In Australia,

Hidden such an ordinary Chinese old man.

Her husband is a respected general,

But such a husband was severely decapitated!

She is the general's wife,

But for such a glorious identity,

But never dared to mention it, even if he was nearly a hundred years old

Far away in Australia, dare not to tell your own life experience? !

Behind her, what is there,

A touching, thrilling story!

She isWang Zhifang

1916 years,She was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu,

When I was young, I suffered the pain of losing my mother,

My father married again, but my stepmother couldn’t tolerate her,

Can only be brought up by a real aunt,

When she was young, she tasted the sadness of lack of family affection.

Wait till it gets bigger,

The father then referred her to the son of a businessman,

Girls of that era,

All abide by "parents' orders, matchmakers' words",

Unexpectedly, she would not submit,

I would rather die to fight for my own happiness.

And when you know what you want,

Destiny will give you what you want,

The love she wanted really came soon after.

Nanjing in the Republic of China

The person she waited for was calledChen Zhongzhu,

This is a Chinese man who can go down in history!

He is 10 years older than her,

Is a poor child from a peasant family in Yancheng, Jiangsu,

His father died young, he and his mother depended on each other,

Rely on farming to make a living,

The landlords and bullies in the village often bullied him.

So much suffering at a young age,

But he is innocent, kind, and gentle,

Very smart, even thoughPoor family,

Can only go to junior high school, but heEspecially like reading.

In 1925, he went to Shanghai alone to make a living,

Become a tram conductor,

Because work often contacts progressive students and workers,

He was also inspired by the revolutionary thoughts of the time.

In 1927, the Northern Expedition army entered Jiangsu,

He also returned home excitedly,

Ready to join the vigorous revolution,

But soon,

Chiang Kai-shek launched the "April XNUMX" counter-revolutionary coup.

He was frustrated, introduced by his cousin Chen Duzhen,

Go to Nanjing to study at the Soviet Police Academy.

Soon after he was transferred to the Nanjing Military Officer Research Class,

It is also the predecessor of the famous Whampoa Military Academy.

Chen Zhongzhu

In 1934, there was one,

The man who is studying at the Whampoa Military Academy is temporarily staying at Wang Zhifang’s house.

This man is none other than Chen Zhongzhu.

He is full of energy and talent,

She is gentle and beautiful, understanding,

The two began to fall in love with each other.

Soon after, the pair of talented men and beautiful women became married.

Started a legendary love story.

Wang Zhifang andChen Zhongzhu

After her husband Chen Zhongzhu graduated from the Whampoa Military Academy,

First served as a military instructor at Central University,

Later he served in Jiangsu government and Jinpu Railway.

In 1937, the Anti-Japanese War broke out and Nanjing fell.

At that time, their eldest daughter was only two years old,

She just gave birth to a baby boy,

It’s the time when the husband’s company and care are most needed

The husband was appointed to the rear of Chongqing.

After witnessing the criminal actions of Japanese invaders in Nanjing,

The husband vowed to shed blood for the Chinese nation,

Resolutely express to the superior:

At this time of military emergency and the survival of the nation,

As a Whampoa graduate, he never retreats,

Please stay ahead!

What is unexpected is that

So when you need a husband,

But she firmly supports her husband to serve the country.

Let him stay in front, she was only 22 years old,

In the flames of war, to protect the two children,

With two young children alone,

Resolutely embarked on the road to Chongqing.

Wang Zhifang, Chen Zhongzhu and the eldest daughter

She and the children have gone through untold hardships,

Finally arrived in Chongqing safely.

Hunger and cold, they survived,

They also avoided the Japanese bombardment,

But she didn't expect that, not long after she arrived in Chongqing,

The youngest son passed away due to illness!

She was very sad,

Do everything possible to inquire about the news of her husband on the front line,

At that time, my husband was calling on workers along the Jinpu Railway,

And the young students took up arms against the Japanese army.

The husband also accepted the appointment of Li Mingyang, the famous Northern Expeditionary.

Go to Taizhou to serve as the Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui border areas,

Major-general commander of the fourth column of the guerrilla headquarters.

Because he manages the military well,

The fourth column led by him is extremely effective on the battlefield.

But the combat strength of China and Japan at that time,

The disparity is too big to imagine!

Look at a set of big data,

In 1937, the weapons and equipment owned by the Japanese army,

It is more than twice that of the national army.

Japan has 1600 combat aircraft,

China only has 223,

Japan has 285 ships,

There are only more than 60 ships in China.

When the full-scale war of aggression against China was launched,

Japan’s military mobilization system,

Has reached a world-class level.

Not only the military strength is incomparable,

The gap between Chinese and Japanese soldiers,

You can’t even imagine,

Because at that time in China,

There is no modern conscription system and national mobilization mechanism,

The status of soldiers is not high, the soldiers are mostly,

They are all illiterate and half illiterate, unable to understand information,

The combat quality is low and he acts casually.

This is a photo of a Chinese soldier during a physical examination. The exposed ribs and barely muscled legs were likely to die after a high-intensity charge.

These scrawny Chinese soldiers have too few muscles, not only have poor physical strength and endurance, but also cannot cope with cold, heat and hunger.

Japanese soldiers are making rice cakes. For Japanese soldiers, the purpose of making rice cakes is more like fun and exercise.

It is in this reality that the enemy is strong and we are weak,

Facing the enemy's strength and brutality,

Her husband Chen Zhongzhu was still in peace,

Like thousands of enthusiastic Chinese sons and daughters,

Resolutely rush to the battlefield, fight to the death and defend the country!

The Battle of Taierzhuang was extremely fierce,

Chen Zhongzhu led his troops to guard in blood.

After a fierce battle lasting a month,

Won the victory, known as "Tai'erzhuang Great Victory" in history.

This is also the Chinese War of Resistance Against Japan,

First victory on the frontal battlefield!

After that, Chen Zhongzhu led the troops successively,

He fought many wars with the Japanese army and made remarkable achievements.

He is like a sniper hiding in the dark,

Caused great trouble to the Japanese army,

It is precisely because of his bravery and good fighting with the soldiers,

The Japanese army slowed down the sharp swallowing of China.

The Japanese hated him deeply,

Even issued a reward order:

Who can bring back Chen Zhongzhu’s head,

A high reward of 5 oceans!

Originally, the combat mortality rate was extremely high, and a reward was offered.

He was supposed to hide behind and command,

This way there is not much life worry,

But in every war, he still takes the lead.

To hit the Japanese army again and again,

And the Japanese army did it again and again,

Increase the price of rewards for others' heads.

He also participated in the famous Battle of Xuzhou,

In this battle, the Chinese army was about 60 and the Japanese army was 24.

The force ratio between China and Japan is 6:2, but the result is,

The Chinese army lost more than 10 people,

It has only delayed the pace of the Japanese offensive,

It's too tragic!

And after this battle,

She has never received any news from her husband,

Some people say he was seriously injured,

Some people said he was killed


But she refused to believe it,

To piece together the borrowed travel expenses,

Tossing around with her daughter.

Finally in northern Jiangsu,

Found a husband who was seriously injured,

She never wanted to leave him again,

I am afraid that once we leave, we will be separated forever,

Asked to join the army, follow along,

Go to the front line of the bullet rain to endure hardship.

Life is turbulent, but she is willing to

I really cherish those who are with him,

every moment.

Because every time you say goodbye, it may be a farewell!

In 1940, she gave birth to his second daughter,

In 1941, she became pregnant again,

And in June, he will go to the battlefield again,

He bid her farewell affectionately:

"Zhifang, I am a soldier,

It is my bounden duty to defend my home and country.

I'm leaving, no matter if you have boys or girls,

They must be named Chen Zhi and want him to inherit his father's will. "

After that, he rushed to the battlefield resolutely,

But once the general goes, there is no return date!

His troops were besieged by the Japanese on June 6.

At the beginning of this war,

With the disparity in power, the defeat is set,

The Japanese army thought that the war would end in a few hours,

But under his persistence, he fought for 3 days and 3 nights.

He was strafed by the enemy's machine gun, hitting six rounds in a row,

The once invincible general never got up again!

Then the ecstatic Japanese army cut off his head,

Frozenly hung his head on the mulberry tree to show the public,

Later, it was dedicated to the commander Nanfang Xiangji for credit.

Hearing the news of her husband’s death, she was distraught,

Seeing her husband's headless body, she fainted several times.

Her husband died heroically, only 35 years old,

She became a widow, only 25 years old,

The two daughters have not grown up yet,

The child who is about to be born in her belly,

I didn't even see my father!

But she was in such grief,

Actually made such a decision:

Find the Japanese commander Nan Xiangji,

Ask for the head of your husband.

People around her advised her not to take risks,

Because she is also being hunted by the Japanese army,

Not to mention the brutality of the Japanese army, as we all know,

Didn't she go to the Japanese army to find her way?

But she was determined: her husband died for the country,

He must be buried in dignity and dignity.

I just tried my best with the Japanese devils,

I must turn back and take my husband home intact!

She has a big belly, with her 6-year-old daughter,

Walked into the headquarters of Xiangji in the south,

Nan Xiangji asked: Who are you?

She answered loudly:

This is the wife of General Chen Zhongzhu!

Come for my husband's head!

Nan Xiangji asked:

General Chen's wife? How many wives does General Chen have?

She replied:

General Chen Zhongzhu has only my wife!

Her courage is even the cruel JapaneseAdmire,

XiangjiLed her into a room,

I saw a mahogany box on the case,

It contains a large-mouth porcelain bottle,

And the husband's head is soaked in the potion!

At that moment, she could no longer control her emotions,

All the strength instantly collapsed and burst the bank,

Only tears and unspeakable pain are left!

Southern says:We are two countries,

Commander Chen is his country, and I am for my country.

But we admire his bravery and admire his spirit.

We will also hold a ceremony for Commander Chen,

We admire his loyalty,

He is a true hero of China.

After that, incense and salute in the south,

The soldier raised his gun to salute, when she left,

The Japanese soldiers saluted her in unison.

Back to her residence, she blushed,

With those hands that sew clothes for her husband day and night,

Suture the husband’s head to the body,

A stitch and a thread are painful for heart-digging!

Two months later, she gave birth to a posthumous child,

Named him "Chengzhi",

I hope he will inherit his father's will and be loyal and brave for the country.

And she herself inherited the will of her husband.

Later, she also joined the anti-Japanese war team,

Risking their lives in Shanghai, Nanjing and other places,

Purchasing urgently needed medicines for the troops,

Do your best to support the guerrillas to fight against the Japanese invaders.

In 1945, Japan surrendered,

China finally ushered in the victory of the War of Resistance!

The National Government held a grand memorial service for Chen Zhongzhu,

And posthumously awarded Chen Zhongzhu the rank of lieutenant general,

She and her children enjoy martyred treatment,

Chiang Kai-shek personally awarded her a pension of 5 yuan.

Today, in Taipei,

ByChiang Kai-shek's handwritten listIn the Martyrs' Shrine,

There is still a picture of General Chen's uniform,

He has thick eyebrows and big eyes, with a handsome appearance and a calm and determined expression.

And soon after the civil war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party ended,

New China was established,

At that time, both she and her children chose to stay.

But it didn’t take long for a stable day,

The glory of my husband,

It brought her to prison!

In 1951, she was arrested for historical counter-revolutionary crimes,

Sentenced to 5 years, after finally being released from prison,

And was criticized in various subsequent political movements,

Her son has excellent grades,

But because of his father’s reasons, he couldn’t go to college,

All kinds of unimaginable real hardships are coming,


It may be the motherland that I loved deeply,

Too sad,

After many years, she went to settle in Australia,

Incognito, his life has reached the end of life.

When someone asks about her life experience, her experience,

She always shook her head and said nothing.

Then someone found her and said to her:

Grandma Wang, your man is a hero.

The old man who has always been calm,

I started sobbing silently, and finally howled,

Crying all night hard to stop


She said: "I'm suffocated, I'm suffocated!

How dare I tell people that my old man is a hero?

I went to jail after liberation,

Say I am the wife of a Kuomintang officer!

After the restoration, the Kuomintang government regarded me as the survivor of a martyr,

The pension granted by Chiang Kai-shek himself,

5 oceans, after liberation, all this is a crime!

The four small houses that the old man left for me,

All confiscated labor...

I have read books, I studied at Huiwen College,

I also studied in the military unified newspaper training class,

I dare not say, when I was arrested in jail,

I just said that I have no education, I am illiterate,

This put me free. "

She did not dare to mention too many years in jail,

I just said repeatedly: I’m still afraid, I’m still afraid,

You don’t know what we experienced,

Not as good as a pig and a dog!

Despite experiencing injustice and despair, far away in Australia,

But she still loves her motherland deeply,

She taught her children: to love China forever.

Group photo of the five generations of the family

In 1999, when she was 83 years old,

I sold my house in Australia and invested 30 yuan,

In her husband Chen Zhongzhu’s hometown, he built the lake’s Caoyankou,

Established "Chen Zhongzhu Scholarship",

In 2006, at the age of 90, she gave another $5.

Donate to Zhongzhu Middle School named after Chen Zhongzhu


She also took all the relics of her husband,

And precious historical materials, martyrs certificates, etc.,

Handed them all together,

National Martyrs Memorial, museum preservation,

In memory of the martyrs and educating their descendants,

Even the one I have treasured for ten years,

Commemorative medal for the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War,

She also handed it over.

In her later years, she returned to China many times, and when she was 100 years old,

She still insisted on returning home regardless of her body.

When she went to her husband’s cemetery that time,

It was raining heavily, and she was reluctant to leave.

Just watch over and over again,

Stroking the words on the tombstone over and over again,


In the Taizhou Martyrs Cemetery, the old man wet his eyes when he saw the picture of his husband.

2017 year 11 month 12 day,

The 101-year-old Wang Zhifang,

Say goodbye to this world forever,

He flew to heaven and reunited with him who thought about it day and night!

The country is overthrown, she is a weak woman,

Go to the enemy camp alone to get back the head of her husband.

Encountered injustice, but still thinking about the homeland,

Patriotic, never changed,

Her courage, her righteousness, shame!

But our China today,

How many people know the extraordinary woman behind this hero?

How many people know,

The name of her heroic husband?

During the entire Anti-Japanese Period, the Kuomintang

Sacrificed more than 300 million soldiers and injured more than 200 million,

Including several generals, dozens of lieutenants, nearly 200 major generals,

In the entire Allied battlefield of World War II, there is no single country.

Paid such a tragic price.

The victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan was a cooperation between the KMT and the Communist Party

Is all takenChengrenChinese soldiers,

Victory in a bloody battle.

But today, because of historical reasons,

There are still many progressed by the times,

The forgotten surviving Kuomintang veterans,

They once dedicated their youth to the motherland,

But alone in the plight, remembering the past,

There is no stand for them,

How can the national conscience be comforted?

An inch of mountain and river and an inch of blood,

Scratch the hot soil and the soul,

These heroes buried in history,

Because of them,

Only then has our prosperous and prosperous China today,

Drink water to think about the source, remember the hero,

This must be,

Those of us who have enjoyed peaceful years,