According to Australian media 9News, Chinese Daigou has swept Australia's milk powder resale on the mainland in recent years, causing local supermarket milk powder to be in short supply. Australian media recently quoted industry insiders as saying that there are currently about 40 Chinese agents in Australia, many of whom are snapping up milk powder and selling it to China. According to a data, as many as 3 packages of milk powder are shipped from Australia to China every day, an alarming number.

The head of AUMAKE said in an interview with 9News:"One of the shutdown problems is that Australian supermarkets have no intention of supplying the Chinese market." ("The problem is that the supermarkets were never intended to supply the Chinese market.")

(Image source: 9News)

(Image source: 9News)

According to Hong Kong’s "Oriental Daily" website on December 12, A4 Platinum Milk Powder Company is very popular among Chinese purchasing agents. Although the company has 2 branches in China, the Chinese still choose to buy directly from Australia because they think there is only Milk powder from the country of origin can be trusted. A1.2 President Herdlicka said that the company is increasing production every month, but there are still competitors who want to get a share. The French milk powder company Biostime plans to enter the Australian market in January next year to gain Chinese customers.

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According to the report, it is still hard to find a can of milk powder on the shelves of Australian supermarkets, which makes local mothers dissatisfied. The two major supermarket chains in Australia have issued milk restrictions earlier, restricting customers to only two cans of milk powder at a time.

(Image source: 9News)

Livia Wang, the person in charge of Access CN, an Australian purchasing network company, said that the number of parcels shipped to China from Australia and New Zealand has increased dramatically, with at least 2 to 3 packages per day.

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She pointed out that Chinese consumers choose to buy large amounts of infant milk powder in Australia because they have more trust in milk powder from the country of origin. Although China has 1.2 stores selling A2 Dairy's products, Chinese customers still tend to choose products purchased from Australia.

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