After a homeless man was looking for a job on the street holding a sign, he was met by a mining boss.There was a turning point in his life...

The man's name is Scott, a worker with 26 years of experience in excavator operation. Earlier this week, he held a sign to find a job.Sitting on the streets of Melbourne, hoping to find a job

Not long after, Luke Messer, the general manager of Australia MMG Mining Ltd. noticed him.

Scott (picture source: "Daily Mail")

After listening to Scott’s experience, Messer posted a message on LinkedIn, hoping to help Scott find a job before Christmas.His message has been read 80 times

Luke Messer (picture source: "Daily Mail")

He wrote: "Scott said: He can try any job.But need a little luck. "

Scott, with a beard, is sitting on the milk carton, holding a hat, and behind it is a sign that says: Help. I have no place to live now, I just want to earn 45 Australian dollars to pay my rent. I am an experienced excavator operator and need to work full time. Hope everyone can help, thanks.

After Messer posted Scott’s job search information on LinkedIn,In just six days, Scott received 30 interview invitations, 10 hotels provide him with rooms.

Messer sent an update message, the content of the message is:Thank you for your support, I am really very happy.Many people want to know what Scott is doing and whether he has found a job.

Luke Messer's post and Go Fund Me fundraising

(Image source: "Daily Mail")

Scott has previously operated 22-30 ton excavators in the construction and mining industries, and he has received a lot of calls from potential employers.

Messer said: "I saw him this morning,He said he received a lot of interview calls, The phone could not be answered at all. "

Scott (picture source: "Daily Mail")

Scott told Messer that he was very grateful to the people who helped him. so far,Scott has already attended an interview, Is arranging another interview with a large construction company.

Messer raised Go Fund Me for Scott,A$300 has been raised so far