Australian Policenot to be trifled

ThisBut when Xiaowei heard about it for the first time, when he saw the title, he was taken aback:

Kicked his father out because of a quarrel

Australian Chinese man was shot at home by police on the spot

What kind of hatred is this?

When did the Australian police get so hot? !

It is reported that on the morning of the incident, Tong Li (Lee Tong), a Chinese man from Perth, Australia,

I had a dispute with my father because of the fight for DVD playback,

Angrily,He even kicked his father out of the house.

Tong Li's father, who was thinking more and more angry, then approached the police for help.

But before Tong Li's father returned home, the Australian police arrived first.

The police claimed that Tong Li was brandishing a butter knife and confronting the police.

Later, Tong Li’s 18-year-old nephew, Nicholas, said that he heard three gunshots from the next room.

Tong Li fell in a pool of blood on the spot

The Australian police came to kill? !

Nicholas stated:

"I heard the police yelling all the time, they were talking about the police! Open the door! Then there was a loud noise."

"But I didn't hear my uncle's voice, and then the police shot directly."

Tong Li, with three bullets in her body, fell home on the spot, while Nicholas was only a few meters away at the time.Almost hit by a bullet.

Tong Li's sister Oanh also stated that they did not feel that their personal safety was threatened at the time.


Did the police kill the wrong person? !

Oanh said:

"Our father regrets what happened from the bottom of his heart. He should not go to the police in a hurry. Who would have thought that the police would shoot his son as soon as he entered the house."

Afterwards, Li Tong's father added:

"I just wanted the police to come and help my son. Who would have thought they would kill my son."

It is reported that Li Tong is withdrawn.

Staying at home, has a bad temper, but he is not a person who likes to go out and play around.

But everyone is gone,

The family said that they would keep Li Tong's bedroom as it was when the accident happened to commemorate Li Tong.

The younger sister said that she was outside at the time and she could not see her brother for the last time.

Currently, the police are investigating this shooting.

Source: 9 News