Scenes like this in life,

Many friends who are addicted to cigarettes must have experienced it.

When you relax yourself in "swallowing clouds",

Good friends will always tell you,

"Smoking is harmful to your health! Quit it!"

"I heard that e-cigarettes are harmless and can help quit smoking! Otherwise, you can switch to e-cigarettes."


Is it really a "harmless" existence in the legend?

2003 years,Han Li, a pharmacist in Beijing, invented an electronic cigarette that does not need to be lit with a lighter in order to let himself quit smoking.

It has an appearance similar to cigarettes, a taste similar to cigarettes, and even more flavors.


The little friends around me have switched to e-cigarettes,

And the subsequent advertising campaigns are also overwhelming.

"Electronic cigarettes help quit smoking","E-cigarettes are harmless"For gimmick propaganda,

It made us almost believe it, it’s really "harmless" andBegan to take the world by storm.

And many Hollywood stars have also smoked electronic cigarettes~

Jackie Chan is also smoking e-cigarettes~

The celebrities are smoking, and our general public is following the trend and accepting this new product.

After all, harmless and cool! ! !

E-cigarettes have also become a "quit smoking artifact" in China, and have evolved into a trend and culture. Young people regard e-cigarette smoking as a fashion.

studies show that,

In 2011, about 700 million people worldwide had the habit of smoking e-cigarettes.

By 2016, this number had increased to 3500 million people,

It is expected to increase to 2021 million by 5500,

even more.


Switch to e-cigarettes, have you quit smoking successfully?

Not only not,

Many smokers also appeared

The consequences of dual dependence on cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

2016 years,美国For the first time, e-cigarettes are included in institutional supervision and the sale of e-cigarettes to U.S. citizens under the age of 18 is prohibited.

In December of the same year,SingaporeA decree prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarettes has also been issued.

FranceThe government issued a law to classify e-cigarettes as the same as traditional tobacco and comply with the same ban.

It is reported that,The main components of general electronic cigarettes areNicotine, propylene glycol and some spices, Through atomization and other means, the nicotine is turned into steam, which produces a cigarette-like taste for smokers to smoke.

Although e-cigarettes remove some of the harmful substances in tobacco, in essence,

Electronic cigarettes and paper cigarettes are still the same nicotine~

The dangers of smoking,I believe that many people know that,I don't want to repeat it!

In August of this year, NSW also joined the ranks of Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and the Capital Territory.

Smokers are prohibited from smoking e-cigarettes in shopping malls, movie theaters, libraries, trains, buses, public swimming pools, parks, sports fields and outdoor dining areas.

Violators are fined A$550.

And South Australia recently passed a new bill,

The sale of e-cigarettes is banned throughout the state! Selling online is not good either! Mail can't work either!

At the same time, the sale of e-cigarette products to children is prohibited, the use of e-cigarettes in smoke-free areas is prohibited, unlicensed retail is prohibited, and cigarette advertisements, promotions, specials and price promotions are illegal.

Cigarettes are harmful to health!I know the truth~

The key is action!