikini and punch in crazy!

When night falls, here will instantly switch toLively bar. Maybe I met your "male god" in the vast crowd!

Location: 320 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 (Ivy Pool Club)

time:Every Thursday and Friday from 12pm to 3pm

Cost: $ 29



Town Hall Illuminations

Town Hall light show

After Vivid Sydney, Town Hall gave you another goodbyeFeast for the eyes!

From November 11th to Christmas Day, whenever night falls, the outer wall of Town Hall will be coveredColorful new clothes!

The usual boring clock tower of the town hall suddenly became interesting. It has become a good place to cheat ins photos!

When the hour sounds, walking down the stairs at the entrance of the dreamy clock tower, you can really have a "Cinderella/Grey Prince" addiction!


Location: 320 George St, Sydney NSW 2000 (Ivy Pool Club)

time:Every Thursday and Friday from 12pm to 3pm

Cost: $ 29



Finders Keepers

Art fair

Attention young artists! Finders Keepers asAustralia has the longest historyIndependent design and art fair will beJune 11thDrop a blockbuster on the Australian art world!

The general art festival is once a year, only it isOnce every two years. From the perspective of the time span of the event, we can faintly feel its extraordinary!

More than 200 well-known artists will come to show themHand-made, carefully designedProducts of.

Whether it’s uniquely shaped tableware or "exclusive" jewelry, come here for a stroll,Even art illiterate can find favorite artworks!

Location: The Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve Hickson Road, Barangaroo NSW 2000

time:11 May 30Friday: 12 am to 9 pm

Saturday, December 12st: 1 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Sunday, December 12nd: 2 am to 10 pm

Cost: $ 5



The Rocks Christmas market

Christmas Market in the Rocks

Next to the Harbour Bridge, the perfect blend of history and modernityArt town The Rocks, This year I also prepared a lot of things for the publicChristmas market!


Since December 12, the entire rocky area has become magicallyWarm and romantic!The small light bulbs hanging on the street softened everything here.

In order to satisfy everyone’s imagination of "Christmas with Snow", there will be aSnowball with "Alice Castle". Passers-by, whether adults or children, can’t help but stop and watch for a while~

From Friday to Sunday, strolling to the Rocks area, local market stallsTake out proud crafts for sale.Whether it's clothing, handmade jewelry or Christmas trinkets, there is everything here!

Not only the bazaar, the Rock District is dotted withRestaurants and barsIt's all worth exploring! SimplyThe best dating place!

Location: The Rocks NSW 2000

Time: 2018.12.7 – 2018.12.23

Cost: $ 5

A wonderful and rich December

Can be said to be all Australians

The most looking forward to, the happiest month!

Collect this "the strongest inventory of December events"

Invite family and friends to have fun in December!

Editor: Jessi, Rena

Director: Brother Aojiao

Source: Google, Timeout, YouTube