How can I get PR

Become a lot of people who want to stay in Australia

A very headache

Various bonus points, various exams, various queues

Immigration policy that changes three times a day

Let all those who pursue PR feel tired

However, frequent changes to immigration policies are not all disadvantages...

Australian governmentWill introduce a new immigration policy, AllowingBasic farm or reception capacityPeople,Obtaining permanent residency in Australia through a work visa.

Even if they don’t speak fluent English and don’t have any special skills, they can still get PR after working for three years.

According to Dailymail,The Northern Territory of Australia has signed with the Australian government5-year designated area immigration agreement (DAMA)

this agreementReduce the applicant's language, income and work skills requirements.

will get 117 types of workWorkers

Eligible to move to the Northern Territory

Used to fill the local skilled labor shortage and increase the population of the Northern Territory.

According to DAMA requirements, if the worker is locallyLive for at least 3 years, Then they will be eligibleGet permanent residency.

Selena Uibo, Director of Workforce Training of the Northern Territory, said:

"Acquiring and retaining some appropriately skilled labor is the most concerned issue for many employers. The local government also realizes that it should support the recruitment of local enterprises. "

The only restriction is

localemployerWhen hiring overseas workers

Need to prove that such workers cannot be found locally

If you can attract more people to places like the Northern Territory, then these remote continents will benefit a lot.

More people means more job opportunities and a stronger economy, better schools, parliamentarians and law and order will follow~

(David Coleman)

Immigration Minister David Coleman said that the new policy is more in line with the needs of specific regions.

"We are paying close attention to ways to fill the regional employment gap."

In the pastIn two years

Australian governmentChanged multiple times

Temporary skills shortage visaOccupation list

Hundreds of jobs that can obtain permanent residency are all blocked by policies.

At present, if you want to pass a work visa and obtain a PR, you need to make the Australian government think that you are the "most ideal worker", mainly a skilled worker required by Australian companies.

The immigration agent believes thatThis oneThe new immigration agreement is a good policy.

In terms of past experience, it is difficult for the Northern Territory to attract and retain technical talents. DAMA provides semi-skilled workers with opportunities to work and obtain PR, and this policy is flexible.

But the question also lies in whether there are really so many people because the reason is to give up life in big cities and instead live in remote and special areas for 3 or 4 years.

Except for the Northern Territory,Victoria has a separate immigration agreement :

PromisedMeat processing, dairy productsand otherAgricultural sectorProvide migrant workers.

And the newly signed agreement includes,Lower English proficiency requirementsAnd provideConcession for permanent residence.

Local Liberal Party Member Dan Tehan

At the same time point out the risks of the agreement

Someone may work here for 6 months

Will move to the capital city

"Not everyone will work in a specific area for 3-4 years, and then wait to get a PR, many people will get a work visa and run away. "

Therefore, these workers must be told that any violation of the regulations may prevent them from obtaining PR. "

It's not that everything will be fine after obtaining the visa~

The government has begun to discuss the establishment of a regional visa5-year residence requirementPossibility,

Prime Minister Morrison has developed aBasic demographic framework, Has asked each state and region to provide the areas that new immigrants need to go to.

Before the new DAMA is signed

It is not clear how long it will take to migrate or

Under what conditions can I stay

But the current known points are,Employers need to be migrant workersProvide 4 years of work, related training and community supporting services.

If the worker is considered goodCommunity memberAndWorker, Then they will have the opportunity to obtain permanent residency in Australia.

At this stage, DAMA has only designated 300 positions, most of which are in the dairy and meat processing industries.

Covered areas includeGlenelg, Moyne, Corangamite, Colac-Otway, Southern GrampiansAnd other regions.

But whether it’s the Northern Territory or Victoria

Current policy requirements

When a local company recruits

Must be"Australians First"

First solve the local employment problem

If I can't recruit suitable candidates

To find employees through the new immigration policy

So for the majority of people who want to get PR, this is undoubtedly great news.

Although this policy has not yet been fully implemented, as the Australian government continues to advance,People who have poor English skills and can only do simple manual work can also have the opportunity to obtain PR.