The Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC released an open letter from its beauty correspondent Ashleigh Raper on Thursday (8th), in which it accused the leader of the NSW Labor Party, Luke Foley, of treating her at a banquet at the end of November 2016.Serious sexual harassment.

This matter immediately caused an uproar. Soon, Foley announced his resignation as leader of the NSW Labor Party...but he did not admit the charges! !

If the accusation is not admitted,

Why is he resigning! ? ! ?

It happened like this...

Ashleigh Raper wrote in the open letter:

In late November 2016, I participated in an official Christmas celebration for state political reporters, politicians and staff at the NSW Parliament Building. A few hours later, the party moved from the Parliament Building to a bar in Martin Place, Sydney. Later, Foley approached a group of people including me to say good night,He stood beside me, reached into the gap behind my skirt, touched my underwear, and put his hand on my hip.I was completely stunned.

PresenteyewitnessIncluding Sean Nicholls, the political editor of the Sydney Morning Herald and current ABC reporter.

Ashleigh Raper also said that Luke Foley called her last Sunday and said he"Not a playboy, just a "drunk idiot"", And will resign this week. But a few days later, Luke called Ashleigh and said that he had received legal advice and he would not resign! !

Therefore, this week Ashleigh Raper issued an open letter through ABC!

You must be as I thought...

What happened at the end of 2016, why did you say now...

What is the purpose! ! ? ?

Raper said,

She was shocked at the time, but decided not to take any complaint action because she was afraid of suffering more, which would have a negative impact on her personally and her young family. She cherishes her job as a state political reporter and does not want to lose it.

She decided to ask Sean Nicholls, a witness and good friendKeep this matter strictly confidential.

But ah, paper can’t hold fire~~~

In January of this year, I don’t know why, there were already "rumors" that started to spread... But maybe everyone didn't care, thinking that "rumors stop with the wise"!

Until April of this year, the fire was getting bigger and bigger...

Raper, who has both beauty and intelligence, is also a reporter for ABC Television. He is well-known in the media and politics. A reporter who heard about this incident contacted Ashleigh Raper. She had no choice but to report the incident. Tell the management of ABC.

Company executive Alison McClymont once talked to her, hoping she could tell the whole story.

But she said,For my own reputation, for my own future, for my privacy and family, I don't want to complain or take further action! ! Fear of being hurt.

However, ABC did not give up because of this. Since April, the internal investigation department has been searching for the incident, hoping to find any clues in the Labour Party.

But~ God knows, there is no airtight wall, no paper to cover the fire...

Starting in May,

This incident began to circulate among the ABC, the media and parliament members. Last month, the Liberal Party member and NSW Correctional Minister David Elliott raised the matter publicly in Parliament.

Rook Foley denied directly, absolutely! ! ! !

Luke Foley said directly at the press conference:


The allegations against me announced by ABC are wrong. I have hired lawyers and senior legal counsel to immediately initiate defamation proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia.

He also said that he will not leave Congress, but will only move from the front seat to the back seat, and continue to be a state member of the Auburn constituency and participate in the state election in March next year.


This is clear, it's a guilty conscience...

The leader of the opposition party in the NSW Parliament,
Openly sexually harassing female journalists,
This is not something the governor of NSW can ignore! !

NSW Governor Berejiklian said,


In fact, I have heard this "rumor" before. Perhaps the rumors have lasted for a while, and the government really thinks it is a rumor! !


No one wants to see results like today,
For the victimized reporter,
The development of the event has exceeded the control.
This incident is for individuals,
Rather than political views and positions.

Of course the governor is telling the Labor Party,
This is Rook Foley’s idiotic reckless behavior,
It is not a showdown between the Liberal Party and the Labour Party!

Michael Daley, the former deputy leader of the NSW Labour Party, has now directly succeeded Luke Foley as the leader of the NSW Labour Party!

He said,


We are all worried about Ashleigh Raper. She did the right thing, she did the brave thing. We are on the same front with her, she is the most important person at the moment. Of course, I believe her accusation against Rook Foley! !


Luke Foley

He is the leader of the NSW Labor Party,

It is said that the relationship with the Chinese is very good...!

Did you fail to learn...?!

Eat and drink, and want to play...?!

Even in China, it is estimated that Luke can't get along! !

In Australia, someone in the parliament has spoken out, and Luke simply does not treat women as human beings and discriminates against women! ! It should be investigated! !

Someone said,

Luke is like this,

Or is it the same for the Labour Party?

It is estimated that Luke is out of play, let's stop here!

Another Labor Party scandal...

That is simply~! ! ¥%……&×

Do you know Han Shan?

Is the leader of the One Nation Party, ten or twenty years ago,The one who vowed to drive the Chinese out of Australia, and now says to drive the Muslims out of Australia...

She is "extreme white people", a little bit "white supremacy",Discrimination against outsiders, discrimination against Chinese, discrimination against immigrants...

But this week...

Originally the leader of the Federal Labor Party, his reputation was Mark Latham, who was vying with Howard.Suddenly from the Labor Party, which seemed to be close to the Chinese, turned to Han Shan! ! !

He vowed to rely on Han Shan's One Nation Party to participate in the NSW general election in March next year to compete for parliamentary seats.

It's terrible~~~

Isn’t this funny... The leader of the Labor Party went straight to Han Shan’s discrimination camp...

I originally stood up and said something...thanks to the Chinese for their contributions, politicians who like the Chinese very much,

Suddenly ~ turned my face and didn't recognize people!!

Go straight to a political party that is basically "discriminatory against Chinese"...

What I said before is fake~? !

The editor just thought,

There are not some former Labour Party Prime Minister Lu Kewen, and politicians who are very close to the Chinese community... It seems to be good to the Chinese when you want to vote, when you want to make money from the Chinese. They speak beautifully.

It is impossible to guarantee that one day, who knows what the situation is, just like the Mark of the Labor Party, went straight to the "discrimination against Chinese" camp, or directly began to hold the banner of "anti-China"! !

Wasn’t it the same before, I happily took the political sponsorship of the Chinese businessmen, but was finally discovered, and the responsibility was returned to the Chinese without fail... %^&*(

Come out! It is hard to guarantee that if the Labor Party comes to power one day, the Chinese community may not let you be wiped out!

Two scandals,

The two Labour Party leaders,

One is playing with women, sexual harassment

Another "Han Shan" camp that discriminates against the Chinese...

It's disappointing~