Demystifying a different kind of Australia (Part XNUMX)! As an Australian, you have to know these anecdotes about Australia!

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Australia is one of the strangest and most unique countries on the planet. From the strange laws that still exist to strange wild animals, Australia is unique in every way. Do not believe? Today and tomorrow, the editor will list a bunch of anecdotes about Australia!


Anecdotes of Australia (Part XNUMX)


1. Owned by AustraliaThe longest golf course in the world.The course is 1365 kilometers in length, spanning the city of Kalgoorlie in western Australia and the town of Seduna in the south, with 18 holes. It takes 4 days to play a game on this court.

2. The 25 most poisonous species in the worldViperThere are 21 species in Australia.

3.Cubic jellyfish (Box Jellyfish) There are more deaths in Australia than sharks and crocodiles combined.

4. Since 1979, AustraliaNo one was bitten to death by a spider.

5. Perth is the only one in the worldA city where the plane will land in the city center.

6. Wine barrelIt was invented by Australians.

7. Australia is bigger than you think, itAlmost the same size as the continental United States.

8. The largest cattle farm in the worldLocated in Australia.It is the Anna Creek cattle farm, covering an area of ​​approximately 23677 square kilometers, which is larger than the entire territory of Israel. At peak times, there are about 17000 cattle and the entire ranch is 100% private.

9. Australia inRanked second in the global human development index. The index takes into account a long and healthy life, the amount of knowledge that people have, and a good standard of living.

10. For every 5 Australians, 4 live inLess than 50 kilometers from the coastlineThe place.

11. Approximately 70 tourists per weekVisa is overdue but still stayingIn Australia.

12. Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke (Bob Hawke) set a world record——Pour 11 pints of beer in just 2.5 seconds (Note: about 1.4 liters) .He even thinks that this incident is one of the important factors for his political success, and last year launched his own beer brand: Hawke's Lager (Hawke's Lager).

13. The first police force in Australia wasComposed of well-behaved prisonersof.

14. The largest sand island in the world is in Australia, it isFraser Island(Fraser Island).

15. Australia has10685 beaches. If you go to one every day, it will take you 1 years to finish it.

16. The Great Barrier Reef (The Great Barrier Reef) in Queensland, northeast Australia, is 2011 kilometers long and 161 kilometers wide at its widest point. It isThe largest living structure on earth, Is also the only life form that can be seen from the moon.

17. Australian17 billion liters of beer are consumed every year, Each adult drinks about 680 bottles of beer each year.

18. Canberra means in indigenous languages"Woman's cleavage", And the capital is named Canberra because the city is located between two mountains.

19. AFL (Australian Rules Football) was invented to provide cricket players with a fitness activity during the off-season.

20. The largest rock in the world is actually not the Uluru boulder, butMount Augustus, It is twice as big as Uluru.

21. Australia has60 wine regions, Producing about 13 billion liters of wine annually.

22. ​​Australia is6th largest country in the world.

23. AustralianInternet speedRanked 56th in the world.

24. The deserts of Australia haveThe world's most numerous purebred camels, About one million heads, these camels are exported to the Middle East.

25. Wombat pullPoop is square.

26. FromWestern AustraliaThe flight time from the capital Perth to Melbourne is shorter than the flight time from one end of Western Australia to the other.

27. In the early days, Melbourne was not called Melbourne, but ratherBatman. Now Melbourne still has Batman Park named after the earlier name.

28. There are 60 different kinds of kangaroos in Australia. Newborn kangaroos are only two centimeters long. And kangaroo meat can be purchased from supermarkets. It is leaner and healthier than beef or lamb, with a fat content of 1-2%. Hey, this Xiongtai is reallyThe worst mixed national treasureNo one.

29. Can you believe itA live TV broadcast of the Australian political election debate, Will it be rescheduled because of a time conflict with the final final of a cooking show?

30. An Australian man tried to be on eBaySell ​​New Zealand, Starting at 0.01 Australian dollars.(New Zealand says: what do you think of me...)

31. Have you ever heard of a "crop circle"? It is said that a kangaroo runs into a poppy bush, and after eating high, it turns around and runs out of circles.

32. There is a gay bar in Australia that once wonLegally prohibit female customers from enteringThe bar right. Why not let women in? Because male customers say that women make them feel uncomfortable.

34. Australian Alps (Australian Alps) Annual snowfall exceeds Switzerland.

35. Australia’s indigenous culture isThe oldest culture on earth.


Australia's strange colors are more than the above points!

Stay tunedTomorrow's

"Uncovering a different kind of Australia (Part XNUMX)! 》

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