Recently, a major immigration fraud case was jointly cracked by the Australian police and the Border Force——

A 32-year-old Chinese woman, Xuan Zho, was arrested at Sydney Airport on Friday as the main person involved in the case. According to reports, she was trying to leave the country and board a plane to Shanghai.

In this huge immigration fraud case, the police and border forces jointly raided an office in Auburn, Sydney, and found a large number of credit cards, medicare cards and many electronic materials related to immigration applications.

According to statistics, there are as many as 1700 immigration applications stored in this office, but Xuan Zho is not a legally registered immigration agency and has not obtained an immigration qualification certificate.

But she deceived her clients, claiming to be a professional and experienced immigration lawyer.

And charge a lot of intermediary fees.

Now she faces multiple charges:

1. Provide immigration assistance in violation of regulations;

2. Non-registered immigration lawyers charge intermediary fees;

3. Identity fraud.

At present, Xuan Zho has applied for bail. She is allowed to live in a house in The Ponds in Sydney’s northwest. She must not leave the country or approach the international departure point within 1 km. It is forbidden to apply for a passport from any country. She must go to Quakers Hill Police Station twice a day. Report.

Violation of any of these regulations will cause her bail to be cancelled.

Garry Low, Director of Regional Investigations of the NSW Border Force, said in an interview:"At present, Australian law enforcement agencies have sufficient experience to detect immigration fraud, and any individual or agency that pretends to be an intermediary will be dealt with seriously."

Garry also reminded the majority of immigrant applications, whether applying for immigration or other visas, must be processed through a formal immigration agency to avoid being deceived and suffering unnecessary losses.