Very happy!

It's the busiest time in Melbourne! The most anticipated days of all cats are already in sight!


Boxing Day

new Year

Will come one after another!

Good food! Good wine! celebration! carnival!

These will fill every next schedule of the cat himself!

Thinking about it, I feel a little excitement in my heart!

Come and have a look with Xiaobian Mo!

Wonderful during Christmas time!

The day after tomorrow is Christmas!This big day is the most anticipated day of the year for all cats themselves!

This beautiful city of Melbourne has been decorated with a new look!Enthusiastic people have already prepared early for a grand Christmas carnival!

City Light Show

During Christmas, the whole Melbourne will be brightly lit, making it the brightest city!

The huge Christmas tree and Christmas light show in Federation Square have been lit, and countless people will come here on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to cheer and celebrate together.

Pass the blessing to everyone!

The Town Hall light show is also the highlight at this time of the year!At 9 o'clock every night during the festival, when night falls, the entire building will be marked with colorful lights and patterns, vividly like a castle in a fairy tale!

At that time, Town Hall will be full of people!

Everyone was surprised and exclaimed!

Not only the CBD area, Docklands, Crown and other areas will light up Christmas lights to convey joy and blessings to everyone!Have the opportunity to see choirs and bands performing on the streets!

Residents in various suburbs of Melbourne have also set up home lighting exhibitions, which are no less inferior to Federation Square and Town Hall!Friends who live in the suburbs, you can pay special attention to these two nights when you go out!

Brilliant lights, lively people, full of blessings,

This Christmas is really complete!

Christmas market

Of course, Christmas is indispensable for shopping and eating! However, instead of going to major shopping malls,

Why not come to the characteristic Christmas market for a good stroll!

In this special holiday, the Christmas markets in all neighborhoods of Melbourne will try their best to attract everyone to hang out and buy!Here you can find the most unique Christmas gifts, as well as a variety of novel gadgets, and practical handmade products!

The biggest highlight of the Christmas market is the food! Different from those popular tastes in CBD Plaza,There will be rare specialties and desserts on the food street of every Christmas market!

Remember to empty your stomach when you go!

Definitely a real treat!

Boxing Day on December 12

No matter how wonderful Christmas is, Xiaobian Mo still advises everyone to reserve some energy! Because after Christmas,

The most tiring day of the year

Boxing Day is here!

On this day of the year, countless cats will prepare their wallets and tents, and they will queuing at the gates of major shopping malls before dawn.Put all your energy into a super invincible shopping!

If you have spent Boxing Day in Melbourne, you will remember the grand occasion every year! Boxing Day is a day of shopping for all people,

It can only be more lively every year!

If you are gearing up for a bloody battle this year, you must be fully prepared!Choose the most suitable "battlefield", plan ahead of time what you want to buy, and put on the most comfortable "battle uniform" and "war boots".

Go and spend money happily!

However, Xiaobian Mo also reminds you "warriors" to pay attention to safety! After all, the traffic of Boxing Day is not covered.

Everyone must protect themselves while shopping!

2018-2019 New Year's Eve

After Boxing Day, 2018 is almost over!The New Year is getting closer and closer to everyone! The New Year's Eve that everyone has been waiting for is here!

New Year's Eve in Melbourne is a night that everyone would rather not sleep than miss!On the last night of 2018, there are countless wonderful things waiting for everyone!

New Year's Eve Fireworks Show

Melbourne New Year's Eve, the highlight of everyone's long-awaited is-

New Year's Eve fireworks show!

Starting at 9 o'clock on New Year's Eve, Melbourne will be beautiful beyond words!In the exciting fireworks show that lasts for more than ten minutes, Melbourne's night will be reflected by the colorful fireworks as bright as day! Various styles of fireworks spread out on the horizon, showing unique colors and gestures,

Light up this unusual night!

Only by watching this grand fireworks show in Melbourne in person will you understand how shocking and touching the beauty is!

Only then will I understand that the Starlight Dream is within reach!

At the end of the old year, this night when the new year is about to begin,In this way, Melbourne brings best wishes to everyone!

Open-air movie

Before the fireworks show starts, there are many exciting activities to help everyone pass the waiting time! An open-air movie for XNUMX people is a great choice!At that time, countless people waiting on both sides of the Yarra River will gather together to watch a wonderful movie!

In the summer, the sun and the evening breeze that have been reluctant to set have added a very romantic atmosphere to this. Maybe you can still see the beautiful sunset in Melbourne, that feels

It's as if you are already in the movie!

Super Hi Band Performance

On New Year's Eve, countless bands and singers will come to perform to help everyone! Accompanied by wonderful music and super high scene,

Everyone’s emotions can be ignited

Get to a higher point all at once!

That feels so exciting to think about it!

Late 2017 and the beginning of the new year 2018, MelbourneWill bring you the most unique and beautiful memory!

However, if you think there is nothing fun after the New Year, you are really wrong!Xiaobian Mo took a look at the various events to be held in Melbourne in January, and couldn't contain his excitement!

Melbourne in January 2019,

All are exciting and fun activities!

Never miss it!

Australia National Day

January 1 is a day that all Australians look forward to. This day is Australia’s National Day!And on this special day, the whole Melbourne will be very lively!

No matter where you go,

There are celebrations that excite you!

Town Hall Flag Raising Ceremony

At 1:26 in the morning on January 10, an official flag raising ceremony will be held in the Town Hall.Hosted by the Premier of Victoria, the Mayor of Melbourne and other VIP guests will attend the ceremony.

The formal flag-raising ceremony includes: the Royal Honor Guard parade, the flag-raising ceremony and the singing of the national anthem. At that time, countless Australians will gather here.Celebrate this special holiday together!

CBD Super Spectacular Parade
On National Day, important sections of Melbourne’s CBD will be completely blocked, and the mighty parade will walk through every street.Countless military bands and dance teams will also intersperse with performances.

Both sides of the road are crowded with Australians holding their national flags to celebrate the holiday

Everyone gathers to pass on the joy of celebration


Harbour Fireworks Festival

Don’t rush home after the raging parade is over! When night falls, Docklands Harbour will also bring you a colorful firework show!

Under the fireworks feast

Everyone toast and share food

Don’t see this grand lively scene with your own eyes

What a pity!


Australian Open

In January 2019, the eyes of tennis fans around the world will turn to Melbourne, the blockbuster event-the Australian Open,

Will return on January 1th!

At that time, fans from all over Australia and around the world will come all the way to Melbourne.Watch a group of tennis superstars fight fiercely one after another under the scorching sun!

Especially in the final stage, everyone's shouts can be heard within a radius of a hundred miles, and all Melbourne will be ignited by the enthusiasm of the fans!

Not watching an Australian Open in Melbourne

Really come here for nothing!


Harry Potter Stage Play

Blessed are Harry Potter fans in Melbourne!From January 2019, 1, the stage play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" will be staged in Melbourne!


This stage play has won 15 international awards

And just finished the show on Broadway

Become one of the best-selling shows!

Suspenseful fantasy plot, elaborate setting mechanism

Brings an unprecedented visual feast to every Harry Potter fan!

More importantly, when you come here as a Harry Potter fan, you will meet countless people in the same way,It's really enjoyable for everyone to get together to discuss the plot and feel the charm of adventure together!


Wei Ma Night Market

Every summer,Wander aroundMa night market has become a must-do for Melbourneers in summer!

Rows of street foods with international flavors

Intoxicating beer and wine

More than 130 different commodity stalls

Various street performances

Every time I go, I can be satisfied!

At the beginning of the new year, new delicacies will be added to the Vima Summer Night Market, including French cheese pancakes, Japanese soba noodles and fried chicken, Italian skewers and other authentic exotic foods!

Satisfy every foodie who pursues freshness!


South Melbourne Night Market

Wei Ma can't enjoy shopping, then go to the South Melbourne Night Market!Starting from January 2019, 1, the South Melbourne Summer Night Market is also open in everyone's expectations!

Nearly 150 stalls

Good food and wine

You can also visit the market if you have enough food and drink

Enjoy the live music performance

It's so cool!

It is worth mentioning that the South Melbourne Night Market has also invited many local art designers, and everyone has the opportunity to see many beautiful jewelry, art and antique collections!

Have a chance to feast your eyes!


Midsummer Carnival

The music festival is the least carnival every summer. Melbourne's largest Midsummer Music Festival will open on January 2019, 1!By then, singers, bands, and DJs of various styles will be on stage one by one,

Bring a free music feast for everyone!

At that time, everyone can enjoy the wine and food while swaying with the music,Just two words: enjoy!

Surprisingly, this Midsummer Music Festival also has a well-known special session: the dog exhibition! All kinds of cute dogs will run around you, and will be on stage to bring talent shows!

Such a relaxing and decompression activity

What a pity not to go there!


Adventure park summer night