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I arrived at the resort where I was about to work at noon. The accommodation room provided here is free. After lying on the bed, I decided to get up and write this article quickly, because I really want to write down my mental journey of finding a job in the past six months, even if one sentence Words can be useful to you, and if you don’t make detours, you can be considered successful.

Before officially starting my job search account, I still have to nag

1: I am not good at saving money, so my experience may not be helpful to the friends who come to Australia with the goal of saving money, but you can continue to read, because looking at my experience can at least let you know how to avoid not saving money.

2: My experience is the most ordinary and ordinary among the 5000 working holiday backpackers in China every year, and the work is also ordinary.

3: Regarding finding a job in Australia, I have two principles. First, I must not be lazy. It is precisely because of my preparation to be lazy in China after signing the visa that I have been forced to work hard for two months after arriving in Australia; second, I can rely on myself Never rely on others, I have never asked anyone in the group to help introduce a job. In the past six months, two friends helped me in the process of finding a job, and I will keep it in mind.

4: Before coming to Australia, I sat in the office for eight years. I got the visa. I thought: When I came to Australia, I didn’t go anywhere. I went straight to the farm. I was afraid that others would say that I could not endure hardship. Six months have passed. My current principle is If I don't go to the farm, I admit that I just can't endure hardship.

On April 2018, 4, I set off from Guangzhou and took a Scoot (low-cost airline) flight for more than 11 hours to arrive at Perth Airport. This is my first time in Australia. I got off the plane and took the car on the way to the Youth Hostel. I rolled down the window and saw the night view of Perth passing by. Even the air was sweet.

The evening breeze moved my heart. I still remember the song in the car: Five Hundred Miles, how beautiful the lyrics are:

Listen to the whistle that stretches for hundreds of miles,

One hundred miles and one hundred miles, drive me away.

At that moment, romanticism surrounded me, and my eyes were full of ignorant excitement and excitement. I didn't think about it. The reality defeated me the next day. At that time, I realized that finding a job in Australia on a work trip was not as easy as I thought, even if I went to the farm to plant and move bricks.

As soon as the evening arrived, I called the one I collected in ChinaBackpacker InnThe website link opened, and there were various farm recruitment information in it. At that time, I thought in my heart, just find a farm and go to work directly. How easy it is to find a job.

The recruiting method of the backpack inn is to leave a message at the bottom of the post. That night, I attached my personal information to almost all the recent recruiting posts on the farm. Since then, I have not received a reply until today.

Don't consider the channel of finding a job for backpackers.

Less than one night after I was immersed in the excitement of arriving in Australia, I started partying. I didn’t prepare anything at home, so I collected the website of a backpacker inn. Who knew I couldn’t find a job on this website. I quickly opened some of the job hunting strategies I collected before, but it was too late at this time. I was like a headless fly, taking a picture of a gourd. I didn't know my direction and goal at all. I cast a lot of resumes, and I fell silent. I use my domestic credit card every day to make a living, and I send a WeChat message to my friends in China saying that I may not be able to keep going and I want to return to China.

At this moment, I learned that there is still a change of accommodation. Am I stupid? In order to save the accommodation fee, I bought a Hlepx member for the first time, and found a Host in a ignorant way. I was stupid. I went to Margaret River to change the night, so I won't mention this hard experience. My thought at the time was that at least there was no need to spend money on accommodation and meals, and I used this time to start looking for work.

I opened the job hunting guide written by others in my WeChat collection, and submitted a lot of resumes according to their methods. All of them fell to the ground. Later, I caught a life-saving straw and found an agency specializing in recruiting farm workers on Facebook. I said that I was in Perth in mid-May. There is an orange packing job in the north of Sri Lanka, with an hourly salary of 5 dollars. At that time, I did not hesitate to report personal information. Who knows, this turned out to be a trap.

Because of the poor conditions for changing accommodations, I only stayed for a week before returning to Perth. I thought to myself, I can go to work in mid-May to make money. I will live in the Youth Hostel during the time I return to Perth and see if I can find it. Some temporary workers feel that everything is slowly getting better.

When I returned to Perth and lay on the bed of the hostel, I took the bank card and tax number. I felt more relaxed than when I first came to Australia.

I thought to myself: packaging of oranges started in mid-May, and there are still more than 5 days left, so hurry up and continue to look for a job. I know this time.58 CityThe international version also contains the same recruitment information as the domestic one. After I opened it, I sent all the recruitment calls through text messages, and someone responded to me that evening.

To be precise, this is not a job, because a week’s salary is only $100 (in fact, it’s not a salary, it’s pocket money), but I only need to stay at home from XNUMXpm to XNUMXpm every day. That's it.

The employer is a couple from Fujian who immigrated to Australia very early. They have two children, one is 7 years old and the other is 5 years old, both of them are little girls. Because the couple opened a restaurant, they didn't have time to spend the night with their children. The Australian government stipulated that children should not be at home alone and must be accompanied by an adult. This is why they asked me to go.

After school the two little guys, the sun went down and the light in the yard was very beautiful. I taught them to take pictures with a camera. They were very happy. They were born and raised in Australia and lack everything for their material life. They speak English since they were young. They have the same education as local Australian children. They can play after school without any burden. But because their parents do business all the year round, what they lack most is accompany.

This is my first paid "job" in Australia. In the Warwick area of ​​Perth, I have a room of my own. I eat three meals a day very well. Because my children's parents open Chinese restaurants, they send it every time. The food that came back was very rich, I think I followed the child. Because I like children very much, I have a very happy time during this period and I don’t need to work. I just need to be at home at that time every day. During this period, the agency that packs oranges and recruits said on WeChat, sorry, this The job is cancelled.

How ridiculous, we have been waiting for so long, you can cancel once you say cancel, it is too unreliable. Who knew that he recommended all the people waiting for this job in our WeChat group to another agency. This job is to pick strawberries at a strawberry farm in a town called Pemperton to the south. The piece is calculated by picking a basket of strawberries. Everyone knows how much it is. It’s almost impossible for a novice to do piecework work. But what can I do? I’ve been in Australia for a month and haven’t taken the step of working to earn money. Whether it is a mountain of swords or a sea of ​​fire, I will go through fire and water without any hesitation, and no one can stop me.

In this way, I quit my “job” as a childcare worker, worked for 20 days and received a salary of more than 200 yuan, which opened my real “work” life in Australia.

In fact, this method of finding a job is really not an experience to learn from, because this is the lowest and easiest method of finding a job:Facebook job hunting group in your city, Add some intermediary WeChat, they recommend farm work to you.

In this way, the intermediary who introduced the hourly wage work of orange packaging pushed us to his friend-another intermediary, but this job is piece-based and it is difficult to recruit. I came to this town by bus with a northeastern girl I met on Facebook, and introduced that the agency we work for is a Malaysian Chinese. He is not very tall and talks very few, but the people are good, but sometimes it's a little naive. . He asked a colleague to drive us to the place where we lived-a cabin in the forest.

The cabin we live in

There is no cell phone signal here, and it is about 5 minutes' drive from the strawberry farm that works. There are five or six small wooden houses scattered in this forest. The landlord is a local Australian. The agent rents these wooden houses and then rents them to those of us who come to work. Each bed is 100 dollars per week. Will make money from our salary, and also make some money from rent.


We live in this wooden house with 6 WHVers from different cities in China. We go to work together every day, and we cook and chat together after work. Although our mobile phone has no signal, we didn’t have the money to buy a car when we first arrived, and we were imprisoned in this small forest all day long. , But it’s actually okay. After all, with so many peers together, it’s not too lonely.

I visited the strawberry farm in mid-May. By the beginning of June, the weather in the south began to get colder and there were fewer and fewer strawberries. I used to drive a car from 5 am to 6 pm, and I could earn a maximum of $7. It's getting less and less. Every day I get off work at 2 o'clock. Sometimes I can take two days off for a day's work. Many people who work at Strawberry Farm also quit their jobs.

Strawberry picking greenhouse

Pushing such a car

Pick strawberries while walking between two rows

Fortunately, these strawberries are planted on the shelf

No need to bend down

Put the picked strawberries in the basket

Around 5 dollars per basket

After every day

Cobble up a basket of strawberries

You can take it home to eat

Put the picked strawberries in a plastic box

Weigh on the electronic scale

And put it in the green basket


The agent gives us free every week

Go to the supermarket in town to buy once

Although this job sometimes feels tired and bored when you go carting, but fortunately, you don’t need to bend over. This kind of tiredness is the tiredness that the body can bear. In addition, the excitement of just coming to Australia at that time has not passed. No money, but everything else is fine, and I don't want to be home. One day it rained heavily and I didn’t have a raincoat. Although I could not get the strawberry picking in the greenhouse, it would rain when I walked to another greenhouse, and the ground was all mud and water in my shoes. At that moment, I was really depressed. I don't know if I had chosen to work and travel desperately, whether it was right or wrong.

In mid-June, a few of us discussed that it was time to leave. I contacted me on WeChat, an intermediary I added before on Facebook, and told me that a strawberry farm in the north of Perth was recruiting packers. They paid cash for illicit workers and were also a piece-rate job. The weather in the north is still very warm. It is the strawberry peak season and you will earn more.

At that time, we were tired of working on an outdoor farm without any obstacles. Although the packaging work was also piece counting, it was always done indoors, and it was relatively close to Perth. At that time, it would be convenient to watch the car and buy a car, so everyone resigned and returned. Perth.

To be precise, the source of this job is also Facebook. I remember that when I first came to Perth, I posted a job search post on the Facebook Perth group. A netizen left me a message and added me on WeChat, and recommended me to him. The agency of this strawberry farm introduces packaging work, a Hong Kong girl who has worked here for many years.

When we arrived at Strawberry Packing Farm, the accommodation conditions were even worse. Because we had no car, we were arranged in a dormitory in the factory area. A small dark room with two bunks could not turn around, except for four beds in the room. No, not even windows.

At this time, several other strawberry pickers came together. Two boys found a job in a factory in downtown Perth, and three wanted to go to the north of East Australia to collect the second lottery. They were separated.

Later, I was left alone in the dormitory. The agent introduced me to the home of a local Australian landlord she knew. The weekly rent was 85 Australian dollars, two beds per room, but during the half month I lived in the room, I am the only one who is relatively happy. In the other room, a roommate and I were working in a strawberry factory. At that time, I didn't have a car, so I took her car to and from get off work every day. The fare was $5 a day.

I returned from picking strawberries from the south, not counting my credit card debt. I had 1000 dollars in my Australian bank card. During this period, I used all my savings and borrowed some money to buy the first car in Australia for 2000 dollars ( The second part of the guide to buying a car is written), because at that time I couldn't stand the day without a car. I was really happy during the time I bought the car. For the first time, I had a short Roadtrip with my friends (two roommates who picked strawberries before). I went to Pinnacles to watch the stars, and I went to the Indian Ocean to watch the sunrise. I felt everything. It all started to get better.

But I don't like this job. It was the peak season. I worked 12 hours a day from nine in the morning and nine in the evening. Every day I woke up to work, and went home to sleep after work. It’s really hard for the body to take 12 hours, and it’s very difficult to ask for leave. The packaging line is also painful. As long as there is a little error in each box of strawberries, the supervisor will use the horn to call you back and write your color number. The strawberry is repacked, which will only make you slower and slower, and while you are packing, the front speaker is constantly shouting various color numbers, which makes me very broken.

The assembly line of the strawberry packaging plant

At that time, I was in a hurry to sign the second sign, and I bought the car, so I resigned from the agency and planned to drive to the second sign. After resigning from the strawberry packaging factory, I had 600 Australian dollars in my pocket. At that time, I was thinking, why can't I make any money? Before I came to Australia, I thought that I would be able to earn more than one thousand a week, but now it seems that it is still far away.

When I first arrived at Carnarvon, it didn’t go well. I couldn’t hold back and wanted to go back to China. I’m not going to mention this. I will mainly talk about the jobs that I got the second sign.

1: Waiter at River Gums coffee shop,$22.86 per hour.

That day, a man swept the farm for a whole day. After being chased out by the big wolf dog, all his thoughts were lost, but I had no retreat. At this time, I was sitting in the car and swiping Facebook to the group created by the locals:Carnarvon Noticeboard, Someone just posted a post,The River Gums coffee shop hired a waitress. I drove over and drove over. The proprietress didn’t ask anything, and said she would come to work the next day. This is the easiest job I have ever done in Australia. It is so easy that I can't believe it. Every day I look at the smiling faces of customers, wash dishes, and cut fruits.

2: Banana farm packaging, hourly wage 22.86.

The coffee shop is closed on Monday and Tuesday. The proprietress asked me if I would like to go to her son’s packaging factory to pack bananas. Of course I would. How can I let it go with this good opportunity to make money? It turns out that packaging bananas is too easy. Just stand up. Fortunately, in the shed, the wind cannot blow or rain, and it is very clean. A heavy-duty boss like carrying a boxNever let me do it.

During the days in Carnarvon, I rented a house and had my own room. I went to get off work every day and cooked by myself. My heart gradually calmed down and I wrote the first article about working holiday.

3: Picking coriander, green onion, basil, etc. from the spice farm, pay 20 dollars an hour.

At that time, I resigned from the cafe with a very tangled mood, because the job was so easy, but the banana boss went on vacation. The working hours were gone one day, and the coffee shop business was not very good. He always took a break. , I needed to collect the second lottery. At that time, there were only 15 hours of work a week, which was really not enough. I didn't want to waste time, so I resigned cruelly.

This job was when I first came to CarnarvonFacebook card that group posts job search, A farmer left a message for me. At that time, I had found a job in a coffee shop and rejected her. At this time, I asked her again if she needed someone, and it happened that she still needed someone, so I went to work.

Because the spices grow very fast and you can't finish picking them every day, the working hours are very stable, from XNUMX in the morning to XNUMX in the evening. You can also choose to leave work at five o'clock. I choose to leave work at five o'clock every day, because it is too tired to bend down for a day.

I spent a day in the yellow soil and bent over for a day. During that time, I almost broke down. I vowed that as long as I find another job, I won't step into the farm in this life. Here I met a good friend in Kanafon, a particularly good Xinjiang girl. She told me that Bestwestern Motel was hiring a cleaner. In fact, I saw this news on the Facebook group and sent a resume. But there is no more. The girl told me that you have to insist on going a few times to have hope.

In this way, I personally went to the front desk to send my resume four times, and finally got the job. The hourly salary is $24.

Because the motel only worked for half a day every day, I continued to work on the farm job for more than ten days. I told the boss that I would go there every afternoon, and she agreed. At this time, I finally realized the feeling of having a weekly salary of over 10, but it was not good. It was very hard. Later, I quit my farm job and went to the motel to be a cleaner every morning. When I came back in the afternoon, I was fine to write articles. By the end of October, my working hours for the second visa were almost enough, so I bought my return ticket and resigned, started a road trip, returned to Perth, and returned to the embrace of my motherland.

At this time, I had a deposit of $1 in my Australian bank card. Although I have been in Australia for half a year, I didn’t earn much money, but at least it’s better than myself. After all, I was in my pocket when I first came. Only 1200 dollars. Before returning home, I drove a trip by myself, bought Apple's latest mobile phone, bought round-trip air tickets, and bought gifts for my family. This hard-earned money is almost awful.

I have been eating, drinking, and having fun in China for a month. At the end of November, I returned to Australia. Unlike the novelty and excitement when I first landed, to be honest, when I arrived in Australia this time, I felt a deep disappointment and suddenly felt that I had enough. All the strange scenery that once made me crazy has become so boring at this moment. I just want to go back to China, but compared to when I first came, I was more calm and calm, and I knew my direction. It’s all here, just keep going, after all, there are so many WeChat fans supporting me, even if I write articles here, it’s not wasted these days.

The second time I landed in Australia, I chose the familiar Western Australia again. Why? Because I have been in Perth and the northern part of Western Australia in the first half of the year. I have never been to the south. And it is Australia’s summer and the southern tourist season. There will be job opportunities, and the scenery in the south of Western Australia is still beautiful on the Internet, so I did not hesitate to choose to return to Western Australia and come to the south of Western Australia.

In this way, my first year in Australia will be complete. I have basically experienced the whole of Western Australia. I can go to East Australia in the second year.

Work source:谷 歌 地图

This time in China, I am not lazy. My goal is to invest all the resumes that should be submitted in China. No matter whether I can find a job or not, after all, I have done everything I should do, and there is no regret. It turns out that there is always a reward for the effort. After I put in hundreds of resumes, a resort finally replied to me that they needed someone, and originally needed a phone interview. Because my Australian phone was down and they couldn’t call my domestic number again, Directly email me to report on November 11, and officially go to work on the 22rd.

specific method

1: Open Google Maps, search for hotel-related keywords such as HOTEL, Motel, resort, roadhouse, and mark all the hotels that can be found where you want to go.

As shown in the picture, this time I want to come to the south of Western Australia. I marked all the hotels in the south with yellow asterisks. Although they don’t look many, many of them overlap. In fact, I marked hundreds of hotels. .

2: Click on the star of each house, Google Maps will show their home address, click on the website address to find their home mailbox, and send the Coverletter and PDF attachments prepared in advance. Add some polite words at the beginning and end to be sincere. Whenever you meet someone you really want to go, you can vote every day for a week.

In fact, in just two simple steps, you can find a regular white job in Australia. That being the case, why not try it!

Today I arrived at the hotel and reported that the manager warmly introduced me to every employee, and everyone shook hands and hugged me very warmly. This resort is similar to my previous Bestwestern model in Caernarfon. It is a guest room plus a restaurant. This restaurant has a bar and looks very formal. It should be regarded as the largest resort in this small tourist village.Free accommodation is provided here, staff meals are $5/meal, staff price is $11/piece pizza, and employees’ beer, coffee and drinks are provided for free every four hours of work.

At the moment I am sitting in my room in the resort, the whole world is silent, looking forward to the new life that is about to begin, and feeling homesick every second. I have experienced true loneliness thoroughly. I used to yearn to be alone so much. Only after I really experienced it did I realize that it doesn't feel good. It requires a strong heart. Fortunately, in the future, friends on the WeChat platform will support me and encourage me, so that I have the motivation to write articles in my free time, and it is also considered to do something to make myself less lonely.

I will apply for the second visa in a few days. If the second visa is successfully completed, I will work here for about 5 months before returning to China. In the second year, I plan to go to East Australia, but I just want to go around at will, so I don’t let myself be so nervous. There are many big cities in East Australia, and there are also many opportunities. If I can find a guide or editor, I will do it for a while. , I went back to China after playing in Dongao. Because I have had enough fun and want to go home.

At this point, I have all reported my job search experience in Australia. I don’t know if I’m qualified for this job, because my colleagues are all local Australians, and I am relatively introverted. As soon as I arrived today, I locked myself in the room. I didn't go out all afternoon, and I blamed this room for being so comfortable, with such a comfortable bed, who would want to go out!

Preparation materials for job hunting:

1: A Coverletter. I have never known how to write this thing. Later, I simply introduced myself in English, such as where I came from, what visa I hold, and my domestic work experience (it is best to have work experience in Australia). Then a little help), own strengths, personality characteristics, and work experience in Australia (if not, write that you are good at doing housework, etc.)

2: 1 PDF version of your resume, then print a few paper versions of this resume with you.

3: Facebook application: After downloading and registering, search for the names of a few cities or towns you want to go to on Google Maps (generally, the jobs in small towns are mostly regular white workers, it is easy to save money, and the work is more reliable, so I like to live in a small town. It’s more comfortable and the surrounding scenery is more beautiful. I can travel when I’m resting, although it’s a bit boring. There are too many black jobs in big cities), write down the name of the place I want to go, and go to the Facebook search group Group: town name + job/work and other keywords, there will be many group names similar to QQ groups, which are some local job information sharing groups built by locals. Click to join the group and wait for approval.

4: After the entry is approved, browse through all the recruitment information sent by local people, even if it is overdue, take a screenshot. Since his family has previously recruited employees, it means that they may also be recruited in the future. All posts about recruitment After the screenshot is taken, follow the email or phone number left above and send your resume via email. Remember, in order to find a job you like, you must not be lazy!

5: Google map application: download a Google map, see the above for specific methods.

6: Download the Gumtree application (requires Apple Australia ID, this APP is not available in the domestic Apple market), search for the JOB column above, search for the place you want to go or job title, choose the one you are interested in, and check if there is any E-mail, telephone, etc., send your resume.

I think Facebook is the most convenient, effective and reliable way to find a job, but it is more suitable when you are already in the town where you post job information or you can arrive in two or three days, because some employers need to hire as soon as possible. If you are on the job, you can’t get on the job right away, and they will find someone else.

Finally, I wish myself competent for this job, try to overcome my introversion, and communicate with others more;

I also wish WHVer, who has just landed in Australia, no detours, a smooth job search, and truly realize the meaning of working and holiday. When encountering difficulties, think about why you set off in the first place;

I also wish WHVer who have found jobs in Australia to be happy every day, make money to travel, and live the life they want.

good night! :)