I now accept this kind of unfairness, but I will try to change it.

Source: Ming Education

Do you remember the British "56UP",

Track record for 56 years

The life trajectories of 14 children from different classes,

Presents the historical changes of British society for half a century-

The rich are still rich and the poor are getting poorer

Only education changes destiny

What is it like in China?

In China, director Zheng Qiong also made a similar documentary called "Out of the Road", she followed and shotTen years of life of rural children, young people in small towns, and young girls in international metropolises.Let you see how "reading" affects the destiny of children of three classes.

(From left to right) Yuan Hanhan, Xu Jia, Ma Baijuan

Now let us start the timeline from the very beginning of 2009.


2009 Rural Girl Ma Baijuan

Yequegou Primary School, Huining County, Baiyin City, Gansu Province.

Ma Baijuan walked along the dirt road to the school.

The teacher is a farmer, so he learns a few words and then takes the time to teach. This school only has first and second grades, so teaching is not too laborious. Although there are few students, the teachers are also very serious.

"You have to work when you go to school, and you have to work when you don't go to school. Why go to school?" That is the opinion of Ma Baijuan's father. As a result, Ma Baijuan stayed at home until she was 10 years old. She didn't put on her schoolbag until the principal came forward to lobby.

A well, a road, a shop, and a school form the Yequegou,This place only exists under a place name, just like the people who live here, no one cares.

In a classroom as small as a chessboard, there is a blackboard and white walls on all sides. The eyesight chart and school motto are hung on the walls.

The teacher used a dialect with the smell of northwestern yellow sand: "Ma Baijuan, please read it." Ma Baijuan read the textbook with bright eyes and an inconceivable smile. Like singing in a church.

During game time, on the concrete floor surrounded by two rows of tiled houses, the children gathered around a basketball, slamming around like four or five doughs.

Without going to school, Ma Baijuan is already an important part of the family labor.

Although she didn't have enough strength, she could only use the soles of her feet as the center and press the whole weight of her body when she was leaning forward on the twine to pull the donkey.

Ma Baijuan is like a donkey, and the donkey is also like Ma Baijuan. They compete with each other.

Pulling the hemp rope, unbuckling, picking up the bucket, shaking her body and then stabilizing, Ma Baijuan hit a bucket of water. People in Yequegou take only two baths in their lives, and water is precious.

Ma Baijuan's father is 60 years old, and his face is like a map of wild que gully. My brother went out to work at the age of 14. Several people gathered around a small square table with a plate of pickles and chewed silently.

Eggs, stationery, toothpaste, the grocery store in Yequegou sells everything. Ma Baijuan took a pile of crumpled banknotes and explained to the boss exactly what he wanted-the pencil lead of the automatic pen, one fifty cents, two large math books, a total of three yuan and two cents. On the way back, she was as satisfied as a child eating candy.

Putting on the newly bought automatic refill, Ma Baijuan and his classmates squatted on the top of the mountain to draw, drawing everything they dreamed of.

The teacher said in a dialect with yellow sand, "Let’s study "My Hometown is So Good" today."

Ma Baijuan will not question the textbook printed in black and white, although the hometown depicted here is different from Yequegou.

Still on the slope, Ma Baijuan read her composition, she said,"When I grow up, I go to college in Beijing, and then go to work. I earn 1000 yuan a month and buy noodles for my family. Because the noodles are not enough to eat, I have to dig a cellar because there is no water to eat."


2009 Beijing girl Yuan Hanhan

The universities in Beijing that Ma Baijuan could only go to were easily abandoned by 17-year-old girl Yuan Hanhan.

She dangled on the swing at her home in Beijing. After she repeated a year at the Yangmei High School, she still failed several courses.

One day her mother told her that the suspension procedures had been completed.

You know, the Central American High School is a child studying art across the country, and generations of people in the family have tried hard to get in.

During the long summer days, she passed the time with books and movies. Besides, facing a half-completed work, my mother took a look and left, leaving her private space.

"One generation is engaged in manufacturing, the second generation is engaged in finance, and the third generation is engaged in art." Although not exactly the same, the rough lines outline Yuan Hanhan's family trajectory.

Her father was engaged in real estate, and her mother felt that she had artistic talent. He went on a liner of piano, dance, and art. Yuan Hanhan finally chose art.

"What I panic is not that I have nothing to do, but whether I will always have nothing to do."

At the age of 17, she dropped out of school. She had a clear logic and quickly broke this situation herself. Riding a bicycle, she wandered around to Nanluoguxiang, where she saw a shop with a rent of XNUMX yuan. She rented this shop.

Ask her mother why she wants to give 2 yuan and ask her to do a tricky thing, "just pay the tuition."For parents, hobbies are more than anything else.

I ran the store by myself, bought a 38 yuan a bucket of Zao Miao brand gel, and wore a skirt to paint the walls.

Speaking of the future, she never thought about what class she would become.

"It's okay if you don't starve to death." The person who said this, there is a family behind her.

And she also showed the determination to bear this fate. On the opening day, Yuan Hanhan carried a hiking bag that was half a person tall. The doorway had been painted like an elephant bus. He turned on the JVC speaker, put on the "open" sign, and fixed the wind chimes.

The special 18 pieces of grape milk were placed in a conspicuous position. The small bar on No. 4 Fangzhuchang Hutong opened.


2009 Small Town Youth Xu Jia

Xu Jia between Yuan Hanhan and Ma Baijuan is like the majority of this country.

Facing 497 points, which was exactly the same as the first college entrance examination, he felt dizzy and suspected it was a joke of fate. 497-7 points from Hubei's second score line!

In 2007, relatives contracted a mountain. One afternoon, the father drove his relatives’ truck after eating, and he drove his car down the mountain. Xu Jia and her mother and younger brother are now embarrassed in this ten-square-meter rental house because of the accident.

Going to university is my father's last wish. Xu Jia chose to repeat her senior year for the third time, hoping to take the college notice to her father's grave.

Go to the grave with mother

At 5 o'clock in the morning, when the sky was bright, Xu Jia washed her face, put on the same orange sleeve baseball uniform as yesterday, and drove her brother into Xianning Senior Middle School in Hubei Province, and got into the teacher on the red desk. In the auxiliary information.

The two failures in the college entrance examination made him already fearful of failure. He broke into cold sweat and couldn't hold the pen with his hands shaking. When facing the camera, he still blinked and swallowed reflexively. In the worst case, he thought of committing suicide. .

In his early years, his parents worked in Guangdong. Farming or working are the two most common life choices in my home village. It's a great thing that a college student is smoking from the ancestral grave.

My mother's idea is very simple, "Even if you are a part-time worker, you must have a high diploma, not a low one."

Relatives comforted him with some simple words, "You can just work hard now, don't be burdened with thinking."

Xu Jia and her mother and cousin are eating in the rental room preparing for the exam

It is another round of mock exams. Xu Jia's heart is swayed in fear and hope. The teacher stimulates the students in the repeat class with previous successful cases from three exams to key points.

Without a guide, Xu Jia can only adjust herself.

Xianning test site, 6-7-8, college entrance examination is the most important thing in this city. Some traffic police arrived at the school gate, and the bus arrived at the test site as scheduled.

The examinee looked anxiously at his watch, and the parents fanned their fans to communicate with each other. For many people like Xu Jia, this is a destiny test.

He walked into the college entrance examination room for the third time.


Ma Baijuan who dropped out of school in 2012

The girl who smiled shyly with her back to the camera could hardly be recognized at first glance. It was Ma Baijuan whose eyes were always bright.

In the transferred Shuiche Elementary School, students were playing and playing, Ma Baijuan was at the door, looking at it eagerly and feeling out of place. Facing the camera, I always avoid it.

Relying on the minimum guarantee fund saved and the money saved by the elder brother who worked, the family bought a house in Zhongwei, Ningxia, with electricity, water, and enough to eat. Speaking of my hometown, my father said, "I don't want my hometown because my hometown scares me."

Although having a "good life", Ma Baijuan could not go to school.

The teacher at Shuiche Elementary School was making the last effort, saying that Ma Baijuan handed in homework on time and was working hard, but was gently blocked by his brother's "I don't even miss it".

After finishing her primary school life, Ma Baijuan tried to find a place in society.

She wandered the streets of Zhongwei, looking for information about migrant workers. A hotel almost gave her hope,"The salary is more than 1000 yuan", which was exactly what she expected in the composition at the time, and her eyes brightened again.

"You are so young, why don't you read?"

"What can you do?" "I can sweep the floor."

"The floor here is carpet. You don't need to sweep it. You need to use a computer at the front desk."

Several conversations made her feel cold. Walking out of the hotel, there were cars coming and going, Ma Baijuan didn't stay for too long, and cast his sights on a dico.

The job search result was not stated in the documentary. Looking at Ma Baijuan, who was speechless, we had already guessed the answer.


Yuan Hanhan, a girl studying abroad in 2012

2012·Study abroad德国Yuan

The small bar in Nanluoguxiang closed down shortly after it opened. In 2012, Yuan Hanhan was studying for a master's degree in art in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Top scholars and artists from all over the world come here to give lectures and lectures. Yuan Hanhan does not take it seriously as a resource that many people dream of.

She said that she was emotionally unstable and needed tobacco and wandering to resolve. She made cigarettes in the attic and made videos with her mother.

Many times, she would go to Weimar to play with friends, and talk endless words to the sculptures of Goethe and Schiller.


2012 Young Unemployed Xu Jia

Fortunately, Xu Jia was admitted to Hubei University of Technology.

In the four years of university, the classmates who escaped from the temple, slept, and were in a daze, were probably used to it. The teacher did not feel embarrassed when he was giving lectures.

The school is a big ripening agent, and everyone has matured early. In my junior year, the "future" was discussed in the dormitory. Wuhan pays 3 yuan, and Shenzhen 3 yuan, so I must stay in Wuhan. "

Xu Jia entered an insurance company for an internship and became a telephone operator.

"Mr. Wang, when is it convenient for you to answer the phone?"

Before the word "fang" was spoken, the other side snapped up.

Xu Jia posted a resume on the Internet, and received very little feedback. A "Shenma Electric Power Co., Ltd." informed him to go for an interview. He did not dare to neglect and invested heavily in formal shirts, suits and shoes.

Xu Jia resting on the steps while looking for a job

In the digital market where Xiaomen faces together, he and his classmates came out with an iPhone. He said, "I will have money in the future and I will buy an iPhone 6."

After several twists and turns, Xu Jia “sold” herself to CLP Technology-a job is hard to find, Xu Jia and his classmates do not have much choice.

After fulfilling his mother's wish, he didn't feel relieved, but was rather empty in his heart. "It feels like selling myself out at once."

A job is just the beginning of anxiety.


2014 Married Girl Ma Baijuan

This year, the door of Ma Baijuan's house was closed to the camera crew.

Ma Baijuan's father said to the camera, "The girl is from someone else's family." Ma Baijuan was silent on the side.

Her father sealed her fate."There is no other way out except to marry."

The film crew negotiated several times, and his father said, "Twenty thousand yuan, continue shooting."

A young girl, like an aunt, talked about her child, diapers, and her husband, and who had a big belly.Ma Baijuan, 16, is married to his cousin.

Now, she works in the ceramic factory where her cousin works, sucking dust day after day, and the ceramic factory is next door to the Shuiche Primary School where she dropped out.

Ma Baijuan's life seems to be destined to have no other way out, she does not even have the right to choose. The yearning for university in the past is now more like a childhood babble, which has never been true.


2015 CEO Yuan Hanhan

In 2015, after returning from Germany, Yuan Hanhan went to Shanghai Yuz Museum for internship. When the company had dinner, they discussed which VPN was better to use.

Germany makes her feel like a country that has developed into retirement. Although life is always careless, she still wants to go back to China to toss.

In the same year, she registered her own art investment company in Beijing. Like the bar back then, the family didn't expect her to succeed in her career, she just liked it.

For Yuan Hanhan, opening a company is like opening a store with XNUMX shops in the past, and the cost of trial and error is very low. She can choose her studies, choose a career, or she can choose to change her goals at any time.


2018 new middle class Xu Jia

Up to this moment, Xu Jia was still working in the original power company.

University, work, marriage, the child of this migrant worker, knew from the beginning that he had to walk more steadily than others.

Now that he has a house and a car in Wuhan, he finally has a firm foothold in Wuhan, and finally squeezed into the middle class of the city, enough to make his mother straighten up in front of the villagers.

Although the end of his struggle is far from reaching Yuan Hanhan’s starting point, he is solidly among the three.The only one who really changed his fate by reading.

When asked about the class gap, Xu Jia said"I accept this kind of unfairness now, but I will try to change it."


Three China

In the mountain girl, we see closed, desperate, and loss of self.

Among the young people in the small town, we have seen hard work, hard work, and burdened progress.

In urban girls, we see individuality, unrestrained and unrestrained.

Ma Baijuan, Xu Jia, Yuan Hanhan, the epitome of three Chinas.

Guo Degang told the story of his childhood: "When I was a child, my family was poor. When it rained at school, other children stood in the classroom waiting for an umbrella, but I knew I didn’t have an umbrella at home, so I ran home under the rain.You have to run desperately for a child without an umbrella!"

In the film, Xu Jia and Ma Baijuan are both "children without umbrellas", but compared with Ma Baijuan, Xu Jia is lucky because he can still run, and Ma Baijuan does not even have the right to run.

Yuan Hanhan is the "child with an umbrella", even if it is stormy outside, her youth is still leisurely and unhurried, because her parents have already held up a big umbrella for her, she can slow down at the pace she likes Go slow and try different life possibilities.

Compared with the British "56UP", this Chinese version shows me more hope. Children with umbrellas at home are of course lucky. Children without umbrellas don’t need to sigh. After all, most of our families don’t have large umbrellas for babies, but there are small umbrellas. If you work hard, you can still support your babies. An umbrella; as for the baby, as long as he is not crazy or stupid, as long as he is willing to run hard, no matter how low his starting point is, he can always live a dignified life and approach his ideal step by step.

The conclusion is to quote a sentence that Luo Zhenyu once said:

In today's China, social stratification has not finally formed, and education stratification is still far away. So this is a great time, an era of heroes. Everyone can surpass their own by improving their knowledge. Class.

Raise awareness and become a hero!

* Source of material: a piece of "She spent 6 years following filming, the flesh-and-blood struggles of 3 children of different classes" Yu Shuguang "Six years of filming children of three classes, this documentary made a dent in the college entrance examination"

▼Interview with the director complete video