The terrorist attack in Australia last week left everyone in shock and grief!

However, recently there was oneAustralian Internet celebrities, using the terrorist attack to make use of the topic, complain about the Chinese at the scene of the terrorist attack :

"Indifferent and greedy."

"Just hiding behind the phone to take pictures and video, but don't want to come forward and help out Jackie Chan's flying leg man where is it?"

And the netizens who responded to the post,Diss Chinese with no bottom line!

"Next time you encounter a terrorist, grab a powdered milk cart from the nearest Chinese purchasing agent, and then hit the mob!"


After the terrorist attacks in Australia,

Chinese immigrants were criticized for "no conscience and no contribution"

The terrorist attack in Melbourne last Friday was a terrible thing for everyone in Australia.

And when we have not had time to digest the shock and sorrow caused by the terrorist attack,However, some people have launched a "conscience" condemnation and criticism against the Chinese!

Someone calledDave Lee's influencer, Posted a video of the terrorist attack on his YouTube channel.

In the video, Dave Lee not only expressed his opinions on the terrorist attack,It even criticized the indifference and ruthlessness of the Chinese bystanders!

The contempt of Chinese immigrants in the words is really naked!

What did he say? Let's see:

First, Dave Lee said:

"If you have been to Melbourne's CBD recently,You can’t find a few native Australian whites. "

Then Dave Lee chuckled in the video, and then he started joking with a serious terrorist attack:

"This terrorist really broke his heart. From thousands of passers-by, he finally selected 3 white men to assassinate!"

Then this Dave began to "focus" on Chinese immigrants!

The Chinese were complained of "greedy", "indifferent and ruthless" in his mouth, and he really lay down on his back in minutes.

Dave Lee sarcastically said:

"When the terrorist attack happened, I didn't see any Chinese around me coming forward to help!

They just hid behind and kept taking pictures and videos!

The only people who act bravely are local Australians. Only local talents risk their lives for Australia, but this is not the case with (Chinese) immigrants. "

“Most people in Melbourne’s CBD are Chinese immigrants. When terrorists cause harm to society, these Chinese immigrants just sit on the sidelines and don’t want to help.”

"These Chinese immigrants come to Melbourne only for money and to live a comfortable life! But they are unwilling to make any contribution to Australian society."

"I didn't see a Chinese jump out, Use the "Jackie Chan" flying kick to fight the thugs! All I saw were Australians fighting against terrorist attacks! "

What surprised the editor was thatThere are so many netizens supporting Dave Lee!


Netizens complained: "The Chinese are indifferent and cold, and don't care about Australia"

In the comments below the video of Dave Lee, the editor found that there are not a few netizens who hold prejudice against the Chinese.

In addition to the white people who despise the Chinese, there are also some banana people who are yellowish and white.

They reprimanded without exceptionThe Chinese immigrants are indifferent and cold, and don't care about Australian law and order at all.

The editor will pick a few for you to see, and keep it so that your lungs will explode!

The following netizen said:

"This group of Chinese cowards will only hide behind their Apple phones when a terrorist attack occurs!"

Some netizens criticized:

"These stupid Chinese didn't provide any help in this riot. It's disgusting!"

"The Chinese are naturally cool. I have dated Chinese girls and they have no sympathy for homeless beggars. I want to give money to beggars, but she actually advised me not to!"

Among these white supremacy comments, there is also an Australian of Vietnamese descent who did not forget to say:

"I am an Australian of Vietnamese descent, and my father has always taught me to give back to this country.

The Asians in the video are all Chinese tourists. They don't even care about their own people. How can we expect them to help us Australians! "

Some people also used the topic to point out that "there are too many Chinese in Australia" and "it's time to control"!

"Melbourne CBD has become a Chinese city, and the only white man is the cart man!"

A Sydney netizen echoed:

"Don't tell me,Sydney is the same, there are Chinese everywhere, and it has become a dirty oriental slum. "

And Dave Lee is not alone in joking about such serious things as terrorist attacks!

The following netizen did not forget to taunt the purchasing agent by the way:

"Next time you meet a terrorist, grab a powdered milk cart from the nearest Chinese purchasing agent and hit the mob!"

Another netizen replied sarcastically:

"Or you shout in Mandarin,'That guy has milk powder in his cart,' and all the Chinese will pounce on him."

After reading these comments, are you as angry as the editor!

in fact,There are really many incidents among overseas Chinese who are willing to help others and even risk their lives to save them!


There are not many good things about Chinese people overseas

Over the years, there have been a lot of good people and deeds of Chinese in the world!

Some people even help others regardless of their own safety!

15-year-old boy saved his life in shooting

On February 2 this year, Douglas High School in Florida, USA, a school shooting that shocked the world occurred.

While the gunman was shooting at the unarmed students, a 15-year-old Chinese teenager Wang Mengjie bravely stepped forward to cover everyone.

He had already escaped from the gunmen's shooting area, but in order to help more classmates get time to escape, he chose to stay and resist the gate!

At last,Wang Mengjie was unfortunately killed!

But his selfless and heroic behavior has saved dozens of lives, and he is a true hero!

Sydney Chinese men rescued from fire

On the night of May 5 this year, a fire broke out in a residential house in Casula, southwestern Sydney.

The fire was fierce and soon engulfed the whole house!

There are also two elderly people in the house, an 86-year-old woman and a 62-year-old son, who were trapped in the fire due to inconvenience.

After hearing the screams coming from the house,A Chinese man, Michael, smashed the glass window. He desperately crawled into the fired room and rescued the two old people at the very moment of his death.

Witnesses at the time said:

"Fortunately, he saved the lives of two people!"

Sydney Chinese rescued baby who fell into railroad tracks

On January 6 this year,On the platform from Strathfield to Eastwood, as the train entered the station, there were bursts of exclamation from the crowd!

Original oneThe 3-year-old boy fell into the gap between the train and the platform, Head injury, blood flow!

The boy kept crying for help. Seeing the train was approaching, everyone held their breath.

At this time, someone hurriedly stopped the train driver, but the boy was still stuck between the wheels and the platform and could not move.

at this time,A Chinese named Kev Lung did not hesitate to lie on the ground, leaning half of his body into the gap to pull the boy.

Because the gap is too narrow, Kev has very little room for movement, and in order to prevent the boy from being injured, he can only use a little external force to gently pull the boy out of the gap.

period,Kev was strangled with deep blood marks, but he never gave up saving people!

When the boy was finally successfully pulled onto the platform, everyone clapped excitedly and shed tears.

Australian Chinese girl on the plane resolutely saves people

On January 1 this year, on a plane to Honolulu, USA,An American passenger in his 60s suddenly suffered from angina.

Just when everyone was at a loss,Zhao Min, a Shandong girl, stood up.

"Let me help!"

It turned out that Zhao Min had studied in Australia. He majored in nursing as an undergraduate degree. After obtaining a nurse license, he chose to stay in Australia.

Before going to the RMIT University for graduate study, Zhao Min decided to take a vacation to travel to the United States.

Unfortunately, a passenger's sudden angina occurred on the flight!

Zhao Min resisted the pressure and immediately implemented first aid for the passenger, and finally succeeded in turning the patient into peace.

The passengers who witnessed Zhao Min's rescue on the plane couldn't help applauding her from the bottom of their hearts, and even called her "the most beautiful girl in the sky"!


To be reasonable, the Chinese did not make any mistakes

And in Dave Lee's post message, today's brother also found some rational voices.

Many Australian netizens pointed out that Dave Lee's criticism of the Chinese people present is completely nitpicking!

This is what netizen DT said:

"They are all tourists! Not only Chinese tourists, but also tourists from all over the world. I'm pretty sure there are tourists from Europe and the United States, many of whom are white.

What can you ask tourists to do? It would be too much to let them work hard! Australia has its own police and anti-terrorist police to handle these matters. "

And the fact is exactly the same. Our reporter rushed to the scene ten minutes after the incident and obtained first-hand information on the scene.

The fact is that the location of the incident was between Monash College and the RMIT language class, and most of the Chinese who witnessed and photographed with their mobile phones were students who had just finished class!

Mr. Dave, who criticized the Chinese present in the video, probably didn’t know what he said "The "greedy Chinese economic immigrants" are actually just a group of students in their 20s.

Most of them are the only children in the family. They have traveled across the ocean to study in Australia and have no support or relatives here.

They originally wanted to study hard and have the opportunity in the future to stay and build a better life in this country with good social security, livable and stable. Who knew that the ruthless reality shattered their dreams just after class?

The vehicle caught fire and exploded?

Someone stabbed passers-by with a knife?

Shot? Is this a terrorist attack?

If there is a child who chooses to fight against terrorists, he is undoubtedly a hero.

But before the situation becomes obvious, protect yourself, take a video and send it to friends to tell them not to come to this neighborhood. What's wrong with this?


Not to mess with the police is to help

There is a clause in Australian law that encourages citizens to participate in assisting law enforcement, and that is"Citizens’ right to arrest”.

This clause allows citizens to use force to control criminals and assist the police.

This can be regarded as a feature of Australia, which is vast and sparsely populated and lacks police force. Most native Australians are no strangers to this.

However, even in this article, one point is mentioned at the beginning:If exercising this right will harm you personally, then please do not act! You should call the police directly!

In fact, after the Bourke St attack, the police thanked Trolley Man for his bravery, and promptly reminded the general public that they should be handled by professionals like them next time they encounter this situation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has repeatedly reminded people going abroad,After encountering a terrorist attack or violent incident, you should not get involved easily, but protect yourself and your family from the scene, or cooperate with the police to wait for rescue.

The specific recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are as follows:

In the event of a terrorist attack, please try to stay calm, quickly determine your location and direction of escape, discard objects that hinder your movement, and stay away from the incident site as soon as possible.

If the surrounding large crowds panic and run quickly, do not follow blindly. At this time, it is easy to be crushed or hurt by trampling.

You can choose nearby shops, hotels, newsstands and other bunkers to escape. Lie down on the spot in case of a shooting, or lie down as soon as possible after S-shaped speeding up to find a cover.

In case of a truck collision, immediately leave the crowd and the center of the road, evacuate to both sides of the road and find obstacles to avoid.

Under the premise of ensuring their own safety, protect the safety of children, the elderly and surrounding companions. If you encounter a child separated from your family, take it to a safe area as much as possible before handing it over to the police.

After the police arrived, they obeyed the police. After it is safe, please close the background program of the mobile phone and set it to power saving mode to save power.

Because communication may be blocked during the incident, you can report safety to a family member via phone or WeChat every 15 minutes, and ask them to pass on to other relatives and friends.

If you encounter injured Chinese compatriots, they should help each other and report the situation to the embassy or consulate general in a timely manner.

In the face of a terrorist attack, the local police will immediately launch a series of intense martial law investigations. After evacuating the scene, try to stay in the hotel or home, reduce going out, and avoid going to crowd gathering places.

Learn about the latest local situation and information released by Chinese embassies and consulates through the Internet, TV, etc., check whether flights and trains are delayed or rescheduled through the phone or hotel reception, and properly arrange follow-up itineraries.

After reading the "citizen's right to arrest" and the sudden handling of terrorist attacks above, in fact, the Chinese compatriots present have no problems with their handling methods!

And that Australian blogger's harsh criticism of the Chinese is completely fault-finding, which is a malicious smear for the Chinese forcibly!

To ensure your own safety, just do your best to help others! It is certainly a hero to act bravely, but it is also a duty not to make trouble for professionals such as police and first aid!

Reference: Youtube, Daily Mail, 9 News, etc.