Urgent reminder! Yesterday, at the intersection of Melbourne's Chinese District, 38 people were fined $18,392 by a car cleaner!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

You can't play with your phone while waiting for the traffic light!

inkAttention drivers and friends in Urben:

Never play with your mobile phone while driving!

Not at the traffic lights!

Victorian police have begun to dress up

Acting as a car scrubber

Specialize in driving and playing with mobile phones

38 people were caught in one day!

And the law enforcement location is near the Chinese district

A Chinese driver has already encountered such a thing!

According to the driver broke the news on the Chinese forum, things happenedyesterday morning.

He was driving from MelbourneIntersection of Springvale Rd and Whiterhorse Rdafter.

While waiting for the red light, suddenly came over and looked likeCar cleanerPeople seem to be preparing to wipe the car window glass.

But the younger brother took a closer look and found that it seemed not quite right:The car cleaner only has a brush, not even a spray tool...

Take a closer look,

The walkie-talkie is pinned behind the other party’s waist

When this little brother thought the other party was a senior car cleaning team, the one in front of him

The driver who is playing on the phone

I got caught!

At this moment, the car cleaner skillfully took out the walkie-talkie and recognized the eldest brother's license plate.

Then the eldest brother was at an intersection ahead and was taken by the police to another small road for processing.

Only then did the little brother react,

It turns out that the car cleaner is a policeman in disguise

The purpose is to catch drivers who drive and play with mobile phones!

(Netizen: the palm of the hand in tears)

My brother couldn’t help but sigh, this is the first time I have encountered this kind of thing in Australia for so many years...

Moreover, the police routine is really impossible to guard against...

Coincidentally, on the same day, another driver also posted,

There are police officers disguised as car cleaners

Specialize in catching drivers who drive and play mobile phones at intersections

The place is rightThe intersection of Springvale Rd and Maroondah Hw.

Once a driver is found playing with a mobile phone, these disguised "car cleaners" will use the walkie-talkie to notify the uniformed police waiting 200 meters away, and then give the driver

issue a fine!

In a statement to Daily Mail,

Victoria Police also confirmed this

The police said that yesterday, Forest Hill police launched a traffic enforcement operation in the Nunawading district to crack down on drivers who were distracted by driving.

Part of the enforcement action is to conceal the identity and secretly observe what the driver will do when the vehicle is stationary.

As a result, it has been very rewarding!

38 drivers in one day

Was fined for driving and playing on the phone!

According to Victorian regulations, the penalties for playing mobile phones while driving are:

$ 484

4 points deducted

It is estimated that yesterday’s fine was reached.$ 18,392.

In addition, Xiaowei wants to emphasize to everyone here:

You can’t use your mobile phone while driving, not only when the vehicle is in motion, but alsoThe vehicle is stationary but not in the parking spaceCircumstances, such as waiting for a red light.

Simply put:

Cannot play with mobile phones while driving!

You can't play while waiting for the red light!

Otherwise, you will get a ticket!

Finally, I would like to attach Victoria's detailed regulations on driving and playing with mobile phones, please keep in mind!


Trainees, drivers with P1 and P2 licenses

No matter what the purpose is while driving

Cell phones are strictly prohibited

Even in hands-free mode


If your car is at a standstill but not parked in the parking space (for example, waiting for a red light), you cannot use your mobile phone in this case, otherwise you will be fined for failing to discuss.


Drivers with Full License

Can make and receive calls while driving

Or use the phone’s music/audio playback

GPS/Navigation function

Provided that:

  • The mobile phone must be fixed to a special mobile phone holder, and the holder must also be fixed to the car;

  • Or you can operate without touching the phone, but you can't put the phone on any part of your body.


All other functions are strictly prohibited

Including video calls, texting, emailing, etc.

So let's forget about this kind of photo by using Weibo and friends circle.

Violation of the above regulations:

$484 fine, 4 demerit points


When riding a bicycle, animal or other non-motorized vehicle

Apply the same rules

In other words, you must fix the mobile phone on the bracket and the bracket on the vehicle before you can make and receive calls, use the music/audio playback function of the mobile phone, or the mobile navigation function.

But other functions are prohibited.

Violation of the rules will be$484 fine.

I hope everyone strictly abides by the traffic regulations.

Source: Daily Mail, Herald Sun

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