"Reduce immigration"


If we look back at 2018

Various Australian news

These four words foreverIt makes people panic...

At the end of the year, even more so

A long time recently

All major Australian media reported

Australian government plans to reduce immigration

Just to ease Australia’s population growth

And the pressure from urban infrastructure

And the one who shows up most often

Governor of NSW Berejiklian

And Australian Prime Minister Morrison

All agree to cut immigration

For Prime Minister Morrison

On this Wednesday December 12

The Australian Government Council meeting held (COAG)

Very significant

His main purpose this time

It is to decide the policy of slashing immigration quotas in 2019

With the support of the governor of NSW

He thought things could go smoothly...

But I didn’t expect the script to go as he thought...



The population experts openly slapped their faces,Prime Minister Morrison was full of ashes...

Morrison's first battle with COAG was originally planned to be supported by various states in terms of immigration policy. However, the fact is that he lost his face and had to give up the federal government's plan to reduce immigration.

Morrison was on the same line as the governor of NSW to cut down the number of immigrants. They originally thought they were pretty sure.

In some respects, it is indeed quite stable. Morrison’s proposal was only supported by the governor of NSW...

It can also be seen from the photos that the governor of NSW and Morrison showed a touch of sadness

After taking office this year, Morrison has always hinted that the Australian immigration quota will be reduced from 19 a year to 16 a year. The data he put forward is also from the research of population expert Professor Peter Mcdonald.

This time Professor Peter Mcdonald was also invited to participate in the COAG meeting on December 12 and delivered a speech. But I didn't expect that Professor Peter Mcdonald directly caught Morrison's idea in the speech.

Professor Peter Mcdonald, a population expert, said directly

"Australia’s current number of immigrants is necessary, even more

If you want me to say, 19 is not enough, at least 20

The policy of going up the mountains to the countryside is completely impossible to achieve. "

The speech of Professor Peter Mcdonald, a population expert, made Morrison all smiles.

Professor Peter Mcdonald even stated that continuing to reduce the number of immigrants will severely hit Australia's economy.

But after hearing this sentence, Morrison laughed a few times to express his disdain.


Although a spokesperson for Morrison's office said after the incident, the incident was fabricated by the media.

But Bill Shorten, the leader of the Labour Party, said Morrison was indeed laughing.

It can only be said that for our Australian Prime Minister, the COAG held this time does not follow the script at all, because there will be more people rushing to slap in the face...


Australian states are open to immigration, but NSW continues to figure out how to engage international students?

Governor of Victoria: We will never reduce the number of immigrants

Daniel Andrews, who was re-elected as the governor of Victoria last month, said in a press conference after the meeting that the Victorian government under his leadership "never" cuts the overall number of immigrants.


The Governor of Queensland: Australia's fertility rate drops sharply, immigration will be the solution

Queensland Governor Annastacia Palaszczuk also jumped out against reducing immigration

“Australia’s current birth rate is 1.8. This number has been declining in recent years. The number of immigrants in Australia must be maintained. If necessary, it must even be increased. Otherwise, we will suffer.”

Judging from the photos of the meeting, it can also be seenAnnastacia Palaszczuk is happy that everyone opposes the reduction of immigration. Compared with the expression of the governor of NSW, it is a far cry.


The head of the district Andrew Barr also welcomed the immigrants


"We think it is very important for Australia to maintain a strong immigration plan!As the Australian capital, we will always be a proud welcome zone for immigrants. We will always value and welcome the important role of new immigrants and international students in our community."

Although the Governor of South Australia, Steven Marshall, as the leader of the Liberal Party

But his view on immigration is very different from Big Brother Morrison

"The future situation in Australia is very clear now, although the states have different governance methods for population issues. What we can do now is to jointly implement a good immigration strategy."

Governor of NSW: Sydney is too crowded!! International students should go to the country to study!!

Not surprisingly, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has not known for a long time the shadow of immigrants. Since October this year, he has announced that he will cut half of the total immigrants in NSW...

For the Governor of NSW, these are just the first steps...

When attending a meeting of the Australian Government Council on Wednesday, she saw that the plan to reduce immigration continued to eat soil. She pointed the finger at overseas students and said that she would find ways to "encourage" Sydney students to study in remote areas.

Write "encouragement", but we all know that we want to "force"

Although the office of the Governor of NSW has not responded to this statement in more details, it is impossible to know whether to apply for a student visa or use other methods to rush overseas students to the countryside.But we know that for the governor of New South Wales, Sydney is always crowded because of the immigrants’ fault.


The Morrison Liberal Party was besieged and suppressed by the Labour Party. Is it a political method or a heartfelt not to cut immigration?

Although at the end of the meeting, Morrison frowned, touched his nose and said that the immigration quota for the new fiscal year is likely to remain unchanged at 160,000 as stated, but will it be realized? Through the opposition from the governors of the states today, everyone All know well.

But if we are from the states of the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party

Look at this timeAustralian Government Council Meeting

It is not difficult to find that most of the governors who publicly support the plan not to reduce the number of immigrants are from the Labor Party.

On the other hand, even governors with a Liberal Party background, such as the Governor of South Australia Steven Marshall, want to attract more immigrants to South Australia for economic development and urban planning in South Australia, and choose a different idea from the Liberal Party leaders.

Not to mention the other two autonomous territories, both of which belong to the Labor Party...

Can also reflect this timeAlthough the COAG talks ostensibly are leaders meeting

But in fact it is the PK competition between the Liberal Federal Government and the Labor State Government...

The smell of gunpowder is even stronger before the 2019 election


The next meeting of leaders will be held after the 2019 federal election and will be held in Queensland in July 2019.



If you look at this meeting of the Australian Government Council objectively, although state leaders have different views on immigration policy, they still hold the majority of opposition to Morrison’s decision. Although in the eyes of our Chinese friends in Australia, This may be a good thing, but in all fairness, this meeting is also a wrestling between the two parties in Australia. What I fear most is the motive of "for the contrary".

Australia’s current immigration policy may have certain problems and shortcomings. Urban planning and congestion do exist. However, instead of unfoundedly targeting immigrants and foreign students, unconstructive reductions or compulsory measures to go to the countryside, how to make states The most important thing is to be able to come up with good plans and good attractiveness to balance the gap between cities.

But despite the beauty, when the 2019 Australian general election is over, if the prime minister is changed, I am afraid that coming to power is like changing his head, so as a member of the melon, we can only wait and see...

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