In recent years, in addition to milk powder and beef health products, there is another thing from Australia to China that isAvocado!

If milk powder and beef health products are products that everyone knows about their functions and effects and are actively selected, then avocados are completely imported products that have been imported into Chinese recipes.

The taste is not obvious, and the taste is not crispy and sweet. How is it accepted by the "heavy taste" Chinese? The reason is also very simple. The selling point of this fruit is not the texture and taste.It's health!

When it comes to health, the nerves of Chinese consumers are stirred.Looking at the "super foods" popular in China nowadays, none of them are not packaged"Cure all diseases"Coat.

From avocados to chia seeds, these foreign "magic objects" that are not cheap, have almost the effect of "magic medicine", and have become the sweet buns in the hands of urban health men and women in recent years. But are these fruits really "super healthy", or are there other secrets?


Avocado dining is blooming all over China

According to statistics, in 2010, China's imports of avocados that depend on imports were only 2 tons, and by 2017, this number had increased to 32100 tons!An increase of tens of thousands of times.

Almost all new-style restaurants have avocado dishes for customers who pursue health and fashion. In these restaurants, big and small restaurants, if you don't put a few slices of avocado, you are embarrassed to say it is a salad.Avocado even became a representative of high-end, healthy and nutritious food.

According to Mission Produce, the world's largest avocado distribution company, sales in China will double this year in 2018.

According to data released by an authoritative consulting company, in China, products labeled as “super food”, “super fruit”, and “super food” increased by 2011% from 2015 to 202, and the increase is also natural. Have their sales.

They not only represent the "capitalist lifestyle" with a "petty bourgeoisie" like "using imported products," but more importantly, they sell a dose of peace of mind to Chinese people who have long been anxious about health and food safety. .

"Eating natural fruits is always harmless", "Imported and expensive things are definitely good things", "Foreign experts will never deceive people"... Many Chinese think so.

In fact, some nutritionists have said that "super foods" are actually a publicity stunt, and there is no clear definition in the nutrition science community. These foods may be just ordinary ingredients in the country of origin. After they came to China across the oceans, they were labeled "anti-cancer, anti-aging, weight loss, and high-nutrition" and successfully occupied the Chinese market.

Searches for superfoods have been on the rise in the past five years. The orange line represents avocado, the green line represents quinoa, and the blue line represents chia seeds.

As for avocados, the key words of the promotion focused on "protecting the heart, lowering cholesterol, losing weight", etc. The reason is that the avocado contains about 2% of protein, while the average fruit is almost zero. It is often said that it has nutritional reasons.


Avocados have protein and are more fat!

It is true that avocados contain protein that is hardly contained in other fruits. However, many people ignore that the fat content of avocados is so high that it does not look like a fruit!

According to the measurement of nutritionists, the calories of an avocado is about 3 bowls of rice. Don't underestimate eating this fruit. It is very possible to eat fat without paying attention.

Compared with other foods, the fat content of avocado is even more "shocking":


The fat content of avocado is 15.3%, even more than 15% of ordinary pork fat!

In terms of calories, the fat content of fruits rarely exceeds 1%, and calories are generally maintained at the level of 30-60 kcal / 100 g. The energy of avocado reached 161 kcal / 100 g!

A 200g avocado has about 332kcal calories, and a small bowl of 100g rice has only 116kcal calories. Eat a slightly larger avocado, you are equivalent to eating nearly 3 bowls of rice!


Avocado: an elaborate marketing scam

So what makes this completely imported little fruit, so many people lose their rationality, skip so many terrible and scientific data, and fall in love with this fruit almost superstitiously?

Marketing! Marketing! Still marketing!

The entry of avocados into China first came into the eyes of everyone from the Internet, a series of reports about Australians like eating avocados.

And this has to be said to be a huge marketing strategy prepared by Australia.

As a major exporter of avocados, almost all of the avocados produced in Australia go to the Asian market, and China is the main one.

One of the largest players in the avocado industry in Western Australia stated:

"The Asian market is paying high prices for Australian avocados. They are happy to buy them. I have never seen this level of income from exporting fruit."

In English, avocado was not called avocado before, but alligator pear, which translates to "avocado." It is because its rough dark green peel is a bit like a ferocious crocodile.

Less well-known, avocados have a name that is even less on the table, called aguacate. This comes from Spanish and originally means testicles.

At that time, the Avocado Planting Association strongly protested, saying that this name would destroy the entire industry, so on the advice of the association, alligator pear and aguacate were changed to avocado that sounded tall.

After changing the name, savvy farmers and agricultural product distributors began to raise a lot of money to advertise and market avocados.

In 1974, an avocado was worth 1 U.S. dollars, which is equivalent to today's 4.8 U.S. dollars in terms of purchasing power. For that era, this was not very eye-catching, and the fruits that everyone didn't know how to eat were too expensive.

So the marketers took advantage of the trend and packaged the avocado into"Luxury among fruits" is exclusively for the elegant and wealthy upper class.

This marketing concept is still deeply embedded in the sales of avocados, just like the underlying reasons why the Chinese choose to eat avocados. It seems that eating avocados leads to the lifestyle of the upper class and becomes the upper reaches of society. After all, avocado sells a "high-sounding" and "high-style" lifestyle.

The development of avocados has not been smooth sailing. In the XNUMXs and XNUMXs, the obesity rate in the United States was so high that it attracted everyone’s attention. Nutritionists called on all Americans to reduce fat intake, so the fat content became a judge of whether a food An important standard of health.

At this time, the avocado was kicked out of the category of healthy food by the US Food and Drug Administration.

But avocado farmers and importers and exporters were unhappy. They kept protesting and protested until 2016. They said that according to this standard, avocados and salmon are not healthy, while fat-free jelly and sugary grains are considered "healthy." This is unreasonable and unfair. In this way, the US Food and Drug Administration revised the standards for avocados, and avocados returned to the "healthy food" ranks.

Taking this opportunity, advertisers label avocados:Avocado contains healthy unsaturated fatty acids, which is different from fried chicken and potato chips!

Since then, following the propaganda of various Western stars on social networks, avocados have successfully implanted in people's hearts as "healthy foods" and "super foods" and have gone to the altar.

Victoria's Secret supermodel posted a breakfast with avocado on ins

Miranda Kerr even said in the interview that avocado is her

Avocados have achieved a perfect counterattack. The annual consumption of avocados in the United States has maintained a growth of 10-30%, and it is even more exaggerated in Australia. In 2014, Australia imported nearly 73 tons of avocados, accounting for 46% of global avocado imports. Per capita consumption increased from 1999 pounds per person per year in 1.1 to 2014 pounds in 5.8.

With the propaganda of the world’s big brother Americans and the assists of Australians, after China opened up import access to Mexican avocados in 2005, Australian imports of avocados also followed.

Thanks to the popularity of the Sino-Australian trade and the hype of fresh purchasing agents, avocado, a fruit that tastes like soap, has become a "super fruit" that everyone is looting. Overwhelmingly hot and soft texts have made avocados "healthy panacea" and "forest cream".


Do you want to eat avocado?

If you like its unique flavor and recognize its nutritional value, you can certainly eat it with a degree.

But if you are just for the so-called "super food", "super health", and "the lifestyle of the upper class", then you still have to persuade you: rational eating is king!

After all, on this planet, only sane wisdom is super omnipotent, and it is something that "upper-class people" have.