With the globalization of the market, the exposure rate of Australian products in the country has continued to increase. In Turkey, even if we are not a professional purchasing agent, we occasionally work part-time.

This industry started with milk powder and health products, and has now expanded to all aspects of products, such as shoes, bags, cosmetics, and baby products. The most weird thing I've heard is that someone asks to purchase Australian laundry detergent...

In any case, being able to have such a large market demand is a good thing for international students or Chinese living in Australia.

In any case, it is a good way to earn extra money. Even if it is not for making money, it is also a lot of favors, which is very cost-effective. However, the bad news is that in recent days there has been a discussion in the Chinese circle again-It turns out that purchasing agents, an industry that everyone can do, has hidden crises.

Perhaps, even many professional agents don’t know that their products may be illegal!

This is not an old-fashioned tax evasion, but a purchase of a certain product, which leads to illegality. What is even more shocking is that most of these things may have been taken over by the purchase:

It is the medicine in the pharmacy!

In September, the China Legal Daily reported that in 9, the Tianning District Procuratorate of Changzhou City accepted as many as 2016 criminal cases involving the purchase of counterfeit drugs by purchasing agents, involving 18 people, most of which were related to purchasing agents.

The drugs in this pharmacy refer to products with actual therapeutic effects, notHealth products. However, they are often regarded as part of the health care products by the young Australian purchasing agents.

I believe that many people in your circle of friends purchase drugs, right? Western countries have advanced pharmaceutical technology and strong government subsidies, so they can buy a variety of affordable special-effect drugs, coupled with the perennial discounts from major pharmacies, making overseas purchases of drugs also have a large profit margin, so in recent years overseas Drugs are also developing rapidly like purchasing cosmetics.

According to the above report,Among the imported drugs sold by Daigou, the most sought after are those for children and infants that advertise "no dependence", "no antibiotics", and "no hormones".

For this reason, we have sorted out some common examples of non-health products:

1. Almost familiar with the Australian purchasing communityProspan small green leaf cough syrup, In the domestic super popular products, most people have purchased or even hoarded.

Many purchasing groups have issued such small advertisements in the circle of friends——

However, this drug was actually "banned" by a certain treasure. In addition, there are the following...

2. Australian magic drugNurofenA fever-reducing medicine for children launched.

And some drugs that must be purchased only one copy at a time at the prescription drug window, such as:

3. Vitamins necessary for pregnancy and pregnancy:Elevit.

4. An artifact that effectively removes various surgical scars and stretch marks:Dermatix scar cream.

5. Obese peopleGospel oil pilland so on.

It should be noted that the above are only examples, but this category of drugs is strictly prohibited.

Once the sale of these prescription drugs and therapeutic drugs has been investigated and dealt with-

It will be a serious violation of the law and will be dealt with as the sale of fake drugs!

Once consumers have problems with these drugs,

The maximum sentence is death or life!

This is not a joke... Maybe everyone is very puzzled about this regulation. It is clear that Australia has the most stringent drug quality supervision system in the world. How can drugs that have passed this system review be counterfeit drugs?

According to the provisions of Article XNUMX of my country's "Drug Administration Law":

Products that are manufactured, imported and sold without approval, even if the product has been certified in the place of origin, but as long as they have not obtained the certification from the China National Medical Products Administration, they will all be treated as fake drugs.

According to my country’s drug management regulations, individuals or businesses must hold "Pharmaceutical business license"Only medicines can be sold, otherwise, a fine of 2-5 times the sales amount will be required. If the circumstances are serious, it may constitute the crime of illegal business operations.

At the same time, purchasing activities are often carried out on online platforms. Unless they hold the "Internet Drug Transaction Service Qualification Certificate" and the "Internet Drug Information Service Qualification Certificate", no one is eligible to sell prescription drugs on the Internet platform.

However, individuals who conduct purchasing activities on online and offline platforms do not have these two licenses. Therefore, the drugs they buy do not have the effect of the quality supervision department's review. They are easily replaced by sellers or appear due to lack of prescription certificates issued by regular hospitals. The phenomenon of wrong medication.

Let's look at a real case:

Sales of children's cold and fever drugs were investigated

In 2015, Ms. Lin discovered a business opportunity in the purchasing agent industry. Because she ran a maternal and child store, she asked her to send some medicines for children’s flu and fever back home from abroad.

And she sold these medicines in her store.

With the pace of globalization and internationalization, the demand for foreign products in China continues to increase, and Ms. Lin's maternal and child store has begun to become famous.

As the business grew bigger and bigger, Ms. Lin also began to advertise on WeChat:

However, during an inspection, Ms. Lin got into trouble.Accused of selling counterfeit drugs!

Obviously, there are certified drugs abroad, so why are they counterfeit drugs in China? This is because Ms. Lin does not know that the "Drug Administration Law" has strict sales licenses for foreign imported drugs with therapeutic functions.

Even if she didn’t get the business license, she still sold “fake medicines” even if they were all genuine products.

"Whether the medicine is fake or not is not the medicine itself, but depends on whether the "Imported Drug Registration Certificate" is obtained. This is the key." The prosecutor handling the case said.

According to the regulations of China's drug administration regulations, the import of drugs must be reviewed by the drug supervision and administration department. Only after the review confirms that they meet the quality standards, are safe and effective, the import can be approved and the import drug registration certificate will be issued. Imports without approval shall be treated as counterfeit drugs.

Once identified as selling counterfeit drugs, the consequences are likely to be quite serious. According to the relevant provisions of my country’s Criminal Law Amendment, the maximum penalty for counterfeiting and trafficking isMore than ten years imprisonment, life imprisonment or even death sentence.



"Most criminals are under the slogan of'Daigou'! The sales of imported drugs and high imitation drugs are the'Three Nos'. They used to be sold in entities. Now in order to evade supervision, they have transformed themselves. The entire transaction process is online. It will only go through offline courier companies when it is mailed, which is difficult to combat and is very easy to re-emerge." said Li Jifeng, chief of the public prosecution section of the court.

So remind all my friends, whether you are an international student or an immigrant group that has already settled here, daigou is a gray industry that wanders on the edge of the law. Because you have exploited some legal loopholes, you must learn more about and Relevant legal regulations for product sales.

In addition, when you see advertisements similar to "Australian magic drug" in your Moments in the future, please be more considerate. Especially for groups studying in Australia, when the relevant regulations in Australia or China are not very clear, always keep an eye on them-every move in the circle of friends is monitored by someone!

Please also tell more purchasing friends...Don't make unintentional mistakes...