The invisible killer hiding above your head!! The signs of crisis are actually lurking in the midsummer of Australia...

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Many Chinese who are new to Australia

For the people of Turkey and Australia

Ways to kill summer time

A little uncomfortable

In some people’s impressions

Summer in China is

Beer lobster and skewers

And for Aussie

AustralianGood mountain, good water, good sunshine

Of course you have to make good use of

no matter how

Spread a blanket on the beach

Apply some tanning creamBask in the sun

Still stepping onsurfboard

Under the beating of the waves and the sun

Enjoy this moment

Or bring a simple grill

Family and friends bathe in the sun

Sit togetherBeach BBQ

Can make people enjoy thisNatural good environment

BroughtGreat summer experience

But I didn't expect

如果The way to open summer is not right

Invisible killer hiding in the air

May make you unknowingly

get cancer!!

And this cancer is not uncommon in Australia


What!? The air in Australia is too good, but it's wrong...

When it comes to Australia, everyone will praise its abundant and pure sunshine and clear blue sky. Unexpectedly, this advantage often mentioned by everyone has turned out to be the cause of cancer in Australia.The culprit.

Because the air in Australia is too"Spotless"So that the airOzone layerVery thin. In this way, there is no effective layer"Protective Cover", To block the sunlightUltravioletDirect exposure to the ground, the human skin will be greatly affectedhurt.

And for those who are keen to conduct variousOutdoor sportsOf Australians, long-term exposure to direct UV rays will make themSuffering from skin cancer(Divided into melanoma and non-melanoma) chanceStraight up:

according toAustralian Cancer SocietyThe latest data

(Cancer Council)

Non-melanoma skin cancers account for

Among the cancers detected80%

That is 80% of Australian cancer patients

Are all skin cancer patients

(Picture from Globocan 2018)

More data show that two out of three Australians are tested for skin cancer at the age of 70. Diagnosis rate of melanoma from 1982 to 2010Increased by 60%, Non-melanoma skin cancer reached95 million people!

(Picture from Daily Mail)

According to the "Daily Mail" report, Emma Betts is an optimistic and lovely Australian girl who likes to be on the beach like other AustraliansSun tanning.

Two years ago, Emma was reminded by a stranger that herA mole on the shoulder, Go to the hospital for treatment. Unexpectedly, the doctor told her that this is malignant melanoma, and it has reached the fourth stage of the disease course. She may only be leftThree month life.

But the strong EmmaBroke the curse of illnessLive to the present. In the past two years, she has been committed to calling peoplePay attention to sun protection.

Emma said: “People of our age don’t treat skin cancer as a thing, but also hold early skin cancer.Not fatalThe idea is alive; but I still want to say, useThe price of lifeCome and get yourself healthyBrown skin, Really undesirable. "

Australia is the country with the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world, but many AustraliansDidn't realizeAt this point, 10 out of 4 of them have never had a skin examination.


Why did Australia become the "darling" of skin cancer?

A data from the World Health Organization shows that according to its ranking of cancer cases in its 185 member states, there will be nearly960 million peopleDied of various cancers; andAustralia and New ZealandThe risk of cancer in the area is actuallyHighest in the worldof.

According to the latest data from World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF): Australia’s cancer incidence isNo. XNUMX in the world(10 people will suffer from cancer per 468 people). In addition, Australia’s cancer incidence is actually the 10th highest in the Netherlands.1.4 times(For every 10 people, 334.1 people will suffer from cancer).

(The picture comes from WCRF)

And "help" Australia's "cancer rate" ascend the world's number one "throne"The biggest behind-the-scenesThat isskin cancer.

(The picture comes from WCRF)

WCRF has strong evidence that drinking containsarsenicOf water oralcoholDrink,Birth weightThe base is relatively large, and the tallerhigh, MetropolisincreaseRisk of skin cancer. In addition,Drink coffeemaybe减少The chance of getting malignant skin cancer.

For this discovery

tallBirth weightFriends with a large base

In my heartSo bitter

In addition to the first time, WCRF also found that:Light radiation,somedrugIntake, andFamily genetic historyFactors such as this will also increase the risk of people suffering from skin cancer.

(The picture comes from WCRF)

After reading the above global cancer ranking list, everyone will be surprised to find that the higher the cancer incidence, the higher the quality of lifeHigher, Medical conditionsBetter,Average lifetimeThe longer.

(Picture comes from World Health Organization data)

So what is the reason?


Published by the World Health OrganizationLife expectancyAs far as we can find, in the countries with the highest incidence of cancer, most of the average life expectancy is inOver 80 years old. Australia is one of the countries with a relatively high life expectancy, with women reaching 84.8 years old and men reaching 81 years old.

According to relevant surveys, regardless of men and women, whenAfter 55 years of age, The incidence of cancer began to rise exponentially. So, the air qualityThe better developed countries.The higher the incidence of cancer; Because generally speaking, thereLife expectancy will be longersome. In some backward countries in Africa, the average life expectancy is low, although the incidence is low, the medical level is also very limited, and the survival rate is very low.


In terms of lifestyle, because some Australians don’tHealthy lifestyleInduced related cancers. Take Australia's high incidence of skin cancer as an example: This is related to Australians who like to go out to sunbatheNo sun protection,preference日光浴And so on.

Besides, Australians loveOutdoor dinner, BBQ is the first choice for everyone. And this kind of foodExtremely unhealthy, Easily produced in the process of marinating and grillingCarcinogenWill also causeRelated cancerThe production.

But everyone alsoDon't worry too much

Even though Australians have a high risk of cancer

As AustraliaGovernment and medical profession

Has always been committed to escorting this

So cancerThe mortality rate is not high

According to the "Lancet" magazine (the magazineIs one of the world’s oldest and most valued peer-reviewed medical journals) The data show thatThe incidence of melanoma in Australia worldwide is worldwideHighest ranking, But itsFive-year survival rateRanking in the worldVery forward(11 people). In general, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Iceland, Norway and SwedenThe vast majorityCancer ranks high in the five-year survival rate.

(Picture from 9 NEWS)

According to 9NEWS, Australian doctors are treatingLateBreakthroughs have been made in non-melanoma skin cancer, and newly developed drugs haveFifty percentPatients with advanced skin cancer have a curative effect.

World superstar "Wolverine" from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Hugh Jackman,Had suffered from skin cancer. But because I foundtimely, Actively accept relevant治疗, The body is still healthy and active on the big screen.


Tips: How to identify and prevent skin cancer

If skin cancer isdiscovered in timeIn fact, it is easier to be treated; how to tell if the moles on your body are bad signs?

Skin cancer self-test website

First of all, I recommend to everyone to test yourself"The chance of getting melanoma skin cancer"The website serves as a reference.

This is the test result of the editor, the probability of melanoma skin cancerFar belowOther women of the same age. This test will be based on ethnicity, family environment, living location, gender, age, etc.Various parametersTo calculate the decision and generate aSuggested results, Can be used as one of the means to prevent self-test.

Self-observation of mole changes

Besides, if you find that your mole has happenedChange as follows, We must pay attention to it

1. Asymmetry

Left: normal right: dangerous

2. Irregular state

Left: normal right: dangerous

3. Red and black

Left: normal right: dangerous

4. Diameter greater than 5 mm

(Like the eraser on a pencil)

Left: normal right: dangerous

5. Color/shape/size keep changing

Left: Normal (will not change for a lifetime) Right: Danger (change)

Skin cancer prevention work guide

I have to mention that skin cancerPreventive workBut the same cannot be less, the top priority isSun protection.Many male friends think sun protection isGirls only doIt would be strange for boys to sunscreen.

The editor is here to remind you male friends that for your own health, this idea mustCorrect in timeOh.

1. Covered by clothes.Even if it is cloudy,70% UVIt will still be projected on the ground. Ultraviolet rays will penetrate the surface of the skin and destroy deep skin cells, triggering the growth of cancer cells. Therefore, when walking outdoors during the day, you should wear a hat, long-sleeved clothes, etc.

2. Apply sunscreen.It is best to apply sunscreen to all exposed skin. Before going out20 to 30 minutesIt is useful to apply sunscreen. Don't think that there is no ultraviolet light in cloudy days and under the shade. The intensity of ultraviolet light is only reduced by 30%. Sunscreen achieves the purpose of sun protection by absorbing or reflecting pure ultraviolet rays. Generally, it is marked with a sun protection factor (SPF). The higher the factor, the better the effect.

3. Healthy living and eating habits.Vitamin C and E can help resist sun exposure. In addition, tea and coffee contain a kind ofPolyphenolsThe anti-cancer substances can inhibit the activity of free radicals. Therefore, drinking tea or coffee can also predict skin cancer. Exercising more and eating less smoked or grilled foods can also reduce the risk of cancer.

Editor's conclusion:

Although Australia has the highest cancer rate in the world, this data is also due to its long average life expectancy. In addition, the relevant medical departments in Australia have also been committed to researching skin cancer drugs, and there are currently outstanding results, so everyone No need to worry too much.

However, when enjoying the unique Australian style of summer play, for your own health, you must do all the sun protection work. This is also the most basic guarantee.

I hope everyone will have a pleasant summer.

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