Just yesterday!

But something big happened in the heart of Melbourne!

A pickup truck driving in the city center suddenly caught fire!

And with the burning of the car,

It turned out to be a continuous shooting by the police!

A black man holding a sharp knife,

Trying to attack the police,

Two policemen dealt with him!

This exploded pickup truck,

It was detonated in a gun battle!

After this man detonated the car,

The crowd rushing to Melbourne CBD with knives unexpectedly cut people at random!

1 person was killed and 2 people were injured!

The man was knocked down by the police on the spot,

He died 13 minutes after admission.

The location of the incident was in MelbourneBourke St,

The street was closed immediately after the incident!

Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said that after investigation,The police confirmed that this was a terrorist attack.But from the current intelligence,This should be a lone wolf terrorist attack,The man has no other associates.

Ashton said that the terrorist who was killed was a 31-year-old refugee from Somalia who had used the names Mohamed Khalif and Hassan Shire.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported thatThe Australian Intelligence Agency (ASIO) had collected information about the man,Prior to this, the intelligence department believed that he "would not pose a major threat" and had not found any abnormalities before the attack!

This terrorist used his refugee status to come to Australia,It was even suspected by the police to be involved with extremist groups in North Africa.

And his brother, 21-year-old Ali Khalif Shire Ali,It turned out to be the planner of the 2017 Melbourne Federation Square terrorist attack!

Ali Khalif Shire Ali once publicly declared that he wasSupporter of ISIS!

Soon after the incident,

The ISIS terrorist organization also claimed

Responsible for the terrorist attack in Melbourne!

The organization said in a statement:

The perpetrator of the Melbourne terrorist attack was an ISIS fighter.

According to relevant witnesses and reports,The attacker once chanted "Allah is great."

Australian Prime Minister Morrison also stated in a statement: "I strongly condemn this terrorist attack. This evil and cowardly behavior has taken the lives of Australian compatriots.I must praise the police officers at the scene and thank them for their bravery. In addition, I would also like to thank the ordinary people who helped the injured in the first place. "

Morrison also said: "Australians will never be intimidated by those appalling attacks. We will continue to live and enjoy the freedom that terrorists hate.

At last,

I want to remind everyone to pay attention to safety!

Especially my friends in Melbourne!

Once encountered any abnormal situation or suspicious personnel,

Be sure to contact the police in time!

Those retrograde figures appeared in the distress

The Bourke Street where the incident occurred is the most visited place in Melbourne CBD.

It was as lively as usual at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon.


This sudden terrorist attack

For the people present

Left a shadow that will never be remembered

Someone was eating nearby, but suddenly heard an explosion.

Someone was passing nearby, but suddenly saw a burning car rushing over.

Someone opened a shop nearby, but they didn't even have time to clean up, so they were asked to close the door.

Others saw an uncle stabbed several times and fell in front of him.

A car that is burning and may explode at any time

A frenzied, brutal terrorist

Bourke Street was already in a mess

No one knows what will happen next moment

No one knows if they will be the next victim

So many people are screaming

Many people are running for their lives

And at this critical moment

Those beautiful retrograde figures appeared again!

When the gangster slashed two policemen with a knife,

A little brother in a black shirt

Push a trolley from the side

Rushed straight towards the gangster

During this process, the little brother unfortunately fell to the ground.

But he did not give up!

He quickly stood up from the ground,

He pushed up the cart and rushed towards the gangster again!

When the gangster and the police ran to the other side of the road, the black guy

Pushing the cart again and running all the way

Try to help the police subdue the gangster.

He was unarmed at the time, and he was facing aHas gone crazy and still has a knife in his handGangster.

The knife in the hands of the gangster may fall on him at any time, and the car that has caught fire next to him may explode at any time.

His life is in danger at any time!

But at that moment, he completely ignored his own danger and rushed forward without fear.

The only thought in his mind

Is to subdue the gangster as soon as possible

Prevent him from hurting more people!

And he is not the only one who has such an idea!

And thisUncle in blue who picked up a stool and prepared to fight the gangster

thisThe little brother in red holding a traffic cone base as a weapon

thisThe backpacker who helped the police drag the gangster aside

And one who did not leave the country, butDeon St Mor who also helped a lot.

At that time, he was working at home and suddenly heard a huge explosion, and then saw a car on fire, just outside his house!

His first reaction was,Run to the roof immediately and find a fire hydrant to extinguish the fire, Because a car on fire can easily explode.

When the fire brigade arrived, he had basically put out the fire.

The reaction of these passers-by

Can't help but move us

They are like us

Are ordinary people

In such a sudden terrorist attack

They may become victims at any time

May lose his life at any time


They could have chosen to stay out

Could have chosen to leave


They did not do this!

In the face of danger

They chose to go upstream

Come forward

Fight bravely against the gangsters!

that moment

They have forgotten their safety

Just to protect the safety of this city!

more importantly

They react quickly


No mess


Really use actions to guard our city

So, as a netizen said, despite such a tragedy in Melbourne, we still feel safe to live here, because there are countless ordinary and ordinary heroes, such as the cart man, the bench man, and the fire man.

Guard us at all times!


Please don't worry about family and friends in China

We are ok

Melbourne is fine!

Although we can never stop

Some people have malicious intent on this world

But in every dark moment

The kind Melbourneers will make us feel

The warmth of this city...