I believe that most of our friends who hold student visas come to Australia for the main purpose of studying, but many of them have other intentions.

Once discovered by the Australian Immigration ServiceImpure purpose, Then you may face beingCancel student visarisks of.

What Mr. Times wants to say today is related to the cancellation of visas.

In Australia, there are many reasons for the cancellation of visas for international students.

Cancellation of low attendance rate and cancellation of overtime work.

Let's enter the situation, it is also possible that the emoticon will be pulled to the small black room and finally sent back to the country.

Tips from Times: Please make sure that there is no illegal pornographic information in WeChat and other APP software when entering the country~

Among the many reasons for canceling student visas, the Australian Department of the Interior has given threemainreason:

Moral issues

Suspected fraud

Violation of local work regulations

Recently, the Australian Immigration Service has targeted "Suspected fraud"Strengthen the review.

We all know that since Prime Minister Morrison took office, Australia’s policy has begun to change.

International students now belong to the Australian governmentFollow the group closely.

According to the "Daily Mail" report, the Ministry of the Interior is reviewing a weekly list of international students to ensure that the education system is not impure by those purposes-Undermined by foreigners trying to obtain work rights in Australia.

The focus of the review is those international students who are no longer enrolled in courses.The last study record was two months or more ago, but the remaining visa validity period is more than six months.

At this time, Mr. Times wants to say

So, after graduating early, is there still six months left to work and earn some money?


For immigration,The purpose of student visa is to allow students to study in Australia. If you do not return home after graduation and continue to stay here, then the immigration office has reason to suspect that your purpose is


Then you will face the risk of having your visa cancelled.

The latest data from the Australian Home Affairs Data Administration shows:

will get 3182Foreign students were cancelled when they were in Australia, and another13398The visa of an international student was cancelled while abroad.

In other words, the number of international students whose visas have been cancelled at home and abroad has already reached16580name.

You know, in Australia, the number of international students is huge.

As of June this year, Australia probably has487000Student visa holders.

Among them, the proportion of students from China is 23%.Ranked firstIn addition, 14% of international students are from India.

In other words, this review may have some impact on Chinese and Indian students studying in Australia.

Let's talk about Australia's review of student visas, it is really not a day or two.

Only stricter, not the strictest!

The data shows that in the past 7 years, a total of96542 peopleInternational students have their visas cancelled.

And between June 2015 and December 6 alone, there wereUp to 44569The visa of a student was cancelled.

This data is really amazing!

Immigration Minister David Coleman said at this time,

"The international student program must conform to Australia's national interests, and the Australian government will strictly review the international student visa."

International students should come to Australia to pursue our superb education level. If you don’t study well and deceive us into Australia, the actual purpose is to come to work and violate legal work regulations, then the government will

Cancel your visa

Send you home!

(Here is the friendly translation of Jun Shidai

At the same time, universities and other educational institutions also need to report to the immigration department whether international students haveSuspended subjects, missed classes many times, unpaid tuitionCase.

Therefore, having a legal visa does not mean that you can stay as long as you want, just do what you want. Everyone still has to live in Australia for the purpose of learning.

The time at which the course ends and your remaining visa validity interval are also important.

Mr. Times heard that some students had their visas cancelled because they graduated early, and naturally because their visas were still valid for a long time, they continued to stay in Australia.

I hereby remind everyone not to do things that violate the immigration regulations for short-term benefits.

It is important to abide by the law and to listen to the father of the immigration office. After all, people in Australia can only "bow their heads".

In general, this new policy and strict review will still make some students accidentally win the bid.

Mr. Times suggested that if the students have anythingCourse changesif,Be sure to report to the immigration office in time, Don’t cause your visa to be cancelled due to negligence.

In addition, students who come to study obediently, don't panic! You can still work, as long as the work is within the legal limits, the immigration bureau will not cancel your visa arbitrarily.

This article is based on The West Australian