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Food articles

1,The best croissants in Australia:Located in a factory in Fitzroy, MelbourneMoon Crescent. The croissant in this shop was rated as the best croissant in the world by the New York Times, and even French people have to fly to eat it.

2,The best pizza in Australia:Melbourne400 Gradi.Won the title of Best Pizza in Oceania in this year's "Global Pizza Top 50" ranking!

3,The best burgers in Australia:Located in Footscray, Melbourne8bit.It ranked first in the Top 50 Best Burgers in Australia by Yelp.

4,The most expensive burger in Australia:A price$ 368!And only a few lucky diners can eat it at Perth restaurant Varsity Project.

5,The best coffee shops in Australia:MelbournePatricia Coffee Brewers.Ranked first in the "Top 100 Australian Cafes" list.

6,Australia’s best restaurants:MelbourneBrae Restaurants, Won the first place in the "2018 Australia's Best Restaurants Awards" (Top Restaurants Awards) for two consecutive years.

7,The most expensive restaurant in Australia:MelbourneWorld view, The seasonal tasting menu is $230 per person, and the chef’s tasting menu is $310 per person.

8,The best Chinese restaurant in Australia:SydneyMr. Wong, A Cantonese-style restaurant, it ranked 17th in Australia this year’s "Top Restaurants Awards", becoming the highest ranked Chinese restaurant for 4 consecutive years.

9,Australia's best seafood risotto restaurant:MelbourneSimply Spanish Restaurant. Won the title of "The Best Seafood Risotto Outside of Spain" at the "58th International Seafood Risotto Contest".

10,Australia's most awarded red wine:2014 Jaraman Shiraz from Taylors Wines,The price is only $30, which is cheaper when discounted.

11,The best wineries in Australia:Yarra Valley, VictoriaSeville Estate.Won the title of "Best Winery of the Year" in Australia's "2019 Wine Companion Awards". The owner is still Chinese.

12,The best yogurt in Australia:According to the scoring of the appearance, smell, taste and texture of various yoghurts by the Australian consumer organization ChoiceColes Greek Style Natural YoghurtHas the highest score and won first place.

13,The best ice cream in Australia:Produced by Gundowring Fine FoodsGundowring Licorice Ice Cream, It is the ice cream champion of Australia this year's dairy product selection.

14,The best milk in Australia:Produced by Maleny DairiesMaleny Dairies Farmers Choice Guernsey Non-Homogenised Full Cream Milk,It is the milk champion of Australia this year's dairy product selection.

15,The best bread in Australia:According to the list released by the Australian consumer comparison group Canstar Blue this year, the most deliciousWhole wheat bread is HELGA'S;the most deliciousWhite bread is Wonder.

16,The best chocolate biscuits in Australia:Tim Tam Chocolate Chip Cookies, This is also Australia's national treasure-level snacks.


17,Australia’s largest chopper (shoppingcenter:MelbourneChadstoneWith a total area of ​​19 square meters, it is also the largest shopping center in the southern hemisphere.

18,Australia’s best amusement park:Located in QueenslandWetSide Water Park, It is the number one among Australia’s Top 10 amusement parks selected by TripAdvisor.

19,Australia's largest theme park:Located on the Gold Coast of QueenslandDream World.

20,Australia's best tourist town:VictorianHepburn Springs.On the list of the “Top 2018 Healthiest Tourist Destinations in the World in 10”, this small town ranks fourth in the world and first in Australia.

21,Australia’s best beaches:QueenslandWhitehaven Beach, It ranks second on the list of the best beaches in the world and first in Australia.

22,Australia's best campgrounds:Located near the Hervey Bay coast in QueenslandFraser Island,It is the largest sand island in the world and the only place on earth where rainforest grows on the beach.

23,Australia's best campervan holiday park:Big4 Adventure WhitsundayThis is also the most award-winning resort-style holiday camp in the region.

24,Australia's best family resort:Located in QueenslandFitzroy Island Resort.

25,Australia's most popular attractions for international tourists:Sydney Opera House.

26,Australia's largest source of international tourists:China.In the year ending February 2018, a total of 2 million Chinese tourists visited Australia.

Geography and History

27,The oldest church in Australia:Located in the heart of SydneySt Andrew's Cathedral, Completed in 1868, is a Gothic building.

28,The oldest museum in Australia:Located in SydneyAustralian Museum, Built in 1827, it is also the first public museum in Australia.

29,The oldest court in Australia:Located in the heart of SydneySt James Road Banco Court, Built in 1896.

30,The oldest library in Australia:Built in 1854State Library of VictoriaIt is also one of the first free libraries in the world.

31,Australia's oldest public building:Located in SydneyOld Government House, Built between 1837 and 1843, has been the residence of the Governor of New South Wales since 1845.

32,The oldest zoo in Australia:Melbourne Zoo(Melbourne Zoo), opened in 1862.

33,Australia’s oldest lighthouse:Stand onSydney HarbourA lighthouse was built on November 1818, 11.

34,The tallest building in Australia:Located on the Gold CoastQ1 Building, The building height is 322.5 meters.

35,The longest river in Australia:Originated in the Australian AlpsMurray River, With a total length of 2995km.

36,The highest mountain in Australia:Mount Kosciusko, 2228 meters above sea level, is the highest point on the Australian mainland.

37,Australia's longest national highway:Highway one(Highway 1), with a total length of about 14500 kilometers, surrounds the entire Australia, and is also the longest national highway in the world.

38,Australia’s longest straight road:Eyre Highway, 148 kilometers in length, also known as "90 Mile Straight".

39,Australia's most dangerous roads in 2018:In the Bundoora district of MelbournePlenty RoadIt is the road with the most car accidents in Australia in the past year.

40,The largest stone in Australia:The famous piece in the Northern TerritoryredStone Uluru, It is also a famous scenic spot in Australia and a world cultural heritage.


41,The best primary schools in Australia:NSWSydney Grammar SchoolAccording to the overall academic performance ranking of students on the Better Education website in 2017, this non-public primary school ranks first in Australia.

42,The best secondary schools in Australia:NSWJames Ruse Agricultural High School. According to the overall academic performance ranking of students in 2017 on the Better Education website, this public high school ranks first in Australia.

43,The most expensive private school in Australia:VictorianGeelong Grammar School,The annual tuition fee is $39,300.

44,The best universities in Australia:University of Melbourne.In the latest "Times World University Rankings", "CWUR World University Rankings", and "QS World University Rankings" released this year, the University of Melbourne ranks among the top 50 in the world and the first in Australia.

45,The most expensive university in Australia:According to the studymove website on the tuition fees of 2018 courses in Australian universities in 4667, the most expensive tuition for undergraduate international students isUniversity of Sydney, An average of$ 42,961.

The most expensive tuition for master (taught) international students isAustralian National University, An average of$ 42,959.

46,The most expensive profession in Australia:According to the statistics of Studymove website in 2018, the most expensive tuition for international students with undergraduate degree isHealth professionals, an average of $34,436 per year.The cheapest isEducation majors, an average of $26,987 per year.

47,The oldest university in Australia:University of Sydney,Founded in 1850, it was the first university in Australia.

48,Universities with the highest enrollment rate in Australia:University of Sydney,In 2017, the drop-off rate was as high as 36.8%.

49,Universities with the highest graduation rates in Australia:University of Melbourne.The latest graduation rate is 88%.

50,Universities with the highest employment rate in Australia:University of Sydney.According to the 2019 International University Graduate Employment Rankings released by QS this year, the University of Sydney ranks 5th in the world, Australia 1st, and the University of Melbourne ranks 6th globally.

51,The universities with the highest annual salary for Australian graduates:University of Melbourne.According to statistics from Australia's Uni Reviews website, the average annual salary of graduates of University of Mexico is $62,659, ranking first among the eight largest.

52,The lowest-paid universities in Australia for graduates:Queensland university.According to statistics from Australia's Uni Reviews website, the average annual salary of a graduate of the University of Queensland is $52,276, the lowest among the eight universities.

53,The highest paid professions for Australian graduates:Dentist.The average annual salary of graduates is $68953.

54,The lowest paid majors for Australian graduates:Creative arts.The average annual salary of graduates is $31041, which is less than half that of dentists.


55,The highest housing prices in Australia:SydneySt LeonardsThe average price of houses in this area is as high as A$654.2 million.

56,The richest district in Australia:Upper North Shore of SydneyKu-ring-gai.

57,The poorest district in Australia:Aboriginal settlement 250 kilometers from BrisbaneCherbourg.

58,The highest income area for Australian residents:SydneyZip Code 2027 District, Including Darling Point, Edgecliff, Point Piper, is also the district where former Australian Prime Minister Tan Bao lives. The average annual income of residents is$ 192,500.

59,The lowest income area for Australian residents:Located in the remote northeast of NSW,Zip code is 2387, The average annual income of residents is only$ 12,004.

60,Australia’s favorite online shopping areas:MelbournePoint Cook. In 2017, the volume of online shopping transactions in this area increased by 22.6%, and it was the fastest growing area for grid shopping transactions for three consecutive years.

61,The district with the most Chinese in Australia:SydneyHurstville, The total population of the district is 26042, and Chinese account for 34.2%.

62,The luckiest district in Australia:MelbournePreston, This year there have been 4 first prizes of the Grand Lotto.

63,The capital cities with the most imbalanced male to female ratio in Australia:Perth,There are 46,000 single women and 58,000 single men, with a male to female ratio of 126:100.

64,The capital city with the most balanced male to female ratio in Australia:Hobart,There are 5,436 single women and 5,748 single men, with a male-to-female ratio of 106:100.

65,The most expensive cities in Australia to keep a car:Sydney,The weekly cost of keeping a car is $428.69.

66,The most congested cities in Australia:Adelaide,The average moving speed during peak hours is only 54.3km/h.

67,The most expensive cities in Australia for rent:Sydney.The data at the beginning of this year is the median weekly rent of $440.

68,Australia’s highest wage cities:Sydney.The average annual income of residents is $88,000.

69,The most expensive cities in Australia:Sydney.According to the "Global Cost of Living 2018" rankings, Sydney ranks 10th in the world and Australia 1st.

70,Australia's best tourist cities:Melbourne.In this year's "World's Best Tourist City" ranking, Melbourne ranked third in the world and first in Australia.

71,The most livable cities in Australia:Melbourne.In the Economist's list of the "World's Most Livable Cities" this year, Melbourne ranked second in the world and first in Australia.

72,Australia's best study abroad cities:Melbourne.

73,The fastest growing cities in Australia:Melbourne,The economic growth rate in the last fiscal year was as high as 4.3%.

74,The fastest growing cities in Australia:Melbourne.The average population growth rate in the past 5 years is as high as 2.5%!

75,The happiest city in Australia:Melbourne.According to the Time Out City Life Index poll of residents in 32 cities around the world, Melbourne's happiness index ranked first!

76,States with the highest winning rates in the Australian lottery:Victoria.In the 11 months ending on November 30 this year, Victoria has produced130Grand Lotto first prize.

77,Australia's easiest lottery numbers to win the jackpot:37, 9, 24, 11 ,41(Based on statistics for the past 10 years). Especially 37, has won the grand prize 4 times.


78,Minimum hourly wage in Australia:This year it has risen to every hour18.93 Australian dollars.

79,The highest-paid occupations in Australia:Surgeon,The average annual income is $393,467.

80,The lowest-paid occupations in Australia:Sports and personal service workers,The average annual income is $12,289.

81,Australia's richest man:Australian Paper and Recycling TycoonAnthony Pratt,The latest personal wealth in 2018:A$129 billion.

82,Australia's richest women:Australian mining tycoonGina Rinehart, The latest personal wealth in 2018:A$126.8 billion.

83,Australia's richest young man:The two co-founders of Atlassian on the list of the richest young people under 2018 in Australia in 40Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott FarquharTied for first place, all personal wealthA$71 billion.

Left: Mike Cannon-Brookes Right: Scott Farquhar

84,The most expensive mansion in Australia:lie inFairwater, Point Piper, Sydney, Selling priceA$1 billion.This is a century-old house of the Fairfax family. The buyer is Australia's richest young man Mike Cannon-Brookes and his wife.

85,The most expensive places to stay in Australia:The gateway to UluruYulara Town,The average price per room per night here was $360 last year.

86,The most expensive public hospitals in Australia for emergency treatment:Canberra Hospital(Canberra Hospital), emergency patients spend an average of $6000, the highest in Australia.

87,Australia's most expensive collectible gold coins:A gold coin weighing 2 kilograms and set with four rare pink diamonds can sell for up to248 million Australian dollars.

88,Australia’s most downloaded free mobile apps in 2018:Instagram

89,Australia’s most downloaded podcasts in 2018:ABC Radio: Conversations

90,The most popular website among Australians:Reddit.On average, Australians spend 14.59 minutes on this website every day.

91,Australian parents’ favorite names for girls:This year isEmma, Which means "complete" and "cosmic".

92,Australian parents’ favorite names for boys:This year isLiam, Which means "strong-willed warrior and guardian".

93,The most popular names of Australian male cats/dogs:Charlie

94,The most popular names of Australian female cats:Luna;The most popular names for bitches:Bella.

95,Australia's deadliest animal:Not a snake, not a spider, not a shark, butHorse and cow.According to ABS statistics, between 2008 and 2017, horses and cattle killed 77 people, much higher than other animals.

96,Australia’s largest cattle:2.13 meters high and weighs 1400 kg,From a farm in Western Australia.

97,Australia's cutest animal:In a survey, oneWombat named GeorgeOverwhelming other animals with a 35% vote rate, was elected "Australia's cutest animal".

98,Reasons for the highest death rate among Australians:heart attack.在2012年-2016年的5年中,澳洲一共有765,911人去世,其中98929人都是因心脏病发作。

99,The most common cancers in Australia:Non-melanoma skin cancer(Probably because the Australian sun is too good).

100,Australia's largest commercial bank:National Australia Banknab.

Source: major news networks