Source: Australian Affairs

Why never see popular milk powder on supermarket shelves? You must think that they were all taken away by the purchasing agent, but the fact may not be all of them!

According to a report on Channel 9, the ABC A Current Affair current affairs news program group discovered a well-designed milk powder purchasing network and warehouse, where the Chinese purchasing agents transported infant formula loaded on large pallets to China for sale.

In this investigation under several hours of undercover surveillance, A Current Affair staff photographed a Coles delivery van, secretly delivering a box of infant formula to a warehouse.

They also followed the two women back home and found that their garage was full of infant formula. Later, a van drove from a nearby warehouse, and people hurriedly loaded a large number of boxes on the car and drove away.

The staff of Current Affair also found a large number of such warehouses in the industrial plant area, only a few blocks away from each other.

This network is built by people with Asian faces. They often remain vigilant and cautious in their behavior, but this behavior does not actually constitute an illegal act in nature.

When reporter Tineka Everaardt appeared in front of these agents, they immediately fled to the back of the warehouse, and some people shouted and asked the staff to turn off the camera.

This long investigation finally revealed why there is always no milk powder on the shelves of Australian supermarkets-because supermarkets secretly sell a large amount of milk powder directly to milk powder agents? !

Channel 9 reported that there are currently about 40 purchasing agents in Australia, and 3 parcels can be sent from Australia every day! They often snap up infant formula at Woolworths and Coles, and then resell it to Chinese consumers.

Jayne Hrdlicka, CEO of A2, told reporters: "We are flattered by the love of Chinese consumers. We are improving our work efficiency and increasing production significantly every month."

At present, both Woolworths and Coles have adopted a purchase restriction of 2 cans. Despite this, Chinese Daigou still uses WeChat to find supermarkets with stocks all over Australia.

Once these infant formulas are on the shelves, they can snap them up as soon as possible. Due to restrictions on purchases, some purchasing agents will enter the supermarket many times to buy infant formula.

The milk shortage in Australia has caused dissatisfaction among parents across Australia, and has also made Chinese immigrants feel ashamed and angry, and have criticized the act of purchasing agents.

But is this phenomenon caused by supermarket "porters" or is the supermarket itself involved? Or are there other reasons behind it? What do you think?